Results Are In: The International Socialist’s Kevin Annett IS A Con-Artist! (and Native uprising is coming?)

“You should not honor men more than truth.” ~Plato

I took a lot of abuse from people after suggesting Kevin Annett is a con-artist. I had people sending me hate mail, abusive messages on Facebook, and an article or two written about me. I won’t hold their actions against the people who attacked me for writing the truth. Tempers can get flared when one’s reality is challenged…

Kevin ‘runs’ the grandiosely named “International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church And State”. After a bit of research, it turned-out that his tribunal was a mailing address at his father’s house at a trailer park in North Florida. It was on this “organization’s” website that he posted his admission of guilt a couple of days ago.

That said, being the schmuck that Kevin is, he didn’t make any attempt to repent for his sins…

Kevin Annett;s bones- beef, pork, or mutton?

Here’s an exert from the article where Annett, in a weasel like fashion, admits that the bones in his pocket weren’t human like he told everyone:

“…the ITCCS teams sunk two small test digs which revealed positive evidence of burials. These included remains of clothing and buttons positively identified as coming from school uniforms, as well as bone samples which turned out to be primarily animal mixed with probable human remains of small children.”

Now, as I found out back in February, and explained to you in my first article on this subject, it costs $450 USD to get a DNA test for human bones, and the results are guaranteed in seven days “or your money back”. Kevin says he has been able to positively identify the animal bones, but the human ones are “probable”.

Kevin’s so transparent in his attempt to cheat his way out of lying that I don’t even know he is bothering. If that isn’t clearly the behaviour of someone with psychopathic tendencies (some Marxist tendencies too!) then this next quote most certainly is:

“The very success of this dig, and its kindling of similar independent excavations at two other former residential schools during 2012, has sparked a counter-attack by the government of Canada and the Anglican Church which has caused the Brantford inquiry to be put on temporary hold.”

The good news is that is seems that some of the people in the Brantford community are standing-up to Annett’s buffoonery:

“Early in 2012 after the test digs had uncovered the first bone samples, a government-funded operative named Jan Longboat recruited and paid one of the tribal members who had authorized the ITCCS inquiry, Frank Miller, to begin criticizing the inquiry and calling for the expulsion of ITCCS field worker Kevin Annett from the Mohawk community.

Miller successfully factionalized the original group of authorizing Mohawks by stoking fear and spreading state-sponsored smears about Kevin Annett in the community, despite Kevin having been adopted into the Mohawk Nation and given a name.”

And, as expected, he pulled one of his favourite tricks- labelling someone who disagreed with him as a “government-funded operative”. I expected that though, he’s even used that sort of language for me. It is sad though to see how he leans on the crutch of having conned another community into giving him a Mohawk name. And, the division he is talking about is created by himself.

So, despite the fact he has now discredited himself, it appears that Annett refuses to stop proceeding with his deception. This is unfortunate, as he is taking money from, and raising the expectations of a lot of people. This is deeply shameful behaviour- Annett must be stopped.

If you have given money or resources to this man, you have the power to stop him- simply file a fraud complaint with the police. And, if you paid him by cheque or a money order, you have very strong evidence towards getting him convicted. It is simple really- if you ask someone for money based on the premise of a lie, you are a criminal.

As I mentioned in my early articles on Annett- he is not only a member of the International Socialists, but he has had an incredible amount of assistance from them in perpetrating his fraud. People like Winnie Ng at Ryerson university, or Judy Rebick and who not only promoted the fraud but actually charged people up to $200 for the privilege of listening to his pitch! If you donated money because of their promotion, I recommend that you mention this when you are fling your case.

And, what a surprise! It looks like Sakura Saunders is also deeply involved…

As I wrote in my story about the May Day parade, the International Socialists are using this fraud as the basis for agitating potentially violent uprisings with indigenous groups across the country. I published another story earlier this week that further indicates there is a real possibility this could occur on June 21st. These are dangerous times we live in.

Let’s hope First Nations communities now see through this ruse and decide to stand-down now. Otherwise, a lot of people may get hurt. If you are still intent on an uprising- why not have one against the man who deceived you?

A good way to get back your honour back would be to immediately revoke Kevin Annett’s Mohawk name- the man doesn’t deserve to have it. Or, at the minimum, perhaps you could change it to something more appropriate- Walking Eagle would work…


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    • manifesto2000 on June 8, 2012 at 01:51
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    Are you just using reverse psychology -pretending to be hostile to Kevin? When you said that Kevin’s DNA tests on the bones revealed conclusive analysis of the animal bones, and probable identification of the child bone, this provides no evidence of fraud what so ever.

