A Love Letter From Jason Bowman…

Jason Bowman – Coward, and full time muppet…

This is just way too funny! Rather than act like an honourable man, and give a simple apology, Jason Bowman has made the world’s most pitiful attempt – ever – to take down my blog! If this guy were a Mason, he’d be a 10,000th degree Jester! But, he’s not, he’s a Muppet…

The good news here is for the Queen, the government, the Pope, and the King of Farouk. Because, if Bowman’s legal skills (supposedly learned at Harvard) are this bad, they have very little to fear from the Association of Citizen Prosecutors. Bowman couldn’t try a monkey out of a wet paper bag!

Notice how Jason says that I’ve used ‘unauthorized reproductions of my likeness’. What a joke- those pictures were taken at his press conference! Sorry, Jason, but didn’t your mom (or Harvard) teach you that if you call a press conference you are authorizing people to take your picture?

He also, for some strange reason, wrote to Paypal and to the company that made the WordPress template I’m using for the blog. What do they have to do with this? Are you that stupid Otto?

Jason, I’ll make it simple for you. Prove to me that what I’m saying is wrong, and I’ll take it down with a public apology. Or, you can take me to court for this- after all, if you can take the Pope and the Queen of Sheeba to court, you can certainly do the same to me!

BTW- the request was denied…


Attention: Mr. Toni Schneider


Mr. Schneider / to Whom it May Concern:

This is an official request from me in respect of what I deem to be a
number of untrue slurs / defamatory (criminal) libellous statements of
untrue fact, which has been recently published and which can be
accessed here: http://www.genuinewitty.com/.

As Jason Bowman, (one of the individuals being targeted by untrue
statements), I request that all defamatory libel, untrue statements of
fact, and unauthorized reproductions of my likeness / images / written
communications be removed / caused to be removed from
http://www.genuinewitty.com/ and wordpress.com without delay.

I can advise that in the event that the above-referenced content
remains accessible and is permitted to be broadcast on the part of
wordpress.com and, or it’s agents / affiliates, I intend to proceed
towards the same end by way of formal judicial application(s) /

Requests for said removal made to the apparent administrator, “Greg
Renouf”, of http://www.genuinewitty.com remain ignored to-date.

Schedule 1 – Summary of copyright allegations
Copyright content violation allegations:
1. Unauthorized public display of video recordings of me.
2. Unauthorized public display photographs of myself.
3. Unauthorized reproduction and public display of intercepted
personal communications (screen shots etc.).

Schedule 2 – Summary of impugned urls
Impugned url list (partial)

Finally, be advised that pursuant to wordpress.com guidelines, notice
of the foregoing complaint / request has also been forwarded to
[email protected] for action.

In the event that a counter notice in respect of this complaint notice
is received by wordpress.com and / or its agent / affiliates wherein
the apparent administrator has consented to the jurisdiction of the
U.S. Federal District Court for the judicial district in which said
party is located (or if said party is outside the U.S., the U.S.
Federal District Court for the Northern District of California), and
that said party will accept service of process from the undersigned
complainant victim, who Infringement Notice (the “Copyright Holder”),
you are kindly requested to notify the undersigned by way of e-mail of
same in order that contemplated proceedings may be correctly amended

Govern yourselves accordingly.

[Original signed by]

Jason Bowman

July 11, 2012

CC: PayPal CA Limited, Attention: Legal Department, 2211 North First
Street, San Jose, California 95131 [RE: PayPal Account:]

PayPal Complaints Manager
[RE: PayPal Account: ]
Locked Bag 10,
Australia Square Post Office,
Sydney New South Wales 1215
+61 2 8288 0001 (Fax)

[email protected]

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