Weasel Fight Update: Kevin Annett Mortally Wounds Jason Bowman! (Annett & Webre still on the hook…)

Jason Bowman – One weasel down, two to go…

Well, it looks like my prediction about the weasel fight was right on-target! Kevin Annett has tried to rest the blame entirely on Bowman’s weaselly shoulders, took a bite to his throat, and went down for the kill! Annett’s press release shows his weaselly skills off quite well too. After two weeks of outright denials, and vicious personal attacks, Annett is now stating he has nothing to do with the fake court case fiasco…

Not so fast Annett! You aren’t going to get away with this so easily you know. The fact that you are trying to lay the blame entirely on Bowman doesn’t relieve you from responsibility for your previous lies you know! I’ll be writing a more detailed response to you later today. I’ll also be publishing the article-of-all-articles later this week Kevin. This whole episode encouraged a lot of people to come talk with me this past week, and I’ve got the goods on you sir.

You should make it easier on yourself and publish a public apology now. Do that, and I’ll be a lot easier on you Kevin…

Here’s Annett’s official statement:


The Council of Elders of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) has unanimously decided to withdraw from the alleged lawsuit in the Federal Court of Canada (FCC) brought by Jason Bowman on behalf of our Tribunal and our representative, Rev. Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice.

This withdrawal includes Rev. Annett, and is effective immediately, as of 9 pm GMT or 4 pm Eastern Standard Time.

We have terminated our involvement in this alleged lawsuit after learning from FCC officials in Toronto, Canada that no such case has in fact been filed with them by Mr. Bowman.

This decision of our ITCCS Council arises from our resolve to bring about a genuine, competent and effective legal assault on the Crown and the Vatican, and other institutions, for Crimes against Humanity.

Our nine-nation Tribunal represents the hopes and efforts of thousands of victims of crimes by Church and State to bring these institutions to trial and ultimate dis-establishment for their ongoing Crimes against Humanity. Our first obligation is to these victims, and we will let nothing and no-one impede their goal of genuine recovery and justice.

Our Tribunal has decided to withdraw from the Jason Bowman action for three reasons:

1. The failure of Mr. Bowman to file the case in the Federal Court of Canada (FCC) or to exercise proper care and professional diligence, after his public announcement of the case at a press conference held by Mr. Bowman in Toronto on July 4, 2012;

2. Mr. Bowman’s failure to respond to our concerns or to communicate his reasons for not filing the case, or to explain his strategy or actions either to our Tribunal or to his co-plaintiff, Rev. Kevin Annett, and

3. The fact that to proceed with a case in the Federal Court of Canada is to operate within a court that is not of competent jurisdiction to address the matter of crimes against humanity by the Crown itself.

That is, to pursue an action in the FCC would be to recognize the jurisdiction and legitimacy of the very institution we are confronting and naming as an agent of Crimes against Humanity, and would thereby negate and sabotage our own case, specifically by violating Article 25 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which is a foundation of our case.

Our Tribunal wishes first of all to reassure all victims of crimes by Church and State that, rather than representing a step backwards, our disaffiliation from the Bowman action is a step towards a genuine and professionally competent attack on the church, state and corporate agents of genocide and other crimes.

That is, the ITCCS and Rev. Kevin Annett intend to proceed now with many other plaintiffs to take the same evidence and case against the Crown, the Vatican, the government and churches of Canada, and pharmaceutical companies to jurisdictionally competent courts of law not under the authority of the Crown of England or so-called “canon law”. These courts will include those based in other nations as well as de jure Common Law courts within Canada.

We are already working with legal teams in several nations to commence proceedings in such courts.

To clarify, our original aim in supporting the Bowman action in the Federal Court of Canada (FCC) was compelled by the requirement under International Law to “exhaust all domestic legal remedies” before bringing a case into a non-domestic court of law such as the International Criminal Court. We saw Bowman’s efforts as a way to do so.

However, this aim has been irretrievably compromised by Mr. Bowman’s behavior and the fact that proceeding in the FCC will violate Article 25 of the Rome Statute, which compels all citizens to refrain from supporting or colluding with agencies of regimes guilty of Crimes against Humanity – such as, in this case, the government and churches of Canada and the Vatican.

Let us also clarify that, ever since May of 2012, when Mr. Bowman first approached our Canadian representative, Rev. Kevin Annett, and offered to launch a lawsuit with Rev. Annett as a co-plaintiff, the entire process of proceeding with this lawsuit has been completely in Jason Bowman’s hands.

Our Tribunal and Kevin Annett have been forced to rely entirely on Bowman, his word and his judgement, in this matter. We proceeded to do so in good faith, despite having had no previous contact with or knowledge of Bowman or his organization, the Association of Citizen Prosecutors, which after inquiry appears to have no identifiable history.

Neither Kevin Annett nor any member of the ITCCS has been in a position to affect Mr. Bowman’s actions or the process of filing this case in the Federal Court, and we have consistently been kept in the dark by Mr. Bowman about his daily actions and ultimate legal strategy. Such a defective modus operandi by Bowman is self-destructive and bodes poorly for the success of any joint legal action with him against our wealthy corporate oppositon.

Clearly, Mr. Bowman’s negligence and unexplained delay in filing the case has provided great aid and ammunition to our powerful opponents. They, and various misinformation agencies and internet operatives, have used and are using Bowman’s delay in filing the case to attack and destroy our credibility, and undermine the legitimacy of our years-long campaign against genocide and crimes committed by Church and State. We cannot allow this destructiveness to carry on.

In closing, we wish to make it clear that:

1. By this statement and our withdrawal from the alleged Bowman lawsuit, we are not implying anything about the motives or personal character of Jason Bowman; and

2. At no point did our Tribunal or Rev. Kevin Annett aid or conspire with Jason Bowman or any other party to mislead or defraud the public or the court in this matter, but at all times we acted only in good faith, and with trust in Mr. Bowman and his declared efforts.

We regret that our trust and faith was, in this case, misplaced.

Despite these events, we remain even more committed to pursuing the legal prosecution and eventual dis-establishment of the Crown, the Vatican, and the other named defendants as conspirators in Crimes against Humanity, in de jure common law courts and other public arenas. We will not be deterred in this effort by any momentary delay or unprofessional disruption.

We call upon concerned citizens everywhere, and all survivors of church, state and corporate terror, to rally behind our efforts and to contact our office or Rev. Kevin Annett at [email protected] to join our legal campaign.

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    • Me on July 17, 2012 at 19:45
    • Reply

    I would say that Mr. Bowman has some ‘splainin’ to do. The dude was caught , the least he can do is to fess up , hang his head in shame , apologize and go away.

    1. To apologize is the key word…

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 17, 2012 at 20:01
    • Reply

    SOMEONE HAND ME THE VOMIT BAG – QUICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 17, 2012 at 20:06
    • Reply


    1. Indeed- shame he doesn’t share the address for that office! ROTFLMAO

    • Stark on July 17, 2012 at 22:50
    • Reply

    Looking at that picture it appears that Bowman’s finally received the reach around he’s been requesting.

    1. Ouch! Don’t make me have to think about that again! Lol

  1. Why, whoever would have thought that the guy who asked you for a reacharound at his own press conference wasn’t acting with proper professional care?

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