Was it wrong for people to criticize Gerry Adams? (or was it suicide not to?)

Were people wrong to  criticize Gerry Adams? Because, philosophically, I feel the same vibe sometimes from the Black Bloc. Visiting their homes one feels a sudden feel of bohemian revolutionaries- except, they never wear tie-die. And bohemians wouldn’t kneecap people. That is as likely to happen as a dehydrated man surviving by dragging his limp body up to the edge of the Curtis Brick fountain! Chief Iron Eyes Cody and Quatchi just cried…

Is Vancouver to become Belfast? Canada is one of the few countries in the world where the police are so widely co-opted to the movement. This is a magical gift.

Let me compare one of my long-term followers- Alex, a hero of the BlackBloc movement.When I say follower, I mean follows my every word through facebook, twitter, blog. I’m sure the googleVerse has records of it somewhere. He keeps his eyes on me more than a 9 year old at a screening of Porky’s at a BlacBloc party.

Abbie Hoffman said that the first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it. Alex didn’t- in fact, he was super-proud at getting himself extra time. Meaning, keep it on the safe side of the grey zone and it won’t cross the line if you lose balance. Abbie is pissed-off he had to die before our party began- because he wrote the fucking script!

Getting arrested means less soldiers on the field and more in POW camps. I regularly survey Canadians on violence. David Andrew Beattie Remember when David Morningstar and I did an experiment? Ruth Meta was not present at the moment, she was busy making ad-hominem attacks on Facebook…

David felt that it is reasonable to expect a Canadian would advocate police violence against OV. So we grabbed the first person who came beside us and asked the question I asked the gangs of city candidates- is it reasonable to use riot squad tactics against Occupy Vancouver?

The only person I’ve met who seriously agreed it was reasonable was already under police surveilance for threatening to de-occupy. Like Michael Madlove said- “He was most likely to be a lone gunman“. I miss that guy shame he got started drinking from paper packets of Kraft sugarmix drinks!

So, for one to be at an Occupy initiated event and antagonise anyone would be the least friendly thing could do to a fellow soldier. We are soldiers of love- from our conception. One reason we did this was because if we let ourselves hate, outside forces can own us and lead us to self-harm. If our movement must pull razor blades over our arms then we cannot succeed in a healthy way.

When people take liberties to break our social contract- our whole movement must halt and fall into defensive positions until the issue is sorted. Without this trust the Black Bloc are not respecting our goal to try first we have a peaceful revolution.

If the Black Bloc believe anyone could ever win using ad-hominem rhetoric, they need to stop and look deep into their souls. I’m still on the fence about their intentions- that said, there are people who are actively manipulating in ways that hurt us.

To steal an Idea I saw about Anonymous is something like “we are chaos- if we don’t know what we are doing nobody else could either! This was from the Facebook page of an intellectual soldier.If you watch MASH on re-runs you will get the gist. I sometimes wonder if Anonymous was created using part of Abbie’s soul.

So, let me restate once more- politely and with the expectation that you will think deep about it. Our organization’s soul is based on the love of many generations who came before us. Some people are mechanics, some rocket skaters, some join CSIS and some do cartwheels at #OccupyHarper. OccupyVancouver is the latter- I think @Occupy_Police used the word goofballs about their take on the movement.

You may notice I’ve embraced my inner-goofball the past week- our global movement’s core values are directly under attack. It would be to expected that any free-mic love in will attract people who have not yet bought in. It is our job to get them to buy-in, to co-opt them with love, friendly explanations, healthy debate, and a future based on a shared set of values.

At Occupy Vancouver is a Canadian movement- and people here are some of the most co-opted to love of the people in any nation. In places like Russia, it may take decades to co-opt the police. Their police have few people with the aptitude to be Kitsilano socialites! And too many would feel uncomfortable with the lack of violence executed at a religiously run abattoir.

I can’t help but believe it is not only disrespectful, but also wreckless to do anything to provoke the police. Please tell me if there is a third- but I’m guessing  good examples would be building Fukushima and forgetting that we should respect our social contract.

Every Occupier is a tag-along, as is every black bloc. For us to disrespect past revolutionaries efforts by letting the front line fall due to semantics and wanting to be right- each inch is a pint of blood. None of us have the privilege to cause even 1ml more blood fall. Anything else is #autogenocide.

After the past two months, I have lost all faith in a ninja’s ability to keep their emotions up to the standard of an Occupy Soldier. This is the attitude that will make us strong. When we are strong we look scary- that is the point where even the asshole pigs who killed Robert Dziekański. If it wasn’t for political correctness, Seargent Argent would use the phrase “asshole pigs” for them, I’m pretty sure.

I will not fight you with weapons, attacks on your family #TickyTacky or emotional manipulation that could cause serious harm. I use a non-lethal weapon that can never do as much damage as a flagpole. They call it parody- eventually, you will either give-up or start laughing again.

Look at my story where @Quatchi (who secretly loves @RichardBranson) had a threesome with @MayorGregor and @AdrianDix on a @VirginAtlantic @UpperClass Bedroom. The ninja angle is coming soon…

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