News Alert: Kevin Annett Booted From The Kanata Six Nations Reserve!


Justice is coming soon for Kevin Annett…

Speak of the devil! Okay, perhaps not the devil, but Kevin Annett is in partnership with the Antichrist! It was only a few minutes ago when I outed Kevin’s alter-ego Jeremiah Jourdain. Then, only moments after I hit the publish button, a fellow researcher forwarded me a fresh email from Jeremiah/Kevin himself! And the email had some very good news indeed- thank you Jose Jesus Miranda! (lol)

The email is, like most of Annett’s writings, very long-winded and full of BS. But, that’s what makes him such a fun character to write about! It starts off with a new, and totally unproven, allegation about the Anglican church.

According to Kevin, a woman named Leona Moses worked at the church back in 1998 and she discovered an amazing document that proves the Angicans were complicit in the ‘deliberate manslaughter’ (say what?) of the children who appeared in the ‘mush hole’ Annett claims to have discovered in Brantford.

There are two problems with this. First, Kevin only discovered animal bones at Brantford- he was lying. And, second, Leona Moses never got a copy of this magical document. But, this didn’t stop Annett from creating a conspiracy theory- they made the claim that Moses was fired after refusing to sign a ‘gag order’. Does that sound familiar? If it does, that’s because the gag order gag is a tool Annett has used several times in the past to cover his lack of having any real evidence.

Silly Kevin- we’re smarter than that now!

The second part of the letter gives us an understanding of the first part. It seems that Annett has had his ass booted out of the Six Nations reserve for good! This is another pattern of Annett’s, whenever some bad news comes out (i.e. people start seeing through his BS) he comes out with some mystical new evidence!

There’s one more part of this letter that exposes one of Annett’s patterns. Every time he gets exposed for the fraud that he is he refuses to accept responsibility for his mistakes. Instead, he turns to his age-old favourite tactic of attacking everyone around him. This time, once more, he attacks Jan Longboat, and then Frank Miller- the man who is speaking in the video of the Six Nations elders when they denounced him at the end of May.

Kevin, not only are you a crook and a liar- but you are an incredibly cowardly man. You need to stop and think about what happened, and realize that your long-con is up now. It is time to retire from all of the pain you have been causing people and move-on to doing some honest work. Each day you make more mistakes- eventually they will catch up with you, and you will find yourself in big trouble.

Please stop now. And, even better still, don’t you think it is time for you to make an apology to all of the people who you have been hurting? You too Alfred Webre- I haven’t forgotten about you…

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