Professor Don Cherry Get’s Fishy On PressTV! (feat. Anthony James Hall)

Professor Don Cherry - Anthony James Hall

Anthony James Hall – A.K.A. Professor Don Cherry

Professor Anthony James Hall is a great example of why one would want to avoid registering at the University of Lethbridge this fall. He’s better known on my blog as professor Don Cherry- due to his rather flamboyant clothing style. This flamboyancy is matched with his flimflam academics. To Quote Patrick Ross- this guy is riding the wave of the crazy

Today we’ll discuss his recent appearance on Iran’s PressTV- an organization that The Observer’s Nick Cohen said was “a platform for the full fascist conspiracy theory of supernatural Jewish power”. On the flip-side,Kevin Annett supporter George Galoway says that PressTV “challenges the prevailing orthodoxy by providing an outsider perspective on the truth and a voice for the otherwise voiceless.”

Professor Cherry and George Galloway have a lot in-common it seems, they both seem to promote creating division and anger in Canadian indigenous communities. In this case, professor Cherry uses unproven claims about Canadian fishing policy  as a tool of division instead of unproven mass graves.

Here, have a look at the video:

As you can see, this ‘news’ story is just dripping with bias. This fish tale starts-off interviewing Rick Quipp from the Cheam First Nation where he discusses his previous criminal charges for illegal fishing on British Columbia’s Fraser River. The story asserts that Quipp is only fishing for his own consumption without asking if he has ever sold any of the salmon he has caught- despite the fact it is common knowledge that one can buy salmon from Cheam vendors on Chilliwack’s back roads.

The story says that the government imposes “stringent restrictions on indigenous fishers”, but they neglect to mention that the restrictions are there for everyone- salmon is a limited resource. They then state that “the ubiquitousness of wild salmon and the deftness of the indigenous fishers that catch them poses a challenge to the profit of the white-owned corporate fish farmers.” Say what? It was only a 30 seconds before that they said that Quipp was fishing for personal use

The story also neglects to mention that Mr Qupp is an anti fish farming activist (see attached PDF.) And, curiously, it appears that Mr Quipp has a relationship with Harsha Walia’s No One Is Illegal. Curiouser and curiouser…

Next comes the big appearance of professor Cherry where he says “There seems to be a decision to kill-off the indigenous wild salmon because it keeps the indigenous people dependent.”  This is probably the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard come out of professor to date- and that’s quite the achievement!

You see, this is the reason that people should avoid registering at the University of Lethbridge- at least, if professor Cherry is any indication of the teaching staff. To make such a bold statement, without providing any empirical evidence, is pure hackery, and not the behaviour one would expect out of an academic. At least, from an academic without an agenda…

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    • Standing Water on July 17, 2012 at 20:38
    • Reply

    As far as I am aware, the whole notion of producing PhDs is to allow for people who are allowed to make statements without evidence/backup—otherwise, why would we need postnomial letters? We’d simply read/listen to everyone’s view and decide on the basis of the view and the evidence, not on the basis of corporate letters. But then what would Mr. Hall do for work? Given his mental infirmity, I suggest even being a Government bureaucrat could be difficult for him. Really, the University system is little more than a still-extant, coercively financed Mental Asylum for a certain personality type—and for some time, the inmates have been running the aslyum. The low-functioning looneytunes don’t get to live at Riverview anymore, why should the high functioning looneytunes get to live in Universities?

    1. I’m not sure I entirely agree with this. That said, professor Cherry certainly seems to make your case. lol

  1. Just be aware that Joshua Blakeney and Anthony Hall are super-sensitive to any criticism. They tend to react with smear tactics. Be aware.

    1. Professor Cherry has already taken his best shot at me, and failed. As for Blakeney, to quote George Bush, “bring em on”!

      1. Let me guess: he sent you a passive-aggressive email, to which were attached various emails in which he and his toadie Josh Blakeney went back-and-forth over how allegedly foolish you are?

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