Has OPSEU’s Large Yurt (formerly of Occupy Toronto) Been Torched By an Arsonist?

One of the yurts that was ‘donated’ by OPSEU

I remember reading about Occupy Toronto’s yurts back when they were “donated” last year. One part of me was envious- where were Occupy Vancouver’s yurts! That said, it made sense to donate them to Occupy Toronto, as they definitely needed it for the city’s colder weather!

The day I arrived at Occupy Toronto I was excited to see the yurts. That said, there was one major problem- there were no yurts to be seen! It was explained to me that the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) had taken them back! Scoundrels!

“Wait” I asked, “I read in the Toronto Star that OPSEU had donated the yurts to Occupy Toronto?” The answer I got was “yes, but it seems they have taken them back”. I was told that day that “we can make an application to OPSEU to use them though!”

Why is it that every time I’ve seen Occupy get involved with the unions it ends up feeling like a cheap one-night-stand?

Well, here’s the latest update. A story came out a couple of days ago on Judy Rebick’s slander-machine they call Rabble.ca- apparently, the large yurt has had a fire and us no longer usable.

There is one particularly interesting sentence in Rabble’s article: “This was the act of perhaps one angry person.” But, of course, there is no further explanation- Rabble’s standards of reporting aren’t so high….

Warren "Smokey" Thomas, Curiously Named President of OPSEU

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