    The full extent of the damage done to the aboriginal people of Canada in the residential school system is only beginning to be understood. I have seen no evidence that Kevin is wanting to perpetrate dishonesty. His views on Canadians starting over from the Rebellion of 1837 is interesting – but it is his and his Republican allies conclusion that Canada has not been founded on legitimate tenets. This is the right of critics.

    There needs to be dialogue between those who want to preserve Canada’s institutions – and to reform them so that they earn a reputation for legitimacy – and those like Kevin who have experienced dehumanization for their stands on issues of rights.

    • paganmedia on June 10, 2012 at 12:00
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    Greg please delete the first comment. I wanted to correct some typos etc.. Thanks

    In my opinion Kevin Annett is a “ Fraud” and has committed Fraud as well as being a liar, cheat and a thief.

    Fraud is defined as: Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. ( Note that many of the Survivors have stated that Kevin Annett uses their suffering and history in residential schools for his financial and personal gain. As well as Kevin Annett has lied and deceived people with his tabloid sensationalism)

    A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities. ( Note that many of the Survivors/victims also stated that Kevin Annett stole their personal difficult stories and pain and then he put them in books without their true permission). In fact if you look at Annett’s deceptive try for affidavits they are a mess and some of them do not have signatures, as well as Survivors also stated he had them sign blank pieces of paper. Annett’s deception and lies are on this blog)

    The Legal Definition of Fraud is as follows:

    A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.

    ( Note Kevin Annett has been proven a fraud by his own statements in articles on his websites and by the statements of those Survivors/Victims that had their personal experience with him). Annett’s lied about the bones and when he did, he also asked people for money on the merit that he concluded without professional analysis that the bones were human. The first Canadian professional archeologist said when the bones were supposingly discovered that the 1 out of 16 bones my be human. That the rest were animal bones. Annett recently posted that the bones were animal mixed with probable human bones. Again he was committed the criminal act of fraud on his false representation with his misleading allegations that the bones were human when he just posted that they ARE NOT human. Genuinewitty made a great argument in one of his article relating to the fact that when they dug up the bones that they didn’t dig deep enough. One would think and argue if the site where they were digging was the place of a mass grave…… they would have had to dig deeper. Not only because normally humans are buried at least 6 feet under, that there would be a clear coverup to make sure that the remains could not be found or unearthed that easily. i.e. an animal could dig up bones in a shallow grave.

    Fraud is commonly understood as dishonesty calculated for advantage. A person who is dishonest may be called a fraud.

    Annett has been dishonest and yes it was calculated, on the bones alone he showed up at occupy movements carelessly waving those bones around, without a conscious thought. It was calculated on Annett’s own actions of not just articles but his videos of those bones claiming they were human without any proof or expert professional conclusion. Further Annett made even more false accusations against other professionals on his platform of extreme paranoia of the fact that he KNEW he was/is lying when he conveys his imagined stories about his self made victimization. A good example of this is that Annett wrote an article that would lead anyone to believe without any knowledge of Annett that he lost his children in Residential schools, when that is NOT true. Annett nor his immediate family members were not ever in Residential schools. Annett lost his children through a messy divorce in which he displayed details of that divorce in articles and his chronology. Yet that article he wrote was intentionally misleading to anyone that didn’t know Annett. Kevin Annett has written many misleading articles of untruths, lies, fabrications, tabloid sensationalism to many levels of extremity. Which takes away and discredits the hard work of the true heros and heroines who have worked long and hard to bring this awareness to light.

    Fraud must be proved by showing that the defendant’s actions involved five separate elements: (1) a false statement of a material fact,(2) knowledge on the part of the defendant that the statement is untrue, (3) intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victim, (4) justifiable reliance by the alleged victim on the statement, and (5) injury to the alleged victim as a result.

    The Person must know that the statement is untrue. A statement of fact that is simply mistaken is not fraudulent. To be fraudulent, a false statement must be made with intent to deceive the victim. This is perhaps the easiest element to prove, once falsity and materiality are proved, because most material false statements are designed to mislead. ( It has been proven through Survivors statements that Kevin Annett is a fraud, and again it has been proven though Annett’s own articles and videos that his intent was to deceive people for his own personal gain, for money and that he also asks people for donations based on his deception. I.E and again the bones are one example of how he requested that peoplesend him money or should I say his father money in another country based on the bones that he found and that he intentionally misled people into believing that they were human bones when they were not!

