(Updated!) The Story Of My Stalker, Alex Hundert (featuring Judy Rebick & Krystalline Kraus)

My stalker, Alex Hundert


Krystalline Kraus, of Rabble.ca decided to make my case a bit stronger today- in retaliation for this article, she decided to tweet out Alex Hundert’s website and get it more publicity. Thank you Krystalline, this shows us the quality of journalism at Rabble.ca (meaning, it’s non-existent).


November 12th, 2011 was the first day I met my stalker, Alex Hundert. I had no idea who he was at the time, I had to Google him to find out. And, I must say, I knew I was onto something important when read about his history. Obviously, I had hit a nerve at the highest levels of Canada’s violent Black Bloc community…

Hundert responded to the first story in this blog where I mentioned Harsha Walia. I didn’t say much, only posted a video someone shared on Occupy Vancouver’s Facebook page where Harsha promoted the use of Black Bloc tactics while viciously attacking a good man who had a different point of view. This video had upset a lot of people in the days before we setup camp, and I felt it was an important thing that needed to be discussed.

Had I only known what the Black Bloc would do to me because of this…

Hundert responded to my article with a long diatribe, labelling me as an agitator and a racist (without adequate explanation why), and explaining about how it was unacceptable to question Harsha’s promotion of violence because she is a long-time activist. He wrote a lot of text in his response, but it was tragically void of logic. This is a pattern I would see for many months to come.

I first met Hundert in-person on March 8th, 2012 at an Occupy Toronto General Assembly. He came especially to see me, and to physically block me from entering the meeting. It was this day that he escalated his cyber-stalking to stalking me in real life. It was strange, Hundert wasn’t part of Occupy Toronto, nor was he allowed by the terms of his bail to even be there.

Alex Hundert, blocking me from entering the Occupy Toronto GA

When I tried to walk inside the building, Hundert bumped himself against me and stopped me from going inside. Some of the Occupy marshals offered to move him out of my way that night, but I refused- it would have been hypocritical of me to support someone using violence in this situation- after all, Hundert began stalking me because I was standing-up for Occupy’s principles of non-violence.

Later that evening, while I was waiting outside, one of the two thugs who accompanied Hundert physically assaulted me. He kicked my phone out of my hand, causing a minor scratch. Many of the Occupiers who were there that night were thoroughly disgusted by what happened.

Hundert showed-up at another Occupy Toronto GA on March 26th, this time accompanied with a different group of thugs. Again, he blocked me from entering the building, and he yelled out his usual (unfounded) accusations of racism, sexism, and whatever else he could think of. As I’ve learned, this is a common tactic the Black Bloc and other anarchists have used to attack people. I know several other people who have received similar attacks.

Here’s a video from that night:

The problem is, that my calling-out Harsha Walia on her support of violence had nothing to do with her race or gender. I’d have done the same if she was a transgendered albino llama, as I’ve said in the past. Violence of all kinds is not acceptable in any circumstances. Any incident of violence reverberates through long past the original incident- to be the initiator is a disservice to all.

Those weren’t the only attacks Hundert took on me in March. He also setup a website especially made to try and damage my reputation. It was craftily made, with very ambiguous wording like this gem:

“We are not going to track down “evidence” of Renouf’s anti-native comments that he made repeatedly in Vancouver. and we’re not going to give you screenshots that are evidence of his white supremacist arguments about reverse racism, which are at the core of much of his targeting”

I wasn’t certain who made the website at first- but, being more angry than he is intelligent, Hundert made mistakes that exposed himself. He posted here on my blog using the same computer and IP address for personal comments as he did for comments from that blog:

I was discussing this blog with some friends last week when one of them made a rather interesting discovery. Alex has a common graphic he uses for a lot of his self-promotion, flying crows. They are the same crows as on the header of this website.

Here’s an example where he used the crows for promoting the actions he was arrested for During the G20:


And, after the G20, the same crows were used on t-shirts that were used to protest the arrests. Here’s a picture of Judy Rebick wearing one:

Judy Rebick, One of Alex Hundert’s long-standing supporters…

This website has been used by all kinds of people to attack and try to discredit my work. This was especially true of when I exposed Kevin Annett for his fraud and abuse of indigenous communities. The irony of this is too much really- Hundert is a man who purports to be a saviour to indigenous communities, and this website he made was used as a weapon by people defrauding them. What a long, strange, trip its been.

I thought that, once he was imprisoned, I wouldn’t have to worry about Hundert’s stalking any longer- at least, not for the next fourteen months. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Hundert made an assumption that I was the person who created a satirical website titled “Alex Hundert’s Prison Blog”- and, he had someone on the outside relay a rather gruesome threat to me on his Twitter account:

So, even from inside prison, Hundert continues to stalk me- who would have thought…

The whole situation is rather bizarre. I was on the other side of the country when Hundert started stalking me, I’d never communicated with him, and had never heard of the guy until he began writing ugly messages and accusations. But, somehow, he took an unhealthy interest in my work- almost to the point of being obsessed.

