Jason Bowman Participates In Smearing Mohawk Elders!

“Unauthorized” Picture of Jason “Shifty-eyes” Bowman

Last week Kevin Annett proved he had no shame by bragging about his sexual prowess with marginalized sex workers. Being a competitive bloke, Jason Bowman must have felt the need to one-up Annett on the pond scum scale- so, on Tuesday, he decided to participate in the smearing of the Mohawk elders who denounced Annett last week.

The original attempt at smearing was done by another one of Annett’s co-conspirators, Cheryl Squire. Here, have a look:

What Cheryl’s letter forgets to mention is that Frank Miller is not the only elder who was in on the video denouncing Annett- there was a room full of them all sitting in agreement with Miller’s statement. What she also forgets to mention is that Miller is also 100% Mohawk, it almost seems as if that omission is intentional.

If you need any more evidence that Bowman is a shameless hack, this should do the job for you. If it doesn’t- don’t worry, I have plenty more on this guy coming your way soon. Bowman is almost as much as a character as Annett himself.

One last note. Neither Bowman nor Annett have updated their web pages since the day of the phantom court hearing. It sure seems like they are running scared these days. Can I recommend to you both that it is time to make an apology?

Here’s the video of the Mohawk elders denouncing Annett:

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    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 12, 2012 at 21:31
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    I could say that I am left in shock and horror, and that these same irrehensible psychological tactics were used on me for political reasons. But the shock and horror are put into perspective and soothed when one considers in a deep spiritual way the spiritual decrepitude one is dealing with here…in this very ill man Annett. I cringed with horror when I heard he was headed for the Mohawk next, knowing of course this inevitable outcome where everyone is left divided – and often worse….often far worse.

    1. Indeed. We saw this happen last time Annett and his co-conspirators started messing around at Brantford. It is unfortunate to see this will be happening again- particularly after they have already been discredited. How many more casualties to we have to go through…

    • Deckard on July 13, 2012 at 02:07
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    I wish this Cheryl person would substantiate one some of her splenetic statements.

    1. I agree. The evidence that Cheryl presents is really weak considering the consequences of what she is saying. This seems rather irresponsible to me…

  1. Kevin Annett’s manipulation is also behind this as usual. When are people going to get that they are being used. I think that Annett’s mindset is clear when he thinks he can take any Indian territory by storm and try to hold them hostage. Frank Miller is jealous of Kevin Annett. Is that the best they can come up with? Seriously.

    It is shocking that the very fact that Kevin Annett breached his own agreement with the Elders is not mentioned that he also broke sacred trust. It is astonishing that Ms Squires has not mentioned that Annett was trying to get 5000-10,000 off of false misleading information that turned out to be animal bones.

    It is inconceivable that Ms Squires has forgot to mention that both Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman tried to hold a mock trial featuring the alien judge Alfred Webre.

    I wouldn’t call that jealously, I would call it that the Elders stood up for the truth on behalf of the victims and their living families. Oh wait they missed that part.

    Jason Bowman and Kevin Annett along with some of their supporters are not just demonstrating that they are disrespectful to the Elders they are disrespectful to the missing murdered children and their families.

    It is the Elder’s duty as council to listen to the people and I imagine the people of the territories did lodge complaints about Annett and his abusive tactics of keeping himself in the limelight while he pretends to be the savior of Indians. NOT.

    • Tehahenteh on July 17, 2012 at 23:11
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    I am happy that some of you see through this poo. I am the appointed speaker for the clan family of sa’ tekari: wate family and it is difficult not to respond to accusations targeted at myself. What was posted on our video is the voice of the family and not just my opinion. We have three clan families in the Mohawk Nation, and all three families are represented on this video. Notice the wampum string I am holding in the video, this is the official symbol that denotes that what is being spoken carries the weight of all the families. When I mention Rotihskehrakehte this crosses all Six Nation members who will respond to the wishes of our elders.

    1. Thank you for writing and sharing your feelings on the matter. And, thank you for standing up and speaking out in your video. I’m sorry for any pain this has caused you, and hope that your healing process goes quickly.

      I would be honoured to meet you one day, hopefully our paths will cross so we can talk in-person…

  1. […] the authorities of any Indian nation speaks, it goes, there is no ands ifs buts or maybe's about it.To see the full letter that was posted on Bowman's FB wall for the public you can go to genuinewitty…http://www.genuinewitty.com/2012/07/12/jason-bowman-participates-in-smearing-mohawk-elders/Bowman is […]

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