    That he held up people and families while he paraded around with the bones, acting as if they were a trophy and not the suffering of a child. Annett had no legal right to those bones, had the bones been human he contaminated the evidence and he didn’t even have the decency to put those bones in a container. If those bones had been human Kevin Annett proved how little he cared about the tragic remains of a Indian child (ren) and he proved that with his actions, words through his articles, statements and videos featuring himself, all on the motivation of self gain and trying to pretend he is the savior of Indians. When Indians have asked him time and time again NOT to speak for them or their history.

    Fraud can also be defined as “The victim’s reliance on the false statement must be reasonable. Reliance on a patently absurd false statement generally will not give rise to fraud; however, people who are especially gullible, superstitious, or ignorant or who are illiterate may recover damages for fraud if the defendant knew and took advantage of their condition”.

    Finally, the false statement must cause the victim some injury that leaves her or him in a worse position than she or he was in before the fraud.

    A statement of belief is not a statement of fact and thus is not fraudulent. Puffing, or the expression of a glowing opinion by a seller, is likewise not fraudulent. For example, a car dealer may represent that a particular vehicle is “the finest in the lot.” Although the statement may not be true, it is not a statement of fact, and a reasonable buyer would not be justified in relying on it.

    On the merit of Kevin Annett he is indeed the definition of fraud, as well as a liar, a cheat and a thief.

    • paganmedia on June 10, 2012 at 12:03
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    You may have taken alot of abuse but you did it for the truth and now those same people through Kevin Annett’s own statements know that you were right as were others.

    Have a nice day.

    • paganmedia on June 13, 2012 at 13:45
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    Apparently Kevin Annett is courting another fraud one that goes by the name of Alfred L Webre. They put out a youtube video. How unusual that someone that is suppose to be a judge has several videos of conspiracy theories on youtube.

    I did a little research on Webre. He is suppose to a a judge but has no authority . Pretty similar to Kevin Annett who lied that he was armed with the power to bring the pope etc.. to trial.

    Like Annett he makes lists of demands or at the very least he has now buddied up with Annett to make the same list of demands that Kevin Annett feigned a year ago with his ITTCS tribunal that never happened. It is the same list of demands. ( Odd that Annett would have to do this because… another lie unearthed, because if Annett had been successful as he articled there would be NO REASON to make the same list of demands, a year later.

    Webre is into into Alien and Government conspiracy theories. Articled that Obama was going to come out and admit that there is Aliens amongst us.

    Claims that Obama time travels to outer space to visit with Aliens. That there is a CIA program involving Aliens, further claimed in 2011 that Obama was suppose to hold a news conference and admit that Extra Terrestrials from Mars were alive and well so to speak and amongst us. According to Alfred he claims that President Barack Obama tel ported to Mars at the age of 19.

    Some have commented that Alfred is into Satan Worshiper, I don’t know if that is true or not, however… I would be more then amused to find out what the real bench judges thought of that if the persons statement is true. Again not sure about that as it was a comment and I don’t have enough strength into me to sift through all this nonsense/garbage of Webres.

    Webre’s articles is based on several conspiracies that he tries to make into phenemens.

    Webre is a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, which is an NGO organized in Malaysia to investigate alleged war crimes, particularly in the Middle East.This body holds no official standing nor the ability to enforce its decisions.

    It is NOT usual for a judge to be on youtube so willingly. As usual Annett is running out of people so he got with Alfred to make the same demands he made with his two man show ITCCS org. Grin.

    Webre is a judge in the same status and is pretty similar to Kevin Annett’s status to bring the pope the queen and the PM to canada to justice. He has no power or authority. Oh yes some of the articles from Webre’ is suppose to be from Brussles like Annett.

    little on Webre.
    I met born-in-America and Vancouver BC resident Alfred Webre at the so-called 9-11 “truth” conference in Vancouver BC late June of 2007…because I expressed to Webre my “extreme” animosity to the UN,expressed my very great dislike of Webre’s very deep and extensive involvement with the UN,and my comments about the VATICAN and most especially the JESUITS…Webre made a VERY interesting admission to me that evening of the conference’s first day and thereafter, he made sure the very next day to have me BANNED from the conference and TRIED to have me arrested by the RCMP and deported…I’ll send out a new exposure of Webre written by Eric Jon Phelps (just being finished up now by him) to detail just what Webre told me that evening…and then some…

    Like Annett Webre tries to invoke outrage on non truths, conspiracy, and he seems to be interested in government connections and conspiracy with extra terrestrials. He wrote article claiming 9/11 conspiracy etc. He and Kevin Annett are twins.

