Alfred Lambremont Webre III Goes Down On The Kevin Annett Titanic!

Alfred Lambremont Webre III & Alfred E Newman I – Separated At Birth?

Alfred Webre came onto Facebook today and posted links to documents he claims prove Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman filed a court case. Webre is an interesting character who believes things like that Barrack Obama is an Alien from Mars. So, we really shouldn’t take this guy too seriously of course. Basically, he’s your bog-standard nutbar.

If you are to take Webre for his word he comes across as a rather well-educated and connected person. For example, he says he went to Yale Law School, and that he is a member of the Washington DC Bar. But, when you start to dig into the facts, they don’t seem to match-up to reality.

For example, Webre is no longer a member of the DC bar. He was, many years ago, but according to the DC bar’s website he is inactive. Does he not know that it is a crime to misrepresent such information?


Regardless, it seems it has been so very long since Webre practised law that he has lost his legal skills. Because, the ‘legal’ documents from Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman’s phantom lawsuit he published on his website were complete gobbledygook- and even a non-lawyer can see it. I’ll post these documents, and dissect them, on my next article- for now, let me focus on Mr Webre.

Alfie came onto Facebook today and made the following posting:

As you can see, he comes from the ‘Kevin Annett’ school of Mad Magazine style snappy comebacks. If someone questions your reality, just call them a government schil (notice his misspelling?) and everything will be just fine. But, sorry Alfie, no cigar- regardless of what you want to call me, my video at the clerk of the court (and the lack of the case’s presence on the docket) still prove that no court case was filed.

So, I responded by asking Webre a simple question:


Alfie’s response was as weak as one could expect it could be:


Let’s hope that Annett & Bowman don’t decide to forge a court document- that would be a serious crime!  I responded to Alfie with another logical question:

Alfie doesn’t like logic it seems, because his answer had zero logic, and was rather angry too:

Oh, silly Alfie! How long ago is it that you were in the bar, 1968? Watch the video again, the court doesn’t ask for case titles to do a lookup- they ask for complainants names!



After that, a few people on the page began calling Alfie on his BS. His response to being asked for a logical explanation was classic:


Basically, he shifted into his ‘inner-child’ and said that if people don’t play the game by his rules (meaning without using logic) then he was going to quit the game and never come back! All I can say Alfie, is good luck and good night. I’m willing to apologize if I’m wrong about all of this- but, the court has confirmed that no case was filed, and there is no listing in the court’s online docket. So, what is anyone supposed to think other than this is a lie?

Also, I must contest how Mr Webre claims that I slandered him on this blog. The only thing I’ve said about him here to-date was that he believes that Barrack Obama comes from Mars. Now, if I said that about most anyone else, it most certainly would be slander (it’s a batshit crazy thing to say). But, as Webre admits that himself, I don’t see how that could be considered slanderous. Do you?

After all of this mess, Webre was kicked-off of that Facebook page for slandering me. Poor Alfie, it looks like he’s going to go down on his inaugural cruse on the Annett Titanic….


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