MediaWatch: Julian Ichim vs. the Toronto Police (featuring Krystalline Kraus!)

Krystalline Kraus- Krap reporter…

Krusty old Krystalline Kraus is back at it again– doing her important job of keeping Rabble’s content scaling-up on the bullshit index. But, what would one expect- Rabble & Krystalline put out more BS than the state of Texas!

This time she is harping on-behalf of a dangerously violent member of the Black Bloc- Julian Ichim. Why do I say he is dangerously violent? Well, just have a look at this video from the first Toronto march in support of the student strikes…

Julian is the guy leading the chants in this video- you can hear him chanting about how it is time to pick-up a gun and “off the pigs”. You will also see “Flagpole Alex” in this video- another violent man who soon will be on his way to jail. What a bunch of charmers!

I’m not sure what is wrong with Krystalline, and the editors at Rabble. What would make them want to lend support to people who are making threats to pick-up guns and kill people? Or, is this simply another case where they have such poor reporting skills that they neglected to do their research?

Either way, their stories only seem to be valuable to be used as budgie paper. I’m printing-out a copy of Krystalline’s article right now and will be gifting it to my neighbour’s pet canary…

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