Report From The Toronto Casseroles March Tonight!

Casseroles marchers gathering at Dufferin Grove Park

Today was the first Casseroles march in Toronto. It began only a few blocks down the road from my house, at Dufferin Grove Park- so, despite being a little under the weather, I decided to make the march down there to take a look…

A Few Of The Participants Were Full of Bolshevik!

It was worth the trip! Somewhere between 2,500-3,000 people showed up, including many who know and love me (and some who don’t, lol). Regardless, the only person who treated me with any contempt was Trey Whinney- somehow he thought it was the grown-up thing to do to raise a finger at me. Time to get past high-school Trey!

Regardless. The march left the park, and headed north to Bloor street, then marched East towards downtown. I’m still not in perfect health, so I left it there, but did take the time to make a video of its full length- and it was quite a crowd!

No negative incidents occurred, and only 3 idiots showed-up wearing ninja costumes. Basically, it was a nice evening with a lot of people being respectful to each other. That is, with the exception of Trey- but, what do you expect from an idiot who walks around dressed like he’s starring in A Clockwork Orange all of the time! lol

Time to get a new hat Trey!

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  1. Hey don’t knock Trey’s hat, if fact it’s the only thing I do like about the asshole. Way more people than I would have expected showed up for this.

    1. He seemed like he could be a nice person at one point. Unfortunately, it appears that dear old Trey can’t think for himself…

    • Mike on May 31, 2012 at 05:54
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    Trey is a d#$@wad, but it would be so much more interesting to call him a dichotomy: someone who dresses all fancy to act like an attention seeking child.

    • Mike on May 31, 2012 at 05:57
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    Hmmm, I wish I could edit comments. #&$wad looks so much uglier in writing than other insuts.

    Anyways just wanted to add I saw people banging their pots along Bloor street on the way there. Did they march mostly on Bloor? I wonder why in all of this nothing has been scheduled to protest in political sites in city.

    As Canada is plunged into austerity it’s important to remember that we would be in better financial situation (and in every way better off) had we not been plunged into another endless UN-winnable war. Never mind the proxy wars tacked on such as war on drugs (aka assassinations of competition) or war on terror (pre-emptively discredit the future organizers)

    • brotherwolf on May 31, 2012 at 09:05
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    I was certain not expecting this number of persons , and it was great to see a large crowd of seemingly mostly students take a much different approach here, sans the violence we have heard about in Montreal. I am also thinking that the stores that sell pots and pans will be a little busier over the next few days as person replace the ones they used last night, now all dented, with new ones. See ? Students also help the local economy . :-)

    1. I too was pleasantly surprised. Are the milennials finally waking up? Or was the opportunity to clang together pots too much for them to resist? Let’s hope it was the former more than the latter…

    • xtofury on May 31, 2012 at 19:26
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    That video has the sound of hell on earth in it.

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