Jeremiah Jourdain: Kevin Annett’s Alter Ego Who Handles The Money…

Who is Jeremian Jourdain?

One of the key indicators that Kevin Annett is a con artist is how he uses an online alter ego to take-on things he doesn’t want to attach his name to. Annett uses at least one online alias named “Jeremiah Jourdain”. This has been pointed out to me by a number of people- it was even mentioned by the Six Nations elders in their video denouncing him and stripping him of his native name (which, curiously, he keeps using).

Besides hearing from other people that Kevin and Jeremiah are the same person, I’ve also done some research myself. For example, on the UK-based “Wiggan Socialists” website, one can find comments both by Kevin Annett and by Jeremiah Jourdain. This busts Annett on a couple of levels.

First, it shows us that Annett is, despite his denials, still actively interested in Marxist organizations. More important, what would Jeremiah be doing writing on the same UK Marxist website as Kevin? Perhaps, reading the Jeremiah persona’s self-description posted (of all places) on David Icke’s website:

 “I am Jeremiah Jourdain of the Cree and Metis Nations. I am seventy four years old and went to residential school in Manitoba and had three brothers die in there. I have worked for over ten years now with Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice and I know him to be a very good, brave and honest man and a man of God. I have been sick for some months or I would have spoken before this.”

So, what is a 74 year old, sick, Cree man doing writing on a UK Marxist website- strange, isn’t it? And, if you read the Jeremiah persona’s writing, it is no different in style than Annett’s is, even to the point of using the same Thomas Jefferson quotes and other information on the signature. Here’s an example- one raises some interesting questions:



First, as I mentioned, the information in the signature is exactly identical to what Annett uses- down to the spacing. And, you will also notice how Jeremiah give’s Annett’s phone number, not his own. It is bizarre to see Kevin writing about himself as a 3rd-party.

This mail was in a response to a mail that Ryan Elson sent to Annett yesterday- offering him a donation. The answer confirmed what I wrote earlier about Kevin asking people to send money to his dad’s trailer park. It also indicates his intention to commit fraud. By using his alter ego he thinks he can cover himself from liability when it comes to money- not so Kevin, you have now been busted.

Also, this will not hide his earnings from the Canadian Revenue Agency- if anything, it also exposes his dad to action by the IRS. You see, Canada and the US have agreements to share information on tax fraud- and, considering the ITCCS is not an official organization, any money taken in will be considered taxable income. The status of the ITCCS was confirmed by Ryan Elson when he called the website’s hosting company last week:

So, there you have it, the mystery of Jeremiah Jourdain is now solved. And, we’ve shown more evidence of Annett’s questionable ways of collecting money using an alias who claims to be a native, but is actually Kevin. To date, I’ve not seen evidence of a single native person who is supporting Kevin- so, why does he still claim to be representing them?

Things that make you go hmmm….

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    • sheray on July 27, 2012 at 18:03
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    I figured so. When I first contacted his organization to find out information on what they do, I kept getting bombarded by so called urgent press release news postings and other stuff that had me quickly asking to be removed from the email list. Despite my request the emails kept coming from Annett so I had to block contact on my email from anything coming from his various addressess. “Jeremiah Jourdain” then began sending me the same info. It was obsessive and aggressive even when I asked Annett several times very nicely to remove me from receiving his propaganda, it just drove him further to the point of stupidity and me having to block several addresses from the same man.

    1. Wow – Annett is actually more persistent than the publishers clearing house! Lol

  1. oh my god I just read that again, they are issuing receipts? They can’t really promise me that for a donation I won’t be-able to use a receipt from a not-charitable organization on my tax return. Someone from the CRA asked about that, I didn’t know but wow! We need to get kevin’s victims together and come up with a strategy to bring this man down, post haste. By the way, I am methodical when I get started he’ll be knocked down so many pegs he’ll regret the day he turned my own friend against me, that sack of shit. The personal cost is what elevated the urgency of my inquiries.

    1. I’m sure the CRA will have a field day with this guy! And the IRS will have a field day with his dad who has also been receiving people’s money…

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 28, 2012 at 10:34
    • Reply

    First of all, this is horrifying, even for me…and that says ALOT !! I had no idea….and I should have…that Jourdain was yet one more sock-puppet. My God, this is not a euphamism for criminal insanity…it is a diagnostic reality. My husband was stalked by Kevin under the name Sarah Hunter…i will have to forward those mails to you, Greg, as supporting evidence, not that any is needed. Yes, there should be an inter Canadian/US/European movement to have this man jailed and kept out of society permanently.

  2. If not already posted here on Greg’s blog Jeremiah wrote the United Church and states his address is 260 Kennedy Street. Now isn’t that Lori’s/Kevin’s Address??

    1. Good call! I think both entities live in the same body. lol

    • Nell Cole on February 27, 2013 at 22:04
    • Reply

    I have gotten email reply from Kevin and from JJ from that email address. At the time I thought they were just sharing the box to send out the emails. Now I am not sure.

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