The Kevin Annett Titanic Continues To Sink…


Kevin Annett recorded a video last night where he was interviewed by his co-conspirator Alfred Webre. As with most Annett/Webre videos it was long and arduous- so, I decided to save you all some time and condense it with some explanations of where Kevin went wrong. And wrong he went, this video was so bad it was embarrassing….

Basically, Annett shoved Jason Bowman under a bus (as expected in my article about weasel wars). Then he went on to saying he would take his lawsuits to other countries (how does that work, aren’t they out of Canadian jurisdiction?). He also explained his plans to setup a number of Kangaroo courts and, once more, claimed that he had the elder’s permission to setup a court at the Six Nations! This is strange when one considers the elder council recorded a video condemning him a month ago!

Annett is getting desperate and is beginning to spiral out of control. It is a shame for Webre that he’s going to take him down with him. And, Bowman must be really pissed at being thrown to the sharks like he has. If either Bowman or Webre have any sense, they will come to the public and tell the truth about Annett. The first one of them to do so will win, the other will spend the rest of their life as a nobody just as Annett is doomed to do.

Stay-tuned, in the next couple of days I will have something to share with you that will totally blow Annett out of the water. Kevin, your days remaining are few…

Here’s the video!


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