A Quick Note To Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett: Keep him away from your kids

Kevin Annett: Keep him away from your kids

Dear Walking Eagle,

You mentioned in your letter to me that you are living in poverty. Can you please explain to me how someone who lives in a quarter-million dollar home suffers from poverty? Is this not offensive to the people you say you are representing who actually do live in poverty?

Please explain…


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  1. I’ll play devil’s advocate here, you said “lives in” in the article, and not, “owns”. Maybe he rents a basement apartment for cheap?

    1. I have a link where Annett talks about paying a mortgage on his house. I’ll look it up and will post it later…

    2. look up the address even if he owns the place , he is far from rich man. im not sure how if you support kevins cause how you think this helps the cause? most people dont even care about this cause to begin with , i think we need to try and support eachother in our activism not divide eachother , there are real people out there doing terrible things , i think kevin annett should be one of the last people on the list of people to expose personally

      1. I’ve been to that neighbourhood in Nanaimo – it is not poor, it is thoroughly middle class.

        Kevin is lying. People who lie on behalf of good causes hurt the cause they lie about…

  2. Just to be Fair Greg , if people go and look up 260 Kennedy they will see a picture of the house and it would fall into the poverty section as far as iam concerned and im sure anyone who looks at street view of the picture of the actual house bro also u said he live in , do you know if he owns or rents because if he rents this place i would say he lives in poverty forsure , check for yourself man

    1. He lives in a detached single family house, he flys around the world. This is hardly poverty. To call it poverty is an insult to those who live in poverty…

  3. Well i agree greg but also i think we could have to agree that this here is FAR FROM helping the cause either man , i dont know i support kevin and although i respect you i have been upfront and we have a mutual respect i think , i dont think the way your going about it is professional but like i said to you i dont have too either thats what freedom is about , but instead of focusing on the negative im just going to keep pushing on forward and trying to wake people up get them inspired to want to try and make change in the world! take the red pill and learn the truth so to speak! lol

    1. As long as Annett goes on lying, he will cheapen any movement to find out the truth. Once he stops, we can continue down an honest path…

    • Mikoyote on July 9, 2012 at 09:38
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    So, your headline here is, “MAN LIVES IN HOUSE”.

    No kidding.

    Well, I’ve had a look at this property on Google Streetview and I can honestly say that if you think that this represents the lifestyle of a criminal mastermind then, Greg, I think that you need to make an appointment to see an optician without delay. If Annett is making a fortune from people’s donations then why can’t he seem to get his window frames painted? Isn’t the reason why people steal money so that they can, like, spend it? Or is he simply an eccentric millionaire? In which case, let’s see some evidence! If this place cost a quarter of a million dollars then all that tells me about is the state of house prices in British Columbia…

    You are also quite wrong about Admiralty Law. A quick Wikipedia search informs one that, unlike other countries, Canada has extended Admiralty Law to cover all sorts of transactions that occur on land. It would therefore seem that Annett and Bowman are quite within reason to refer to this in the case that they are bringing to court.

    “Things that make you go… hhmmm”.


    1. I made no accusations of Annett being a millionaire- I’m contesting Kevin’s use of the word ‘poverty’. Someone who lives in a freestanding house in a middle-class neighbourhood, and who flies around the world regularly, is not living in poverty. This is poverty:


      And, I don’t care if Annett is claiming to sue under ‘lunar’ lay (loonie law is more likely though)- I want to see the court documents!

  4. What a bunch of baloney by Kevin Annett supporters. I think that an Irish Holocaust Survivor asked the right question upon reading this article. He said ” A house”, how did Annett even acquire a house. Further I took a look at the house….. it seems to me that house was deliberate pictured, lets see uncut tall grass etc.. The very bottom line is that City states that his house is worth a quarter of a million dollars. Further when I looked at the picture, there was some child’s toys there. According to Annett….. his family doesn’t live with him. Further we had a neighbour that didn’t live in a house on our street… his grass was always tall, uncut until he or one of his sons would come periodically and do the yard-work and /or the city would send them a violation to get over there with a fine to cut it. At times the city cut it.

    I also noticed when I was looking for the house, that oddly there was a man outside of another house manicuring his house and doing lawn work. Now I can’t be sure but that man looked alot like Annett. Just saying. I will not put the picture up for privacy issues even though Annett had posted his address, he didn’t post pictures.

    Again the bottom line is that particular house is said to be worth a quarter of a million dollars and if you look at the document that Greg put up… it went up due to upgrades. So that could mean that picture anyone is viewing is old, which I would assume based on the young child’s toys in the yard and/or Annett is using someone else’s address to say it is his home. Food for thought!!

    1. You know why I get so pissed-off when I hear Kevin Annett saying he lives in poverty? Because I’ve seen real poverty, and he lives far from it. His claiming poverty is an insult to all of those who have to suffer through it:


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