Video: Radical Ryerson Professor Winnie Ng Supporting Con Artist Kevin Annett!

Winnie Ng – Ryerson Prof & Collaborator with Judy Rebick!

I wrote about Winnie Ng’s connection with con-artist Kevin Annett a couple of months ago. Well, I was doing some research tonight and I found a tighter connection. Here’s a video of professor Lynn Lavallee reading a letter from Winnie- praising Kevin Annett and his ‘good’ work. Winnie Ng is the CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy.

This video was filmed on October 21st, 2011, just over two weeks before I argued the case at Occupy Vancouver that Kevin Annett was not someone we should follow, fourteen years after Amnesty International denounced him, and fifteen years after the United Church defrocked him and asked that he get psychiatric help. Winnie should have known better.

I’ll soon be posting other links between Annett and prominent left-wing Marxists who supported him. There a lot of these people, and they are all tightly connected together. But, for now, enjoy the film!


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