Kevin Annett: The Bush Turkey Busted In Another (Big) Lie!

Kevin Annett – Busted Once More!

I really must admit, Kevin Annett is one of the most fun subjects I’ve had the pleasure to write about. The best part about covering this guy is that he is both a liar, and that he is a bad liar. That, and the fact he has so much content out there on the Internet that it is astoundingly easy to catch him in his mistruths. It’s like shooting bush turkeys in a barrel!

If you have been following me through my coverage of Annett, you’ll probably never forget the infamous ‘ex-parte’ incident at Jason Bowman’s press conference. Not only did Bowman ask me for a reacharound, but he totally got caught in a lie with his incorrect explanation of what ex-parte means.

The true meaning of ex-parte is that a case can be discussed when the defendant is not present. This only happens when the defendant cannot be located. Bowman & Annett tried to tell the world that ex-parte means a case can be tried in-secret and the documents will not be shown to the defendant. But, of course, we don’t allow kangaroo courts in Canada…

I was in a self-flagellating mood today I guess, so I endured watching Annett’s appropriately named documentary “Unrepentant” again. My first realization is that it is more about Kevin than it is about the people he claims to be representing. But, I guess that’s par for the course.

Then, I ran across a real gem- a small clip of video where Annett complains about his defrocking. Kevin says “…for centuries, people have had three basic rights under common law. The first is to know the charges that are brought against you, the second the right to face your accusers, the third is a right to a trial before your own peers.”

Exactly Kevin! That’s why the whole ‘ex-parte’ thing was wong! But, it seems, you already knew that- didn’t you? Time to give-up Kevin, you are so busted that there’s no way of getting out of this now. You can’t play stupid on the Bowman case any longer- this proves it. You too Alfred Webre- you’re a lawyer, right?

Here’s the video:

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