I will be heading off to the courthouse this week to file a civil suit against Hundert because of the website he setup. The site has caused me a lot of headaches, and has helped bad people like Kevin Annett & Alfred Webre to continue their deceptions against innocent people. It is time for this chapter to end…

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    • Denyse on August 6, 2012 at 05:31
    • Reply

    You have a unique style of writing that I most enjoy.
    Keep it coming.. Thanks.

    • The Hammer on August 6, 2012 at 09:02
    • Reply

    The last line in Judey Rebick’s bio is a quote she made speaking out against the black bloc: “What they could have done is arrest the Black Bloc at the beginning before they had a chance to be part of the bigger crowd, and that’s what they didn’t do.”

    Funny if she has an actual connection to convicted black bloc leaders like Hundert and Amanda Hiscocks. Also funny that she advocated arresting black bloc leaders as a preventative measure before the G20. Which is exactly what happened with Julian Ichim. You should ask Judy if, given her statement above, she will be protesting Ichim’s lawsuit against the police.

  1. That’s quite a funny quote considering, in the above picture, she was protesting Hundert’s being arrested prior to the G20. What a twisted person Rebick seems to be…

    • The Hammer on August 6, 2012 at 11:58
    • Reply

    Hmmmmm, maybe there needs to be an addition to her Wikipedia bio. . . . . .

    1. Good idea- let’s hope that someone will do that for us…

  2. LOL! this is hilarious greg, if I were you file a report with the cops that thing he had someone send through his account should be looked at — it isn’t carefully worded enough I would think any sane person would interpret that as a threat.

    Since when do murderers go to anything other than a federal (2 year sentence plus) facility? That guy is a dumbass. He got 14 months, there are no killers in there, only petty criminals, crooks, frauds, meat heads that assault people, wife beaters, etc.

  3. I’m planning to bring this to the attention of the authorities- at the minimum, this needs to be registered in case there is an incident in the future. Good point about the people he’s bunking with- it sounds like Hundert’s in with his kind of crowd…

    • The Hammer on August 6, 2012 at 14:36
    • Reply

    Alex is housed at the Central North Correctional Centre. Maybe someone there should take a look at the blog post since it seems there are, according to Alex, several inmates there planning violence against you. And, I am sure the “Killers” on Alex’s range will love to know about Alex’s public boasts.

    1. I will be contacting them tomorrow to register a complaint for this threat. Will update you all if I hear anything comes of it…

    • sheray on August 6, 2012 at 16:47
    • Reply

    gheesh… Sounds right that you are documenting and calling upon protection Greg. These kinds of people merely join organizations which offers them any kind of excuse for getting off harming/bullying/threatening/intimidating others. They throw tantrums and blame others instead of looking at their own self honestly. Social Deviant Peter pan syndrome or something like that I am sure…

    1. Indeed, all of the Black Bloc’s claims that they don’t harm individuals are obviously lies. This should end the ‘diversity of tactics’ debate for once and for all…

      • GPM on August 7, 2012 at 12:03
      • Reply

      groups that intimidate others… a lot of them including the police… everyone says don’t label one based on the actions of others… this includes the police…. I support S.S Lazio, this doesnt make me a neo nazi, my parents were Jewish ffs.

    • brotherwolf1 on August 6, 2012 at 19:49
    • Reply

    Greg, people like Hundert and his band of merry morons, do what they do now because they are ambitionless idiots who would rather blame everyone else for their own misdeeds than take responsibility for they actions they have done . These people have no prospect of ever getting a job because they have criminal records so long it boggles the mind as to why they are not in jail for life now. . They blame everyone else for their actions, yet, THEY are the cause of the very actions they claim to protest against. People like Hiscocks, Hundert, Ichim, Pflug -Back , Doug , flagpole Alex and others are really nothing more than school yard bullies that never grew up.However, we can take comfort in knowing that when school yard bullies do get to a certain age, they get real detentions in real jails, as opposed to one hour in the principles office.

    1. I agree with you entirely- as does the indentation in my head. These people only bring shame to the real activists our there…

  4. Another fine representation of We Are Change Victoria. I hope WAC does the right thing and removes you as a chapter.

    1. Coming from an anarcho-communist, I’m sure they will take your advice seriously. lol

      BTW, what makes you think I’m a member of that organization?

