Updated: G20 Anarchist Kelly Pflug-Back Compares Herself To Jesus!

Does this mean that Julian Ichim is God?

UPDATE: The Case of The Hairy Legs!

A story just came out a short while ago about some women who are initiating a G20 lawsuit because they were profiled by the police because they had ‘hairy legs’. There was a quote in the article that immediately caught my attention:

According to the lawyer, the provincial police watchdog — the Ontario Independent Police Review Director — found an officer wrote in his arrest notes that “all parties appear to be protesters; back packs; clothing and females all have hairy legs.” 

The wording seems very similar to a line from Pflug-Back’s article:

“He leered at my bare legs and told me I needed a razor. Another tied my wrists with zip ties and proceeded to rifle (sic) through my purse.”

Perhaps this is only a coincidence- but, it is most interesting timing, isn’t it? Back to the original story:


Studying Black Bloc anarchists can sometimes be a rather entertaining pursuit- and, other times, quite painful. Today’s story is more on the entertaining side, though reading their words can often hurt one’s brain. Kelly Pflug-Back, who has been incarcerated for the next eleven months for her violence during the G20, has written her memoirs form her previous stay in prison.

She shared this with us on Julian Ichim’s blog. Ichim is Pflug-Back’s ex-boyfriend- he’s also a violence promoting Black Bloc anarchist who has recently filed a lawsuit against the city of Toronto for his arrest during the G20. If you have read my previous articles on Ichim, you will probably remember the video I posted of Ichim where he leads a chant singing “Off the pigs, Time to pick up a gun”:

Pflug-Back writes about how the day she was arrested during the G20. In the preamble, she refers to Alex Hundert’s arrest as a “preemptive kidnapping”- this helps set the stage for the twisted views of the rest of her article. She then talks about the arrest, how the police came out from an unmarked van, pushed her down to the ground, and detained her. She then complains how the police ‘rifled’ (sic) through her purse during the arrest.

If one reads enough anarchist/radical discussions about being imprisoned they may be led to think that Canadian prison guards and police are sexist, racist, homophobic rapists- there’s not one I’ve read that didn’t paint this picture. Pflug-Back’s story is no exception:

“A number of the guards passed the time by spewing racist, homophobic, classist, and sexist harassment at prisoners, or threatening them with further brutalization. A number of women were threatened with rape.”

The problem is that more often than not this is an exaggeration. Incidents like when Lauren Gill lied on Vancouver’s CKNW radio confirm this. The other clue this isn’t so common is that one hardly hears of lawsuits being made for such action- it it were as ubiquitous as the anarchists would make you think, wouldn’t we see regular legal actions about it?

Here comes the best part where Pflug-Back meets with a prison chaplain and compares herself to Jesus:

“So I went to the prison Chaplain, for the sheer novelty. He was a square-jawed man in a gray suit, with the bearing of a Televangelist. He told me I was in prison because I had sinned, and that I had to repent for these sins. I was in my current situation because the Devil had led me astray.

“But Jesus was a political prisoner!” I said. “The Devil didn’t tell me to do anything; I’m a political prisoner like Jesus!” He thought I was crazy.”

Is she kidding- or, perhaps she is delusional? A political prisoner is someone who is put in prison because of their political beliefs. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is a good example- he was put in prison for writing derogatory comments about the Soviet Union. What he did not do was smash windows, or terrorize innocent people. For Pflug-Back to call herself a political prisoner is an insult to all those people who suffered for their freedom of speech.

I have friends in the former Eastern Bloc who have suffered through great pains as political prisoners. Each time I hear or read an anarchist claim the same martyrdom it makes my stomach churn. This sort of talk desensitises people to the concept of political prisoners- when/if the real thing ever happens in our country, people like Pflug-Back will be partially responsible for letting it get that far.

Embellished claims of rape, political imprisonment, and police brutalization are damaging to the real incidents. This sort of behaviour must stop, or a lot of people will get hurt for real in the future.


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    • brotherwolf1 on July 31, 2012 at 18:02
    • Reply

    ” He thought I was crazy.” ……….. i think he was being polite .

    1. ROTFL

    • The Hammer on August 1, 2012 at 09:54
    • Reply

    Maybe she will arrange for Jason Bowman to file that lawsuit for her.

    1. Maybe, but nobody knows where Bowman has been the past three weeks- it seems he has gone ‘ex-parte’ on us! lol

    • Lizard King on August 1, 2012 at 11:20
    • Reply

    I am the lizard king, i can do anything

    • The Hammer on August 1, 2012 at 12:13
    • Reply

    Ah, just read the gazette article. Looks like they are going with Davin Charney, who is also Julian Ichim’s lawyer. This lawsuit will be well thought out. Charney has made quite the career for himself by suing the police on behalf of activists.

    1. Wow, that’s very interesting- it seems that there is a connection then! Curiouser & curiouser…

    • The Hammer on August 1, 2012 at 15:18
    • Reply

    Charney is interesting. Much of the work he does is quite good. Helping people on the lower rungs of society understand their rights under the law and helping them when those rights have been violated. At the same time though, he also represents some activistocrats like Ichim.


    • Tamara D. on August 1, 2012 at 17:13
    • Reply

    I see what she means… I thought of what Jesus went through too when we were afraid of getting arrested in the park… And I’m not a Christian but was raised as one. Jesus is one of many inspirations to those who believe they are going against evil… Not a surprise. He was trying to help people and got thrown in jail by corrupt people to shut him up. I’m sure there are other protesters you guys have more respect for that see would Jesus as an inspiration. As for her credibility in general, well if she has no credibility that’s her loss… but she’s not the only one who thinks of people in history who stood up against bad things as inspirations, misplaced or not.. It’s just too bad you have to point this out in this light… cause others may now be looked down upon for making the same Jesus reference even if they are legitimate credible people.

    Jesus was, in a sense, a political prisoner… one of the reasons they jailed him was they were afraid his followers would revolt because he was called the King of the Jews. And what he went through is very relevant because he was healing people, helping people and the threw him in jail cause they felt their power and status were threatened… people were listening to him and not them. Oh and he trashed a temple that had been set up as a marketplace inside too… why? Because they cheapened the temple by selling religious stuff for profit. He was pointing out the corruption in the world around him, speaking ill of those who were corrupt. That is all very relevant what makes it troublesome is that it is much harder for a person in general who may think they’re doing right to really know whether they are doing right or not and some people can lie, claim they are doing right but actually be manipulating things. So the reference to Jesus, from a personal standpoint as an activist trying to do good is relevant. The question becomes whether the person making that reference is really credible to make it… the reference itself isn’t the issue, her credibility is. Is she really trying to do good? Or is she being manipulative?

    I’ve got to figure out how to explain my thoughts in much shorter posts. Sorry about his… my posts tend to be long.

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