Alfred Webre Aligns Himself With An Incarcerated Criminal And Violent Black Bloc Thugs!

Alfred Webre & Alfred E Newman – Separated At Birth?

You can tell a man’s integrity by how he handles things when he has been exposed making a mistake. Alfred Webre made the mistake of partnering with Kevin Annett, and he wasn’t very happy when I exposed that to the world. So, rather than take the honourable route and apologise for his mistake, Webre has taken the less honourable route and has decided to smear me. That’s too bad for you Alfie, because you have made yourself look rather foolish. And, it doesn’t get you off the hook for proving that Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman actually filed a case in court.

I had a similar run-in with a less than honourable person back in the days of Occupy Vancouver. This time it was with someone named Harsha Walia- a person who has publicly supported the use of violence in political movements. I’ll give you an introduction to Harsha’s beliefs with a video she recorded while defending the shameful event during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics when Black Bloc anarchists shamed Vancouver on the global stage by getting into a street fight with the police and smashing windows of buildings in downtown Vancouver.

As you can see in the video, Walia enthusiastically supports violence, promotes people getting physical with the police (de-arresting comrades), and uses race and gender to justify such behaviour. I got a lot of flack for speaking-out against Walia’s promotion of violence- many people supported me, but the anarchists in the group decided to come down on me hard. As I’ve been with Annett, Bowman, and Webre, I didn’t back-down.

The result was the first item you see posted on Webre’s smear against me. A number of people, most who did not attend Occupy Vancouver, wrote a letter slandering me for my persistence. If you read that letter, you can see that it clearly states I was wrong for speaking-out against Black Bloc violence.

The next thing that Webre posts in his sad attempt to smear me was text from a website called thismanisdangerous. What Webre may or may not know is that this website was created also to stop me from talking about Black Bloc violence- and, it was created by Alex Hundert, a man who is currently incarcerated in Ontario for being a ringleader during the violence that happened at the Toronto G20 protests.

Here’s a short video that will give you an idea of Hundert’s character:

The last link that Webre shares with us is from a man named Julian Ichim. Julian is yet another person who promotes vandalism and violence towards the police- and, he too, was upset that I have been exposing the criminal element that has been attending the Occupy movement’s events. You can see Julian leading the chants in this video, saying “off the pigs, time to pick-up a gun”.

As I said at the beginning of this article- you can tell a man’s integrity by how he deals with his mistakes. In this case, with Alfred Webre, rather than being honourable and apologizing for his mistake, Webre has instead decided to align himself with people who support the use of domestic terrorism. This was a very bad choice.

This is a sad testament to you character Alfred, and it doesn’t get you off the hook for the unanswered questions. The world is watching what’s happening, and we are still waiting for proof that a court case was filed. Smearing me will not hide the fact that the case was not filed, it only makes you look less credible. If you want to clear yourself out of this mess, either apologize, or show the evidence…

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    that is interesting I just noticed his name pop up — OK these fucking occutards call us tin foil hatters and yet they selectively hang with a group OF THEM. LOL! This crap in the article is hilarious these people actually believe this shit?

    • The Hammer on July 17, 2012 at 09:07
    • Reply

    Alfred Webre is a nut in the tradition of Art Bell and George Noory. Having him support you is only going to have the opposite effect of the intended as his support is only going to lower your credibility. Annett and Bowman should actually be accusing Alfred Webre of being a government agent.

    1. Good point. It seems that Annett was really scraping the bottom of the barrel when he joined ‘forces’ with Webre. Guess he was running out of allies…

    • DECI BELLS on November 28, 2014 at 12:31
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    Alfred weber earthling is encouraging illegal ALIEN (Martian) immigrations to earth on our behalf.
    Now if Alfred can just supply us with the specs for his teleportation unit then the invasion can take place.
    You think aliens know how to manufacture spaceships?
    We haven’t even invented fire on mars yet!

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