Open Letter to Sakura Saunders

Dear Sakura,

I heard you talking at today’s GA- you wern’t very nice to me I must say. And, you made a lot of ad-hominem accusations about me- but not a single one of them was backed with something tangible.

What’s up with that Sakura?

You also said that my article about Barrick Gold was ‘full of lies’. Can you please quantify what those ‘lies’ were? If I got something wrong, I’d like to make a correction.

Or, were you full of it?

Oh, and is it true that your father is a banker? And, is he as rich and successful as Antonin’s dad?

Greg Renouf

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    • bonnibrai on April 9, 2012 at 21:42
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    Greg I was disgusted by what went down tonight .You are not alone

    1. Thank you. We need to stand together now and overcome this attempt to kill our organization’s principles of truth, transparency & inclusiveness.

      And Sakura needs to answer the question about her family`s involvement in the banking industry!

    • bonnibrai on April 9, 2012 at 21:49
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    Was there even a vote ?There are a lot of us on the livestream that support you Greg.

    1. I believe the vote was pushed-back until next week…

    • violent agression=small cahonas on April 9, 2012 at 22:33
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    I said it all along, spoiled little rich brats playing games with other peoples lives. When they tire they will return to their cushy lives while those they used will pay dearly.
    Every single one of the leaderlessleaders happens to come from wealth. They are not interested in the voice of the oppressed they are interested only in what is in their own best interests and the entertainment value and “rebel” status.
    Even in the occupy/decolonize facebook page we have Damien speaking about how they must not come across as elite. Bunch of asshats and clowns.

    1. It is most obvious now that Occupy Toronto is not a movement of the people, but a movement of the previously established anarchist black bloc movement. Their sense of entitlement and elitism says a lot about their credibility…

    • underminingsustainability on April 9, 2012 at 23:17
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    this is the only time I will ever write you. this is not intended to start a dialogue, just to clear up some obvious lies that you told about myself and my organization. Also, the GA voted to support the statement about you, which spells out why you are banned from all Occupy TO events, and why we will not endorse any event that you are a part of organizing. It passed with more than 90% consensus.

    so, without further ado, to clear the record:
    • protestbarrick does not get any money for Soros and has no affiliation with the Tides Group. You did very poor research here.
    • because your article was based on a complete fallacy, I can only assume that you targeted my campaign because I stood up against your abuse of fellow occupiers. Basically, you tried to associate my campaign against the world’s largest gold mining company with some strange, unfounded conspiracy theory about Soros.
    • Tonight, I talked about how you targeted longtime organizers by calling the police on them, making up false charges against them, and that you have also called the employers of people that have called you out on your obsessive harassment of others. Most of this has actually been documented on your very own website. As well, evidence has been posted on the Thismanisdangerous blog and is in the Occupy Vancouver statement about you. Also, the Occupy TO marshals team spent a lot of time calling up victims of your harassment in Vancouver, when they were deciding whether or not to ban you from their group (well over a month ago). They were one of the first Occupy TO committees to ban you, and their evidence was used to back other similar decisions.
    • you are clearly again targeting me, using false information as bait to engage with you, so that I have to correct it, or else have this false information stand. You have already caused so much disruption to good organizing at Occupy and in Toronto generally, that I refuse to continue to engage you, especially when your accusations have such little factual content in them, they cannot be taken seriously. I work with communities directly impacted by Barrick Gold, and try my hardest to create a larger platform for them to realize their goals. On the side, I have to make money for myself to survive. I am extremely busy and do not have time to engage in your poorly-researched hysterics.
    • I will not respond to ridiculous accusations about my personal life, because it is none of your business.

    1. This is a different story than the one you shared with someone a couple weeks ago when you admitted you were taking funding through TIDES money laundering service. It is also typical that when TIDES schils get caught they change their stories.

      So, considering you decided that, rather than send me a request for a correction, you orchestrated a lynch mob yesterday instead, I won’t take your word at face value. You will stoop rather low to hurt others won’t you Sakura?

      If you want to clarify this issue you should release an audit of your organisation’s funding.

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