Vancouver (DTES,Unionist,CoC,Etc) Black Bloc, You are Useful Idiots!

Do you actually believe your pseudo Waffen SS tactics could do anything but hurt a movement that is founded in love and peace? And, do you actually believe you have the foundation to make this a reality?

Perhaps it’s just the reverberations of yesterday’s meditational yoga experience- but, this appears to be a somewhat deluded perception…

Please read through these questions and think deeply. Pay special attention when things start feeling uncomfortable:

Questions on Violence:
1. We owe it to all humanity that we are always moving closer to peace- not further away. To do anything but this is #SelfGenocide.

2. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/farm animal friend who you have been arguing with for the past few weeks- will you win the argument by punching them in the eye, or will things get worse?

3. Is the best way to approach a nervous pit bull with great anger and aggression? How badly will you lose this way?

4. Would your mother/grandmother/girlfriend/whatever feel proud to join an organization that get’s that natural ‘runners high’ from smashing the windows at Lord & Taylor? How about if you went somewhere representing the queen?

Questions for Your Leadership:

1. Is the person who told you to smash the windows at Lord & Taylor so fucking stupid they sent you to attack an American retailer rather than somewhere where it would have made a fucking difference? If you had actually succeed at gaining public sympathy- Fox News would be on this bitch like a Great Dane on a Collie. (sorry watching too much Stimulator, will try and tone-down the pet sexuality references! ROTFL)

Go DTES ninjas!

2. Is the person who told you to cause a ruckus at the Cadilac-Fairview building so fucking stupid they steered you towards having a fight with the police the day before Occupy Vancouver’s Relaunch meeting? Or is this something they planned on WTF?

You'd be cooler had you been this tough at ScienceWorld! (Are these CoC ninjas?)

3. Is your leadership so fucking stupid that they believe a bunch of kids in Balaclavas could last more than 5-10 minutes if the RCMP surrounded you in a “Polish Firing Squad” holding Uzi‘s?

Canada's pride-The RCMP Polish Firing Squad division!

4. When the supposed multiple suicide attempts happened, why did your leaders insist on keeping this information secret? Did they grind them down to the bone, or is the illusion of suicide a tool to discredit those who call bullshit? Or both?

Media & Recruitment:

1. Are you so fucking confused that you think Stimulator’s 20K-30K viewers will recruit enough ninjas to outnumber the government with violence? Because, I’ll make an estimate of 5-1 for ratio of citizens who would have to die for each policeman/soldier that does.

2. How many police (65,000+) and military (110,000+) are there in Canada? How about in the US? (more than you can kill)

3. Will Stimulator have to resort to adding bestiality themes to his videos if he is to get you the numbers you will need? Ultimately, will you be sentenced to years of your videos including Stimulator and Spuds McKenzie?

4. How fucking stupid is Harsha Walia for filming a video that promoted violence while using race and gender to defeat political debate? What sort of humanitarian publicly humiliates people who have good hearts? Would you change your mind if you knew people can get locked-up for that in Canada? (she could have at least worn a mask!)

Bravery & Courage:

1. How much more brave (but, perhaps, misguided) could an individual like Harsha Walia be to put-up her face in defence of people who won’t expose theirs?

2. How fucking cowardly is it of you that you are hiding behind your masks and pseudonyms and let a naked girl stand as your shield?

3. How biased are you if you just disqualified all of the above questions because I EbySlapped you by using a gender-specific pronoun while talking about Harsha nakedly protecting a bunch of girly men?

4. How many of your fellow soldiers are so committed, and/or insane, that they will volunteer to be one of the four ninjas that gets killed for each member of the government security apparatus?

5. Why doesn’t Harsha dress up like a ninja and break windows these days? Because she is more ‘valuable’ than you are? Or, because she looks to scary in black, and we aren’t allowed to scare away the middle classes?

Case Study, Vancouver 2010, Heart Attack:

1. If VANNOC wanted to minimize the impact of the many hundreds of peaceful demonstrators at the Olympics- do you think they could have accomplished this by showing ninjas battling police in front of global TV cameras? Because, they never came back in the same numbers the next day- mission accomplished!

2. If you actually succeeded, and began to gain public support- how many milliseconds from the moment started to grow would the MSM be making fun of you for attacking Lord & Taylor.

3. Did any of your leadership experience lifestyle changes in the weeks after the Olympics? Perhaps a trip to another city to talk about YOUR experience, a few nights at the Four Seasons?  Perhaps they got a cool job, or a grant, or even a new condo and office space? A shiny new HOG?

4. What did you get for all your efforts (and bruises) during Heart Attack? Was it equal to you’re leaders earnings? Perhaps a book deal? A trip to Madagascar or gifts parting the TIDES?

What the fuck? Are you guys really that intensely fucking stupid? Or are your leader’s really that fucking smart, and you are only marginally stupid?