    • TD on August 7, 2012 at 02:50
    • Reply

    But weren’t they trying to shut down your blog too, Greg? Not sure shutting down their site would be quite fair…. you have been posting evidence against them, if they cannot provide credible evidence on their end then they will fail.As for Alex’s jail allies, they’ve probably only heard his side of the story and he believes you are bad so his “allies” are only going by what he said. Not sure how to reach them with other parts of the story? And they should work on their crow pictures, they look a little like hummingbirds, some of them. I wonder if Alex really does believe the things he says or is blatantly lying about some things? If he truly believes what he says that makes things far more complicated. If they are lying than there should be some consequences, legally and community-wise for that. We already get enough falsities from TPTB, we don’t need them amongst each other too.

    I think the fact they say they’re not going to look into the information they are posting regarding claims of you being racist or sexist or a liar SHOULD be a red flag to anyone concerned with what is true and what is false… anyone concerned with what is happening in their community should WANT to know whether an accusation against a fellow community member is true or not… Why wouldn’t they look it up if they are so concerned with safety or having a strong community? It is very important to know these things… they could have looked into it but they have instead chosen pure ignorance and assumption… and that will be their downfall because any agent provocateur, any infiltrator can give them false information about another member, or about anything else, and lead them blindly into downfall… if they haven’t already (My guess is they have). Also how can I trust in a community where no one is willing to investigate accusations against it’s members? They may claim Greg was not a member of Occupy Toronto, but Toronto is not the whole Occupy movement… since we claim to stand in solidarity against others in the Occupy movement, we should be treating all members as a kind of extended “family”. I will not be part of a community that shows favoritism and will not even TRY to find out truth or fact about what is going on around them… especially in these “times of troubles”. We will all need each other as things get tougher and their community seems to favor witch-hunts over true justice… True justice involves gathering all the FACTS of a situation before making a determination. How can there be any justice if you don’t know the facts of a case? You can’t!

    1. There’s a difference between my blog and this website. My blog tells the truth, that website is full of lies and deceptions, and it is only there to attack me. There is no content of any substance…

    • The Hammer on August 7, 2012 at 10:04
    • Reply

    Came accross a post on some blog called Conspire to Resist. Maybe you should send Alex a postcard. Remind him that out of the two of you, only one of you is a convicted criminal:

    July 10th 2012,

    Yesterday Alex was moved from Metro West Detention Centre to the Central North Correctional Centre in Penetanguishene. Please continue to send him letters, postcards, articles, etc. He sends his love and solidarity.

    The address is:

    Alex Hundert
    Central North Correctional Centre
    1501 Fuller Ave.
    Penetanguishene, ON
    L9M 2H4

      • GPM on August 7, 2012 at 12:30
      • Reply

      I doubt that would help anything… Its disgusting that people throw threats around, of taking someones life like candy now a days. From this garbage in the U.S to our own gun problems in Canada, life seems to have taken a back seat to ideologies, creed, and paranoia. Its to easy for people to use weapons to take lives, its fucking disgusting, and anyone who resorts to that level of violence is trash that includes police, bb, gangs, countries or any group. who the fuck says “killers on my range” on twitter, what garbage.

      1. Indeed- you are so right…

    1. Excellent, I needed to write Hundert a letter as part of putting my case together- you saved me the work of finding his address, thank you!

    • Stark on August 7, 2012 at 17:34
    • Reply

    If you’re serious about suing you might want to check this blog out, it’s by someone who sucessfully sued in Canada for online defamation: http://canadiancynic.blogspot.ca/2012/08/this-is-way-lawsuit-ends-not-with-bang.html?m=1

    1. I’ve read that already- but, thanks for sharing! I’m preparing the paperwork as we speak!

    • Stark on August 8, 2012 at 01:07
    • Reply

    If I can give you some free advice, given that Patrick Ross has been legally found to be a defamer it’s probably not a good idea to let him be involved in promoting your blog or your issues since your credibilty may be hurt by association. Working with Ross is a bit like working with Annett in that respect.

  1. […] Obviously, if the charge was based on what she was carrying on her person, she wasn’t carrying any explosives. We don’t know what information the police had, so we can’t judge whether she was part of a conspiracy. She has, however, commented on this site before defending Alex Hundert- a convicted G20 ringleader who is currently in prison for teaching Ontario’s youth how to ‘de-arrest’ people from the police. On a side-note, Hundert has been steadfastly supported by well known feminist Judy Rebick. […]

  2. […] Obviously, if the charge was based on what she was carrying on her person, she wasn’t carrying any explosives. We don’t know what information the police had, so we can’t judge whether she was part of a conspiracy. She has, however, commented on this site before defending Alex Hundert- a convicted G20 ringleader who is currently in prison for teaching Ontario’s youth how to ‘de-arrest’ people from the police. On a side-note, Hundert has been steadfastly supported by well known feminist Judy Rebick. […]

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