    This is someone’s opinion on Webre

    The guy is a train wreck with no respect within the UFO movement. He uses wild attention grabbing headlines and stories to make money! He gets 10 cents a click! The high stangeness book makes very little mention of 911. No where near what the article seems to imply. My friend had written an article reflecting his honest assessment of the work the author and her physicist husband and others were doing. They asked him if they could use it for the intro to their book, and for that he has paid a price. He does not believe that they are lying and stands by his assessment. However the Alfred Webre piece may very well not be deliberate disinfo just the rantings of someone trying to turn clicks into cash.§

    Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
    Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

    Just look up Alfred Webre in full name and then compare him to Kevin Annett’s bullshit.

    Here is an interesting amusing piece on the so called legal eagle self promoting judge Alfred L Webre. I mean with Annett this gets more and more ridiculous. He lied about finding bones in Canada. He just recently admitted that on his two man show ITCCS site. Now he and Webre are courting each other. What’s next is Annett going to start making demands to Webre’s aliens that they stop conspiring with the Governments. Holy shit, this ladies and gents is Kevin Annett. It seems Annett and Webre promote themselves as judge, jury and executioner. They make lists of demands, say they are part of organizations yet they have no authority whatsoever over those they accuse. Thus they cannot bring anyone to justice. It would be amusing if it was not so pathetic and if Annett wasn’t using a human rights cause that caused grave harm to people for his own gain and a grab at fame.

    JULY 4TH, 2008?

    Again just look up Alfred L Webre or Alfred Lambremont Webre and you will get to read all his articles on this and other things as well as his videos. Once more a judge that has several videos on youtube with conspiracy theories on Aliens etc… Really. You be the judge for yourselves folks. Grin. I sense desperation on Kevin Annett’s part.

    • Paganmedia on June 14, 2012 at 00:18
    • Reply

    So just a few more notes on Kevin Annett’s new friend then I am done. Simply I don’t want to spend a lot of time regarding Alfred L Webre.

    Just recently as short as two months ago. Webre himself posted on his blog/site that Wikipedia was considering dropping his Wikipedia entry. Wikipedia sited to Weber because of ” lack of notability!
    That is pretty bad in my opinion when Wikipedia is thinking of dropping a person that comes with the endorsement that Webre has on himself including his education. Lack of notability means that they don’t’ think he is credible, that he is NOT worthy of mention. Lack of sources etc..

    Webre’s reason for Wikipedia dropping him is as follows

    “The original entry was not prepared by me. My view is that Wikipedia’s action continues to be part of the CIA time travel controlled US Presidency’s retaliation against me for having exposed Soetoro/Obama’s participation in a 1980-83 secret CIA jumproom project. ( Sounds alot like Kevin Annett’s accusations about anyone that disagrees with him or disapproves of him I.E Black ops, RCMP, Police informants, working with the Government is Annett’s allegations and accusations when people don’t see it .)

    Again with Alfred’s resume Wikipedia considering dropping him should give a person red flags. Lets see he is suppose to be a lawyer, a judge that like Annett ( who said he tried and convicted the Pope, The Queen and the PM of Canada) Alfred Webre claims that he and others in Malaysia court tried and convicted former President of the USA George W Bush Jr and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. ( notice the similarities between Annett and Webre in their tribunals and courts, yet nothing becomes of it)

    Like Annett’s mock trial at the alleged supreme court of Kanata, the two former leaders in Bush and Blair didn’t show up for their war crimes trial in Malaysia. In which if one searches high and lo on the net you can find a picture with Weber and others in Malaysia looking very astute as judges. However the problem is not one of those persons in Malaysia that held court possessed the authority or the power to legally enforce their decisions on Bush and Blair and they had no official recognizable standing with this alleged court and looking into war crimes. Again that is pretty similar to Kevin Annett’s antics.

    It really defeats the purpose and is pointless of holding what I call a mock trial and finding people guilty of any crimes without the defendants being there and that the defendants have legal representation. Annett’s two man show into crimes against humanity and Webre’s crimes into war crimes really does more to mar the truth from coming out then it does to help these causes. Further when the people holding court are not recognized as a legal function even with the UN, they then become just as bad as the people they accuse because in turn they become the singular body of being judge, jury and executioners. The Term” Due Process Of Law” should be something that Webre knows about. Due process is the very foundation to assure that all those accused get a fair trial. Further the tribunal found Blair and Bush guilty of crimes against peace. Christ Kevin Annett could be found guilty of the same IMO. Grin.

