Letter To Alfred Webre: You Owe Me An Apology…


Alfred Webre


Let me start with an apology of my own. Some people on Facebook said to me that it wasn’t nice how I compared you to Alfred E Newman. I realize my mistake, and apologise for that. Forgive me, but I was upset to see a total stranger making such personal judgements on me as you did.

Now it is time for me to ask you for an apology. You don’t know me, and we have never met nor interacted, yet you felt it was acceptable to label me as a ‘government schil’. I don’t understand why you were upset with me, your anger was misplaced- it should have been directed to Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman, they are the people who deceived you.

It was a serious mistake how you decided to take the words of an incarcerated criminal, and Black Bloc thugs as a tool to discredit me. Perhaps you were misguided by Annett and/or Bowman, I don’t know- but, by using this obviously false material, you didn’t make yourself look very good.

You say you are a lawyer. If so, why didn’t you see through all of the glaring errors in the ‘court documents’ that Annett & Bowman gave you? I’m not a lawyer, but I saw through them rather quickly. My article dissecting these documents only took 30 minutes to write.

Regardless, your behaviour towards me was not acceptable Alfred, and I’d like to request an apology. If you can find it in yourself to do this I’ll move-on and not write about you any longer. I will assume you are an honourable man, like the many honourable people who fell into Annett’s web of lies.

Do you think you can do that? Please let me know before the end of the week.


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    • The Hammer on July 18, 2012 at 13:15
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    This is hillarious. Even Ichim knows to use a real lawyer, Davin Charney, whenever he does one of his lawsuits.

  1. LOL when are these frauds going to produce a court stamped document with a docket number?

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