Black Bloc Domestic Terrorist Kelly Pflug-Back Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison!

Kelly Pflug-Back Smashing A Police Car during the G20 riots…

Another G20 domestic terrorist has been sentenced to jail. Kelly Pflug-Back was sentenced to 15 months, with 4 months credit for pretrial custody and restrictive bail conditions. Consequently she will have 11 months to serve in the stripy hole.

During her sentencing, Justice John McMahon stated “Society’s abhorrence for those employing the Black Bloc tactic is clear… The message of this court must be clear”. Society should be thankful to this judge for having the sensibility to send this message.

The court was told that Pflug-Back acted as a leader during the G20, guiding other miscreants as they smashed windows and instilled terror in people who were inside the stores. She was convicted of seven counts of mischief and one of wearing a disguise while committing a crime.

As Chris Hedges said, every revolution ends at the moment when the police and the military lay down their arms. These violent criminals need to learn to understand that. Not only will it keep them out of jail- but, then they will learn to stop taking their cause backwards…


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