Because, you are the most effective tool our government has to quell the growth of happiness and civil liberties!

So, are they paying you? Because, if not, they are most certainly paying your enemies! How dumb do they make you feel now?

And, if they are the government, wouldn’t you wind up as a giant fucking heros if you helped us identify this fact?

(Please excuse my language here, it was an experiment to try and make a point…)

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    • James on December 17, 2011 at 06:09
    • Reply

    May want to edit out the Polish joke. (Other than that, good read…)

  1. I’m Polish! Which is why I am so damn scared of the YVR RCMP! And, back in the day when we used this note- it was a common name for it… :-)

    • What on December 17, 2011 at 08:59
    • Reply

    Ur an idiot. All I see is a guy bitching because he isn’t a leader and can’t get ov to commit to choreography. In van u will nvr get the public on ur side. Van people don’t care about the poor. So stop talking about getting the average van joe to join. Its not about a leader it’s about having the Sack to say I’ve been up by the po before and I’m not gonna take it anymore. spend time in prison here in bc and you will change ur toon. Police don’t care about you and they would shoot u dead if they had the chance. So stop sucking the cock of ur handler just because he has a gun to you’re head. You’re definition of violence couldn’t be anymore wrong and if you think those little unorganized marches are going to do anything while ur bitchen to break up what’s left. Greg stfu and do something stop bitching about being afraid of masks. It’s good to know that if I was ever in a march with u, u would be the first person to throw others to the wolves to save yourself. I just don’t understand why you don’t become a cop. You all think alike, join the other dam side and make change

    1. Need I say more folks?

    • Mike liano on December 17, 2011 at 10:18
    • Reply

    bravery and courage

    1. so you’re mad when they cover there face, and then they are stupid for showing there’s?

    2. ^^ lol, its hard to say hiding when most are very out spoken, outside of the choreography.

    3. have you also stooped as low to throw insults. you should take this one out. It doesn’t validate anything. quantify

    4. why is it so hard to understand a group’s problem with security, you talk about social contract, what about the one in which police dont beat people who protest, no matter the colour of there skin or the clothes we wear?

    5. I thought you couldn’t tell who those people are with there faces covered

    Heart attack

    1. people didnt show up to protest because everyone in vancouver wanted the dam Olympic games. People in this city are so stuck up that all they could do is make fun of the poor people protesting the games. GET OVER IT. PEOPLE IN VANCOUVER HATE PROTESTERS BB OR NOT, THEY ARE TO DAM RICH AND SNOBBY TO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE FN AND POOR IN VANCOUVER. look at the DTES, Vancouverites will not talk about it. Vancouver doesnt care about its history they want to tare down the old and put in the condos, try doing that in old port MTL and see how far it gets you.

    2. MSM will attack you no matter what, this is what sells especially in BC. ____ people do not care in Vancouver no matter what MSM does, I.E Pickton case. MSM is reporting the VPDs major blunders, and no one in Vancouver cares. They still don’t hold the VPD and RCMP accountable. It had to go to the UN ffs.

    I remember growing up being part of teachers union protests with my parents. They were more then peaceful and had very very strong numbers. But in the end the Government still passed the bill, and the teachers lost. Most people dont even remember why they protested. People will remember heart attack for good or bad. But the bottom line is that compared to the teachers union, a smaller group of well organized individuals was able to raise more discussion then the much larger teachers union protest ever could.

    1. Mike,

      First, it appears you are using your own name to respond- I totally respect this, so will put some effort into my response…


      1. Harsha was a bloody fool to make herself the public face of a movement where the vast majority cover their faces. Had she read history, she’d know she would always be in the limelight for this until she renounced the movement.  But, considering she made this choice, she is the most brave among you..

      2. Can you please share the names of those who smashed things during the Heart Attack incident? Lol

      3.  This wasn’t an insult, it was a #sacredprovocation.

      4. Protesting doesn’t equate taunting and/or physically engaging with the police. Abbie Hoffman said “The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it.” Each person arrested at OV had that opportunity, but made the decision to go all “Alex Hundert” on us and make themselves an example. Finally, can you name one case of police violence related to our movement? Didn’t think so…
      5. Through the help of others, I have documented our city’s various ninja brigades. In the case of the DTES/APC brigade, they published theirs on Facebook- that said, they weren’t carrying a banner when they held their surprise attack that tacoed our relationships with the unions on Monday morning at the port.?

      Heart Attack:

      1. Perhaps the middle classes didn’t show up because others were poor and shabby? I
      Hopefully you can see my point-your words are prejudicial.

