A Letter to Hedy Fry About Harsha Walia’s Ironic March Against Racism

Hedy Fry is a Liberal Party MP from Vancouver- a highly educated and respectable woman who is originally from Trinidad & Tobago. I love her home country, beautiful beaches (especially Blanchisseuse!), and many lovely people. That said, there are some serious social issues there, many are race related.

So, I can understand her reasoning for deciding to attend Harsha Walia’s ironic march against racism. But, I’m also guessing that nobody has pointed out to her that Harsha virulently supports both racism & violence. Because, otherwise, I seriously doubt such a well educated politician (besides David Eby) woud risk their reputation by marching beside such a monster…

I have always had some good feelings about Dr. Fry- or, at least, haven’t found any reason to disrespect her yet. So, I figured I’d give her some advanced warning about the controversy she will be walking into by joining Harsha. We’ve been Facebook friends for a while now…

If you feel the same, can I ask that you contact Dr. Fry’s office before the weekend starts and also warn her of the perils she faces? Her office’s phone number is: (604) 666-0135 or, if you wish to email her, there is a form on this page:


Share this with your friends, family, people in the media- whoever! Together we will show Harsha that her love for violence, cheapening of feminism, and racism towards people not like her will no longer be tolerated!

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