The Most Offensive Thing I’ve Read All Day!

I expected to get quite a few attack dog responses to my launching the ThisWomanIsDangerous blog today. And, yes, I already knew the responses would be predictable. The legions of the Rabid Marxist Left tend to be that way when on a feeding frenzy. They typically have less self-control than a tank of hungry piranhas.

One comment left me most profoundly disturbed. It’s so deeply disgusting my cordless mouse puked-out its battery as I was trying to cut & paste. Have a read and try to guess what my problem is:

So, did you see it?

No, it isn’t being called mean- my name doesn’t include the word ‘harsh’. And, being called a liar by someone who doesn’t provide their identity doesn’t phase me. That they noticed it was altered gave me some hope for their intelligence- of course it is silly! And, they’re right- I need some help. Anybody wants to do some editing work for me?

My problem is how the writer cheapened both feminism and the battle for civil rights in a single sentence:

“Mister ‘big-man’ targeting a woman of colour”

This is not an issue about race & gender, it is about violence- plain & simple. I’d be questioning the philosophy of a transgendered albino llama if it recorded a video like Harsha’s. I’ve challenged Alex Hundert’s philosophy just as seriously- so, you are seriously out-to-lunch here.

And, like Gerry Adams, Harsha knew what she was doing when she went to record that video. Both have made themselves ‘targets’ for people who question violence. And, her video disgusts most people who have seen it. (ourside of the Rabid Marxist Left & Deep Green cult members)

Tammy, you have exercised a tactic that is so sinister it would make Joseph Mengele blush! Each time you cry race/gender ‘wolf’, you desensitize people from recognizing the real thing. People get hurt because of this type of behaviour. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself for being so irresponsible…

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