MediaWatch: Krystalline Kraus, It Is Time To Repent… ( too!)

Krystal Ann Kraus – Intrepid (but Krap) reporter…

Dear Krystalline,

I have caught you in a number of lies, and poorly written stories before- so, most of my readers won’t be surprised to see you have promoted another. You, and your editors at Rabble, should be ashamed of your poor research. It has now been proven that Kevin Annett is a con-artist. Don’t just take my word for it, watch this video of the Six Nations elders denouncing him and removing his name.

I’ve attached a PDF of a very positive sounding story you wrote about Annett on Rabble a few months ago. It is crap like this that helps people like Annett steal donations from people who get conned. Not only that, but if it weren’t for Rabble (and Judy Rebick , Winnie Ng, and Sakura Saunders) promoting Annett so much, there’s a chance that he wouldn’t have got away with the deception he made on the people of the Six Nations.

There’s been a lot of pain and anguish that has come out of this. Jan Longboat, a respected elder and peacemaker, has had her good name smeared. You need to be more careful Krystalline- to be a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

One last question. What was going on in your mind when you published an article with a bio claiming Kevin Annett did an exorcism “….which devastated central Rome and the Vatican”? Are you really that naive?

Can I suggest that it is time for you to write a retraction?



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