CUPE Members! (and others) Write The Union And Ask Them To Stop Supporting Violent Thugs!

This is a video from San Francisco, but notice how the chants being used are the same as here in Toronto? This is the sort of violence that Ashleigh Ingle, teacher to Toronto’s 1% & CUPE leader is encouraging when she marches her gang of rabid animals across the city. And the same violence that Harsha Walia promotes in Vancouver when using sexism & racism to stop people from debating her about it. (CUPE Supports Harsha Too)

We need to just-say-no to these thugs- one has to wonder why the police don’t arrest them every time they are blocking traffic. Haven’t Toronto & Vancouver’s police heard of Broken Windows Theory?

Paul Moist- National President of CUPE

Well, it is time for the public to practice our own Broken Windows program. I suggest that all people who don’t want to see this type of violence on our streets, CUPE members or not, write a quick email to CUPE’s president Paul Moist. Tell him that you want his union to stop supporting people who promote such violence, and to have them ejected from leadership positions within his union.

Here’s his email: [email protected]

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