    Nowhere did I find in Webre’s resume that he puts out on himself any time that he was using his skills and degrees to help his own people.

    Webre is into extra terrestrial communication and conspiracy and has wrote an article that now President Barack Obama was transported and zoomed up to Mars when the President was 19 years of age.

    I am NOT into the Alien movement, and usually don’t care if that is what floats another boat. However a man that has on his resume that he went to Yale, and has such an alleged astute background with degrees, surely could find better use of his knowledge and time then hanging around with Kevin Annett only to help him make matters worse and to cause unnecessary hardship to the true Indian Survivors/Victims and to the true Indian heroes and heroines some that worked 50 plus years to bring this awareness of their abuse and suffering to light. Some who have sadly passed away after Annett stole their personal difficult stories from them.

    On a small note of total amusement it is alleged that Webre is a Satan Worshiper. I would dearly love to see how the Xian bible belt would react to a person that proclaims himself to be a International War Crimes Judge who focus’s on Aliens.

    Again all you have to do is plug in Alfred’s name and you will find all you need to find. You be the judge folks.

    Now I am done on Kevin Annett’s new pal, simply I have better things to talk about aside from focusing on two people that want to run around the net and in outer-space articulating conspiracy theories between governments and Aliens with Annett’s need for attention and a grab at fame and gain off of Indian suffering.

    I asked earlier, what is next for Kevin Annett is he going to create a list of demands for Alfred’s aliens to stop communicating with governments? I am sorry I can’t resist. Will Annett and Webre now have a mock tribunal on alleged criminal aliens that conspire with earth’s governments. On an even more amusing note if there are Aliens they are probably staying away from the people in this world, we probably frighten them with our primitive thinking and blood-lust of wanting to kill anything different. They most likely would not want to have anything to do with us. J/S-Grin.

    Oh yes Alfred has joined the Republic of Kanata with Annett. Yet some Indians argue there is NO Republic of Kanata. Well perhaps in outer space there is one. Grin

    Here is Alfred’s entry on Wikipedia wanting to drop his entry.

    EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe: Wikipedia considering dropping entry of ET/UFO author, founder of Exopolitics, and judge who convicted George W. Bush and Tony Blair for war crimes in Iraq for lack of “notability”

  1. Originally i was pleased to meet and try and help Kevin Annett back in the autumn of 2010 but since i have discovered i was conned – indeed, trying to raise money for him by promoting his appearances of him at various locations promoting his film “U, nrepentant” {which hadnt been out that long} and his new book i took seriously, reeling of emails and letters to venues hoping theyed let him speak to promote his wares. I travelled to a friends home in N. London, and met him there, and duly took part in the proceedings as we all did then, with Annett, and together a group of us went to Lambeth on the day the pope visited the palace there. I wish i hadnt bothered doing anything – going to Lambeth ended up in an unnecassary altercation with the police,who issued “stop + search” paraphernalia on me – for no reason other than to be a nuisance i believe, issuing the paperwork on me apparently because i had a carton of raspberry juice, and a video camera – both of which they considered “dangerous weapons”. You couldnt make this stuff up. My official complaints shortly after about those interractions with the police to the IPCC {the old Police Complaints Authority} citing that i believed 3 police officers had abused my Human Rights by issuing unnecassary and irrelavent s+s papers were to be a complete waste of time, the complaint returned “unfounded”, thus leaving the “stop + search” paperwork valid. The importance of getting the “s+s” papers quashed is because on receiving 3 “stop + search” papers one can be taken from anywhere anytime for no reason and held for 24 hours by the police – the consequences of which can obviously be debilitating, and unnecassarily intrusive. This intrusion into ones life came under the auspices of the new terrorism laws brought in over the past few years. Getting an end result of nothing being done by the IPCC took months, and the 3 police officers i cited in my official complaint, who harrassed me on 2 days running at the time actually, were left free to hassle other innocent bystanders anywhere so as their names go on a database of {presumed} “activists and agitators” who are deemed “undesirables” at the end of the day by our wonderful authorities. It is of course an outrage.
    Anyway, i digress and on seeing these now prominent sites apparently exposing Annett for what he is comes as no surprise as id heard various stories since 2010 from people who were once close to him, but were now exposing certain things concerning him. For instance, i arranged to meet Annett and a couple of other supporters at the abode at Wimbledon where the pope was rsiding during his uk visit in 2010. The purpose of which was for Annett to serve signed papers on him { – not the actual summons for the court appearance regarding various crimes connected to his not reporting paedophilia by priests he was made aware of to the authorities in the mid ’80s when he was in the position to do so} I took pics of this event – 1 pic being in the following video I made to promote his work at the time – Annett is holding the forged signiture paper served on the pope @ 30 secs. into this video, the pic being taken on our visit to the Wimbledon residency of the pope then = 2}. The nun at the big place the pope was staying kindly came out to received the signed papers from Annett. It was only later we discovered that the signiture on the papers was not genuine. It was not signed by the person it was purported to be of, another activist in Canada belonging to the indigenous people there. Apparently Annett had used the printer of the owner of the house he was guest of to print these papers up to be given to the pope and had forged the aforementioned persons signiture himself – unbeknownst to us – and the popes people also, i hasted to add. The entire affair was a farce, and completely bogus. I just wonder what else in this characters entire catalogue of so-called “activism” is suspect. No doubt we will find out in good time. What is serious is that many deaths of persons who have been close to Annett, in Canada alone, have occurred. Johnny “Bingo” Dawson’s life was taken in suspicious circumstances, as was William Coombes
    Lets hope more truth comes to light to finally expose what is the truth….JG. {butlincat}

