Update On The Kevin Annett / Jason Bowman Deception (feat. Dave Vasey & Nicole Lebrasseur)

Okay, things are getting interesting now. Despite being undeniably caught in a lie, both Annett and Bowman are continuing down their track without any remorse. And it seems some other people are joining them- either out of sheer ignorance, or because they are co-conspirators. This has still yet to be determined…

I was looking through Bowman’s Facebook page today when I found this rather shocking posting:

I’ve mentioned this event a few of days ago on an article I posted about Vancouver Cop Watch promoting a video of Jayson Fleury being arrested at Occupy Toronto. The event is being heavily promoted by some of the more radical people involved in the Occupy movement- Nicole Lebrasseur & Christelle Jolicoeur.

Lebrasseur runs the Decolonize North America web page. She’s a radical who speaks out in borderline racist language- sayhing things like all non-indigenous Canadians are thieves:

Jolicoeur was an adamant supporter of Kevin Annett back in March. But, only three days ago, she came out and denied that she was supporting or working with Kevin Annett:

This is interesting, considering that Bowman has been invited to the very same event she is promoting now! Something just doesn’t compute, now does it?

For those of you who haven’t seen the video for this event, here it is again:

The first thing you will notice about this video is that it includes socialist hijacker of Occupy Toronto, Dave Vasey. Dave was mentioned in my article yesterday about how the socialists have been using Kevin Annett’s fraud as a tool to further their agenda. This is rather problematic.

Next, pay attention to how they are trying to build division between indigenous people and their leaders. The people running this event are the more radical element who have been controlled by the socialists for some time now. This explains Vasey’s appearance. It also explains how, despite Annett & Bowman being exposed as frauds, they are still being invited to participate. The people running the agenda aren’t looking for truth, they are looking for issues to help build their political power.

Actions to derail treaty agreements aren’t only taking place in the east- there was a significant incident with the Sliammon First Nation in BC only a couple of weeks ago. A radical element there successfully blocked a democratic vote on a treaty agreement by blocking people from entering the polling place with their vehicles.

I’ll leave you for now with a video from a man who is quite vocal with the Occupy movement in BC. His message is the same as is being given for the radical gathering in Ontario- that treaty negotiations should be derailed. More on this story to come in the future…

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