Time For Occupy Toronto’s Activistocrats To Crawl Back Into The Tar Sands…

For a big city (by Canadian standards) Toronto is definitely a small town at times. I’ve randomly run into a few Occupiers over the past couple of weeks while walking down the street and have had the opportunity to get some of the inside scoop on what is happening these days…

Good news! Toronto’s Occupiers are seeing through the bullshit these days and are gradually understanding that the people who bill themselves as the group’s “leaders” are working to help themselves more than they are working for the good of the Occupy movement.

Walking through Kensington Market yesterday a couple of Occupiers labelled the hijackers with the most appropriate name “The Activistocrats”. I couldn’t agree more- these people are so full of themselves that they actually claim leadership of a leaderless movement. What buffoons!

Then, today, I met an Occupier who I’ve had some run-ins with, but who is mature enough to be able to speak civilly, and he had a thing or two to say about our friend Dave Vasey. His observation was that Dave is inevitably on the path to burning-out the way he is going. He also thinks that sooner-or-later Dave will crawl back into the Tar Sands.

Perhaps rather than titling my first story on the Activistocrats Activists And Buggy Whips, I should have called it “Activists And Dinosaurs”?

Dave, don’t you think it is time to retire from the Occupy movement? Or, do you plan to go all Sugar Ray Leonard on us and continue fighting despite the fact that you are beyond your sell-by-date? Honestly Dave, have a look at Judy Rebick- she burned out back in the 70’s. Is that the future you hope for yourself?

Are Judy & Dave in the activist biz only to pick-up young women?

If Occupy Toronto is to ever come alive once more, it is time to realize that the tactics of the past are no longer working. Occupy was never about the old establishment- not even the old left. It is about trying out new ideas, and new ways of making change using creative and non-violent tactics. Without this, Occupy will only be a fond memory, and will have ended-up accomplishing nothing.

Time for the Activistocrats to take the lead of the dinosaurs. Tickets to La Brea are only $11– I’ll pay the entrance fee if they’ll agree to go…


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    • F*CK Occulie on June 1, 2012 at 19:28
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    It’s about darned time people started waking up. Just wish they all would have listened sooner. Oh well, better late than never despite the damage Occupy Toronto has done to activism. Let this be a lesson to all; always question, always think for yourself, and if something does not seem right go with your gut. And NEVER be afraid to speak out against the wrongs you see, don’t ever be intimidated by insecure, immature and greedy little bullies. Take your own power back people!

    1. Indeed. If everyone would question BS when they hear it we most certainly wouldn’t be where we are today. If this is one thing that people at Occupy can learn out of the experience then we can say that the movement has accomplished something useful…

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