Kevin Annett Explains Why He Still Impersonates Being A Minister…

Kevin Annett was defrocked by the United Church in 1996 yet he still goes around calling himself ‘reverend’. Kevin isn’t clergy for any church (unless, perhaps, the church of 666 gave him the title.) This is further evidence that he is a fraud, don’t you think?

I found a video yesterday where Annett discusses why he still carries around his clerical collar with him. He says it makes him into ‘superman’. He also says he wears it to demonstrations so that he can fool the police into not arresting him saying “…under the criminal code, if I’m a minister engaged in my function, if I’m stopped the person who does it can go to jail for two years.”

Of course, anyone who arrests Annett wouldn’t end up going to jail- he’s not a real minister! Have a look at the video, it is rather disturbing to watch him bragging about how he impersonates a member of the clergy. That said, anyone who has been following this guy for a while will probably see it is par for the course…

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    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 28, 2012 at 11:26
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    Disturbing…..Kevin claimed to me in London 2010 that he neither believed in God or Jesus…This raises many issues. Let’s talk about one : EXORCISMS !! Also, Greg, Please open video option at the end of above posted in lower right corner…the Wolf Spirit Interview with Eva Moore on June 18, 2012. PAUSE…CLEARS THROAT…KEVIN CLAIMS NEXT HE HAS INDIAN ANCESTRY..THAT MAKES HIM METIS…This is clearly so beyond control, this situation…

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