Report From The Toronto Casseroles March Tonight!

Casseroles marchers gathering at Dufferin Grove Park

Today was the first Casseroles march in Toronto. It began only a few blocks down the road from my house, at Dufferin Grove Park- so, despite being a little under the weather, I decided to make the march down there to take a look…

A Few Of The Participants Were Full of Bolshevik!

It was worth the trip! Somewhere between 2,500-3,000 people showed up, including many who know and love me (and some who don’t, lol). Regardless, the only person who treated me with any contempt was Trey Whinney- somehow he thought it was the grown-up thing to do to raise a finger at me. Time to get past high-school Trey!

Regardless. The march left the park, and headed north to Bloor street, then marched East towards downtown. I’m still not in perfect health, so I left it there, but did take the time to make a video of its full length- and it was quite a crowd!

No negative incidents occurred, and only 3 idiots showed-up wearing ninja costumes. Basically, it was a nice evening with a lot of people being respectful to each other. That is, with the exception of Trey- but, what do you expect from an idiot who walks around dressed like he’s starring in A Clockwork Orange all of the time! lol

Time to get a new hat Trey!

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