CUPE Announces Support For Violent Racist Black Bloc Supporter Harsha Walia!

CUPE showing support for violence…

Who’d have guessed! ;-) CUPE has announced support for Harsha Walia & No One Is Illegal’s Ironic march against violence this weekend!

Members of CUPE should be outraged at how their organization appears to be indifferent to their member’s support of violent & racist tactics! Not only do they   appear to support violence of outside groups. But, people like the Crazy CUPE Guy (Rob Chamberland) who are executives within the organization publicly support the breaking of windows!

Rob also promotes his Facebook presence with an uncomfortably violent image!

Considering CUPE has been rumoured to support the Black Bloc (how different is BB to a flying squad?), you’d think their executives would be more careful than this!

CUPE members- time to revolt against your executives! Time to ‘Fire the Liars’!

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