      I was at Harsha’s #OccupyCondos and wrote about how people in the DTES chanted against the middle class. Pardon if I missed it, but in Kitsilano, I don’t see such behaviour- but I do see plenty of food drives and other efforts to help the less fortunate…

      If you want to know who to blame for the deeply ingrained poverty of the DTES, you only need to look at the unions and poverty pimps who are keeping them there (yes, Harsha, you are part of this.) Ask them who gets $2,800 per month for each floor mat in a HEAT shelter. This is only one example of many…

      2. Ahh, the old ‘MSM is dishonest’ deflection! #OccupyHarper disproved this- we got some great press!

      And as for police accountability, I partially agree with you here. As I’ve previously written, police violence only happens where the people allow it. But, also, the perception of police violence is often skewed by people with political aspirations. And, it doesn’t help how our primary watchdog is a notorious anti-police hack. For an example, please read about the Adam Smolcic case…

      Luckily, our province will soon have a new structure for evaluating police violence. It was disheartening to hear we had to travel to another country to find him. Let’s hope this improves things…


      The most magical part of Occupy Vancouver was its ability to bring important issues back into public debate. Perhaps if we had OV in the 80’s, today’s world would be a better place. If it wasn’t for BlackBloc idiots our movement would probably have more steam behind us today. Thanks ninjas!

      I’m looking forward to the day when some of you finally drop your masks and start working for the rest of us…

    • onlytogetherwewin on December 17, 2011 at 18:58
    • Reply

    “Police don’t care about you and they would shoot u dead if they had the chance.”
    What, my honest perspective on this? Perhaps the ‘anarchists’ who support Harsha have become the very monsters they intended to fight. I hardly believe that those ‘anarchists’ care any more about people that disagree with them than the Vancouver PD. Get real, you need to realize that they are just as bad and oppressive as the system we are fighting.

    1. Indeed. I seriously doubt Kropotkin, or any of the people who structured anarchism would be proud of these street thugs. I’ll be posting a video later that gives a good picture of these people’s current philosophy. It seems their philosophic depth is limited to the teachings of the Sex Pistols. Great band, but too corrupted by all the smack…

      For people unfamiliar with the concept of a “useful idiot”, it was a Soviet phrase used to explain westerners who pushed Soviet ideology against their own governments. They had little respect for these people, but were happy to profit from their misguided emotions.

      The Vancouver ‘anarchist’ community needs to think hard now- figure out who is messing with their heads, and how these people profit from it. The longer this takes, the more likely they will be performing a tragic reenactment of Jonestown…

    • James on December 17, 2011 at 20:18
    • Reply

    Useful idiot eh? Interesting definition. OV may want to make sure it doesn’t become one of those for the unions or other groups. Not trying to be an asshole, just suggesting vigilance and prudence.

    1. I agree with you about the unions. That said, I don’t believe Monday’s incident was a proper solution to taking care of the problem. Because, while it was successful scaring away the unions, it also demolished the support of the people…

      • James on December 18, 2011 at 05:50
      • Reply

      If you think that being arrested for breaking the law is an act of violence, buddy, you are going to have one hell of a rough ride in life.

      1. Indeed! This is an example of the brainwashing propaganda in the video I posted in my blog entry “The Black Bloc are lying… ” In the video they explain how pacifism needs to be stopped, because otherwise people may reject violence!

        Whoever their leaders are, they must be angry people who were deeply hurt at one point in their lives. The leader I met yesterday appeared to be potentially psychotic- and/or institutionalised in a deep way.

        Anyone who claims violence is acceptable in a movement based on peaceful change is either ignoring our ethos, or deluded….

    • Mike liano on December 17, 2011 at 23:24
    • Reply

    The support of the people was gone after day 3, when people started to realize this could take forever. Just like every other protest the public only wants a one day event so we don’t cause a scene and take up people’s time.

    I can see youre point, how smashing windows can be taken as an equally oppressive action to being handcuffed and detained (kidnapped). It seems this is GENERAL way to think.

    Greg, what about when the VPD came in and pushed and shoved people onto the fire, after allowing the fire in the first place. At the port shutdown, which you say isnt OV, the live streamer who was unlawfully detained (kidnapped and physically forced under protest and duress into compliance) the hockey riot hero who was kidnapped for taking pictures of the vpd. to me arrest is an act of violence by the vpd. Being media taking pictures/live streaming isnt violent?

    • James on December 18, 2011 at 09:07
    • Reply

    Sorry, my reply was actually to the last comment, not the one it shows up in…

    • mike liano on December 19, 2011 at 05:23
    • Reply

    so protesting in the street is breaking the law and is arrest-able with physical violence and force? So one side I.E the police is allowed physical violence to oppress the protest? you support this?

    • mike liano on December 19, 2011 at 05:25
    • Reply

    tell that to the OVAN people who were arrested at the ports? its obvious though, that untill you are beaten by the police you cant understand the other side, and vice versa, double edge sword.

    • mike liano on December 19, 2011 at 05:26
    • Reply

    and james you fucking police troll, eat a dick and suck off youre other cop buddies. Donuts anyone?

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