    • Misty on July 10, 2012 at 15:07
    • Reply

    Thank you for all of the information here. I was just beginning to relook into this story, and came across this page. I am so very tired of people pretending to be for the people and humanity only to be found out to be frauds and working for the people that we actually want to get out of our politics, religions, economics, etc etc. What a sad state of affairs humanity has had to go through thanks to those who would deceive innocent human beings with not one ounce of remorse nor dignity for their own being. Thankfully there are a few good journalists out there that do infact want the whole truth on not 5% here and there like all other so called truthers out there. They make me physically ill that they don’t give a damn about anyone else but themselves.

    • Ralu on August 4, 2012 at 14:41
    • Reply

    80% nonsense. Webr, Basi, Eisen are doing a ‘job’ on making the whole ‘jumproom’ to Mars look like a load of BS. A poor example of PSYOPS at work.

    Only one person stands out as having a plausible story and he is, “H. Deacon”. Deacon never called ‘it’ a jumproom. It was Camelot and their cohorts who decided on that term. Notice that “deacon’ is not mentioned in interviews or discussion by the scoundrels.

  2. I believe that disinfo experts have to go that extra mile to incriminate any leading authority of something more unbelievably bad than they’ve done, in a bid to discredit or harm any genuine investigation into any actual wrong-doing. If a supposed professor or lecturer in economics from Yale, or a previous UN worker is spouting wild conspiracy theories, you just have to ask yourself why? Alex Jones has been proven time and time again to be a paid-up shill for the CIA and NSA, and yet he calls for Obama’s impeachment practically every day. Forewarned is forearmed. Here’s a nice little video link displaying Alex ‘I’m not a shill, but am a shill’ Jones at his very finest. Link is here Enjoy! I know I was glad to see this uber-Christian to be shown up for the demon he truly is!!! I’m sure Kevin Annett and Alfred were co-opted to be similar voices of reason and moral rectitude aswell. Sighs.

  3. Their court of common law may seem pretty funny but they are using some Natural Law philosophy which does stand up to criticism I would say, in that they are possibly expressing natural law rights in defense of their actions to stop violence. Now this is a little misguided because natural law uses a non aggression principle so therein lies the contradiction. If they decided to use their common law court as a satirical criticism of national and state courts, which have no authority under natural law principles by way of simple logic (who gave them the authority, I didn’t nor do I have the natural law rights to give people authorities I don’t’ my self permit) then that would be one thing. However they have advanced and perpetrated what is basically a kangaroo court (which courts are not?) that presumes to be able to exact incarcerations and detainments, followed presumably by prosecutions based on no standard of evidence r prosecutorial regulations, at least none that I can see. So it would seem that logic has again beaten one of Annett’s central concepts. I also think it’s funny to note that the Court of Common Law documents with the arrest warrants for Ratzinger have their archives listed ate Annett website, How funny is that. It’s a shell game.

    1. One of the first pieces of Annett’s story I debunked was his earlier claim to have sued the Pope and the Queen in Federal court. The problem is that under Canadian law it’s not allowed to sue them, foreign leaders are protected under Canadian law by our treaties with their countries. It wasn’t until this myth was busted that Annett decided to go full-steam on his imaginary kangaroo courts. Which, of course, are a laughable farce- just like his claim to have sued the Pope and Queen…

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