Vancouver DTES Street Nurse Bonnie Fournier Shares Her Inside Knowledge Of Organized Crime!


Bonnie Fournier

Bonnie Fournier, a retired Vancouver Coastal Health street nurse, a supposed (but rejected) witness to the crimes of Robert Pickton, and online bully expressed her in-depth knowledge of organized crime on Vancouver Cop Watch’s Facebook page yesterday!

This time, rather than exposing Pickton, Fournier made public accusations against the Hells Angels! Bonnie appears to be a very brave woman! Either that, or very stupid…


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    • mollymcevil on July 19, 2012 at 18:20
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    it doesn’t matter how much drugs the police seize, more will come in. they need to de-criminalize it and regulate it… all of it.. if people can use it safely.. all crimes associated with drug use drop drastically and so does addiction. look at Portugal.
    Oh wait.. if crime drops, then they won’t need as many prisons.. and then what will Harper do??

    1. You got it Nailed. follow the money.there is big biz and a big bank just got nailed for it.(HSBC_GOOGOOLE IT ..if you already haven’t heard)…….a scapegoat while they continue on with their mafia like style crimes. The HSBC has been convicted by the US Senate of Laundering Drug Money for the Mexican Drug Cartels. They might go Under.

  1. nothing considering the left will inherit these prisons, and I am certain they will put them to good use, perhaps turn them into communist re-education facilities instead?

    • GPM on July 19, 2012 at 22:41
    • Reply meh… who the hell even knows anymore, its bigger then a couple bux and a few weasels. Remember Op Phoenix gained alot publicity, but the stuff that doesn’t is always the worst.

    • Standing Water on July 20, 2012 at 10:08
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    I am shocked at the ignorance re: drug policy displayed in that little snippet.

    1. If you ever get to know Bonnie Fournier, I’m sure her ignorance would amaze you in many ways…

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