Meet Kevin Annett’s Partner – The Antichrist!

I’ve written about Kevin Annett’s partnership with the Antichrist before- well, he’s not really the Antichrist, he’s a cult leader who runs a televangelist scam. Watch the video and listen carefully to the words used to describe this guy. Do they remind you of anyone?

Listen to the words used to describe this guy- “height of narcissism” , “feeds off his followers” , “Either an extremely motivated person…or an extremely deluded person”. Does any of this sound familiar? Yep, these are all words I’ve heard used to describe Kevin Annett!

How about this line? “They can establish a pattern of relationship that is predatory and solely directed on receiving, rather than on serving.” After speaking with people who have given money to Annett, this is exactly the pattern I’ve seen. No wonder these guys are working together!

Anyhow, if you are on the fence about Annett, knowing about his relationship with a televangelist who calls himself Jesus should help you make your decision. I hope…

And, a special message to Alfred Webre. Don’t you realize that you are being painted with the same brush by partnering with Annett? Don’t you think it is time to cut him loose?

Here’s the video:

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