Open Letter To Attorney General Robert Nicholson About Kevin Annett

Dear Mr Nicholson,

I’m writing to you to request that the Attorney General’s office start an investigation into a man who has been inciting violence and hate against Canadian churches and government organizations. Kevin Annett has, for many years, been promoting hate crimes against the United Church, Catholic Church, Anglican Church, the RCMP and others.

Over the past year he has been escalating his attacks, and they are beginning to get dangerous. It was only six weeks ago when he published on the Internet a call for people to step into the churches and ‘tear the robes’ off of church clergy and throw them out of their churches. I view this as dangerous because there are legions of people out there who take Mr. Annett seriously.

Last year, Annett made a fraudulent claim of having discovered a mass grave with the bones of children at the Six Nations reserve in Brantford Ontario. He’s also telling people that there are mass graves across the country- and that the above mentioned churches, in cooperation with the RCMP, were directly responsible for murdering 50,000 children. To date, none of his claims have been proven- but, he has convinced thousands of people that he is speaking the truth.

The RCMP held a formal investigation into Annett’s claims of genocide a few years ago- despite their taking a serious effort, they were not able to verify any of Annett’s claims were true. Yet, Annett continues to stir-up hate towards churches and their congregations.

On July 4th, 2012, Annett made a mockery of the Federal Court system by making a false claim of filing a criminal charges against the government, churches and the Queen. He partnered with Mr.Jason Bowman, and Alfred Webre (a man who works in partnership with the Iranian government.) It was proven that this case was not filed, so they have now escalated their fraud and are claiming that they will be creating their own courts.

This week Annett has made a public announcement to the churches, the government and the Queen claiming that his fake courts will issue ‘summary banishments’ towards them if they don’t take heed to a list of threats and demands he has published. While it is obvious that he won’t be able to take action on this- many of his followers take him seriously. This situation could be very dangerous to the people and organizations that are being threatened.

Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code states that “Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of an indictable offence.” Myself, and many others, strongly believe that Mr. Annett, and his associates, should be investigated for the possibility of breaking this law.

Additionally, Annett has been collecting money from people for many years to support his activities. He has no official organization, and no tax-exempt status. It is my understanding that he has collected many thousands of dollars over the past few years. One person tells me that they have receipts for bank transfers- and, Annett has been using Paypal too.

Annett’s deceptions have been causing great pain to people in Canadian indigenous communities- including many survivors. A number of¬†indigenous nations and residential school survivors have asked him to stop misrepresenting them, but he continues to regardless. ¬†Members of radical, violence promoting, political organizations have latched-on to Annett’s cause and used it as a tool to raise division between people in indigenous communities.

Each time people have asked Annett to stop, he has taken vicious personal attacks against people who do- including a number of indigenous elders, nations, and residential school survivors. Wherever Annett goes, he leaves a trail of pain and anguish in his wake.

I am only one of many people who strongly believe that Annett is a danger to religious organizations, indigenous communities, and people who disagree with him. As Annett escalates his claims and his calls for attacks, each day this danger becomes more clear. It is time for Annett’s deceptions to stop.

I’m writing this letter to request that the government initiate an immediate investigation to Annett’s alleged crimes- and, if there is enough evidence to pursue a conviction, this should be done as quickly as possible- before more people are hurt. If you will begin an investigation, there are many of his victims who are ready and willing to cooperate. The pain he has caused is immeasurable, and the damage he could cause in the future is a serious risk to many.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and thank you in-advance for taking action to investigate. I have been researching Annett for the past six months, and have much more information to share. If your team needs my support, I will gladly do whatever I can to bring justice to this situation.

-Greg Renouf

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  1. good call greg, I will contact him myself soon as well, to put in my request. Perhaps you can post the email address here, and have everyone ask. And don’t forget to mention that fraud hotline the cops love to dump everything on is not satisfactory and a complete abyss if you want no investigation into fraud.

    1. That’s a good point, I should have shared his address. Here it is:

      [email protected]

      I invite everyone out there to write to Rob Nicholson and ask him to please investigate. Be polite, and explain your personal reasons for wanting to see an investigation. Together, we can make sure that Annett is stopped for once and for all…

    2. Thx for the disinformation Gregg, are you a Freemason? This shit happens everywhere, so many witnesses from other cases unrelated to Kevin Annett have come forth, the UN is child trafficking ring among other things, read the story about Jimmy Savile and that’s just one story, Gregg you are either a moron a hater or work for the likes of these people.

      1. Dear readers, I allowed the above posting as an example of the mind of a Kevin Annett follower- people actually think that way…

  2. A very brave and honorable move… *Applause*

    1. Thank you! :)

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on August 16, 2012 at 20:38
    • Reply

    Excellent thinking and action, Greg. As always, thank you. Extreme self-righteousness leads to the lowest order of criminality….I hope that Mr. Nicholson sees this is the case with Mr. Annett,

    1. I hope so too. If Annett isn’t stopped someone is likely to get hurt from all of his rhetoric…

  3. Just forwarded my open letter to the RCMP to Mr. Nicholson. I stand with you…

    1. Thank you! Together, united, Kevin Annett will be defeated!

    • The Hammer on August 17, 2012 at 07:35
    • Reply

    So, I have to ask again. Has anyone heard from Jason Bowman since he was thrown under the bus?

    1. Bowman is coming out of the woodwork again. It seems he’s partnered up with Bill Squires now. Guess Squires dumped Annett.

      One’s got to wonder how Squires could find Bowman to be credible after the court fiasco..

    • Reggie on September 8, 2012 at 10:02
    • Reply

    Yes, good idea.
    Have Annett prove his findings in court.
    Let the world see what kind of evidence he has.
    Very good idea.
    Follow through though; don’t get all cowardly-like and run away from the debate at the last minute. Because then folks might start thinking you’re a bought-and-paid-for criminal establishment propagandist. And you don’t want THAT, right?
    Yeah, bring Annett to court. Then we’ll see what’s what.
    So uh…how’s that coming along?

    • Frank B. on September 9, 2012 at 04:48
    • Reply

    You know, I have supported Kevin’s work as well as owning all of his written works for all these years! I just cannot believe this!

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