Harsha Walia, Vancouver’s Most Prominent Racist, Plans March Against Racism!

Say Whay Harsha?

Sometimes the most bizarre things happen. In this case, Harsha Walia, one of Vancouver’s most prominent racists, is promoting an anti-racism march! Say what?

Have a look at Harsha’s video where she uses a man’s race and gender to crush his position against using violence at activist movements! Tell us what you think!

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  1. Your “This Woman is Dangerous” blog just reveals further what kind of an insidious malicious and unwell person you really are. Your allies are jumping off your sinking ship so much faster than you even know. Being the biggest and most obvious liar in the in movement isnt helping you either. Simply deleting your name from a statement that was signed by more than 100 ppl (who knew exactly why they dont want ppl like you around community and social justice organising spaces), and then adding her name, as if anybody is gonna take that shit seriously, you delusional socio path. i hope you really are talking to the cops (though i kinda think you’re bluffing, otherwise you’d provide “evidence”, right?), because the safest place for you is probably behind bars in protective custody. im sure you’ll be there years end. you’re done here buddy.

    1. Words from everyone’s favourite felon, Alex Hundert. A man who knew my words have enough credibility that he should risk prison time to stop me from expressing them…

    2. If you have no room for a conscientious individual like GenuineWitty, I know a place where we’ll happily take him on… even though he’d likely disagree with some of us — including myself — on many things.

      The world needs another honest man. Could stand a few less domestic terrorists, though, ALEX.

  2. Good work GW

  1. […] I can understand her reasoning for deciding to attend Harsha Walia’s ironic march against racism. But, I’m also guessing that nobody has pointed out to her that Harsha virulently supports […]

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