Action Plan: Help Us Take Kevin Annett’s Book Off Of!

Time for justice for Kevin Annett…

Now that it has been concluded that Kevin Annett has been less than honourable, it is time for us to all take action to stop him. I’ve already mentioned a solution for people who have given him money. Now, I have a new request for help- this time, anyone with an account can help!

Annett is selling his books on and using them to build a sense of ‘credibility’ with others. The interesting thing about his most well-known book is that one of the people who was quoted in the book, Lydia White Calf, says that most of the words attributed to her were not what she said! Basically, the book is as much of a fraud as the ITCCS’s fake lawsuit. Here’s a statement she made on Alfred Webre’s Facebook page yesterday.

I’ve just finished making a report to Amazon that Annett is using them as a tool to build greater credibility for his ‘work’. I’d like to ask all people who have Amazon accounts to do the same- it will be a good start to shutting him down. To do that, click this link. Once you get there, you will see this box on the screen:


When the page comes-up, press “click here” beside the text that says “Would you like to report this content as inappropriate”. You will then be asked to give a reason why Kevin’s book is inappropriate. Write what you think is appropriate here- I’m sure you can figure something out.

Annett recently had his Wikipedia page taken down– so, considering this, it is entirely possible we can get him de-listed from Amazon. Please help- we can do this as a team!


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