Trey Winney Assaults Camera At Pflug-Back’s Sentencing, Makes Occupy Toronto Proud!

Trey ‘Whiney’ Winney (on the left) Photo from Tyler Anderson / National Post

Occupy Toronto was made proud today when Trey “Whiney” Winney bravely licked his hand and wiped spit on his hand and assaulted a reporter’s camera. What an Occu-Hero! Trey was joined by a number of other anarcho-primitivists who spat and coughed on members of the media in a¬†cacophony of douchebaggery at the end of Kelly Pflug-Back’s sentencing for crimes during the G20.

Winney is an Occupy Toronto marshall who has been deeply involved with a number of Marxist and anarchist led protests including the Casseroles, and No One Is Illegal’s May Day parade. Trey has also been involved in a number of anti-police marches, including the event in the picture below where he gets physical with the Toronto Police.

Trey Winney in a fight with the Toronto Police

If one ever wondered what went wrong with Occupy Toronto, Winney is a poster child for what happened to it- bowler cap and all! The organization regressed from being a celebration of love and positivity to what it is today. It’s such a shame, but it is what it is…

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    • media shutter on July 20, 2012 at 09:27
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    Greg, do you have a link to the place where this image came from? i am sure they media who was assaulted will really want to know who is who there .

    • GPM on July 20, 2012 at 13:55
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    such a shitty way to use the media :(

    • TD on July 21, 2012 at 04:45
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    wow…. just wow…

    • brotherwolf1 on July 21, 2012 at 20:40
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    When occuo0y was first starting out and we went to the park for the very first time, I was on eof the original marshals of occupy. Trey was one of the other original marshals and honestly, we got along very well. he was very well manered, easy to get along with, cool and level headed, had a natural ability to make a bad situation god again. trey was , as was I, so utterly disgusted with the rampant drug use, alcohol abuse, crime and violence at the park that he actually started his own hunger strike, until something was done about it. I was only too happy to fully support him . I considered him a freind and someone I would have really liked to get to know.

    I am not quite what happened , but there came a point where he clearly changed from the person i described above to a person i cannot recognize as being the same person any more. i have seen Trey use violence, when he once abhoared it, I have seem with drugs when he clearly abbhorad it, i have seen him be highly aggressive when he clearly was a non-aggressive person at the start. .

    Trey, if you are reading this, dude, personally i miss the Trey i first met and knew. i don’t know what happened , not sure i should know, but Trey, your heading down a path that will end very badly if you continue on this route . You are ten times smarter that all of those occupiers combined, so show it. I understand that people want and even need a purpose but Trey, the path you are on will only lead to jail , or worse. Walk away from this Trey.

    1. I agree with you. I had a very sensible conversation with Trey back in April. He told me he hated the ‘politics’ and BS happening at Occupy. It almost seemed we could be allies- then, something happened that I just don’t understand. They must put some pretty good stuff in the OccuKoolAid these days- Trey seemed too good of a mind to fall for what they have been up to…

        • Fritz on May 3, 2014 at 04:17
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        Perhaps there is more to these Christian Peacemaker Teams then you figured in terms of cultist behavior. The Church Of Scientology and every other conventional cult resorts to brainwashing techniques that would make a North Korean POW camp interrogator blush. Combining drugs, social conditioning, (as in cutting off contact with former friends, acquaintances, family), sleep deprivation, can cause mental instability. Such groups also target individuals that they figure would be weak, lonely, or vulnerable, I don’t know what the background is of Mr Winney but it may help explain what happened.

        1. Last fall someone told me that Winney suffers from a mental illness, and that he had a breakdown after Occupy. I’m inclined to attribute that in part to the cult-like conditions at Occupy- all those symptoms you are mentioning were present at the camp. Trey still comes to events from time-to-time, but he keeps a lower profile now.

            • Fritz Becker on May 21, 2014 at 04:22
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            From what I know of the subject such conditions can definitely trigger psychosis, which would result in such strange behavior. Drug use was apparently very rampant and very available in the T.O and Vancouver camps. Even relatively mild hallucinogenic drugs like marijuana can trigger a psychotic episode in someone with a propensity towards mental illness, which these creeps would then exploit.

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