Occupy Vancouver Asseroles (sic) Go Fishing! (feat. Jennifer Allan, Mathew Kegis & Bill Good!)

Jennifer Allan Lied To CKNW…

A little over a month ago Jennifer Allan of Vancouver Cop Watch showed up on CKNW’s Bill Good show telling the people of Vancouver that Cop Watch’s purpose is to build bridges and make positive relations with the police. I gave her the benefit of doubt back then when I wrote my article The Head Is Wagging And The Tail Is Barking. Well, it appears that the truth is that both ends of the dog were barking…

Mathew Kegis puttin’ on his full asserole…

Last week’s Vancouver Asseroles event was right on-par with the others. Innocent schoolteacher Sasha Wiley-Shaw’s boyfriend Mathew Kegis took things to an all new low by bringing supplies and helping people build the doughnut fishing props- real classy Mathew.

Then Jenifer Allan showed her true colours and joined in, taunting the police. I’ve put together a short video showing her hypocrisy- here, have a look:

So, there we are, Jennifer was lying to Bill Good- busted! And now, she’s an Asserole, who would have guessed!

Isn’t that spelled ‘schil’?


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    • James on July 26, 2012 at 06:28
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    I hope you forwarded that first pic to Bill.

    1. I sent the whole article to Bill and to CKNW. I hear he’s on holiday now though…

        • GPM on July 26, 2012 at 11:15
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        lol, cops do the same things to the cannabis culture, except they put nug’s and lies on strings as “bait”. At least we can admit its not violent. “bait” can be used in many different ways and by many different sides, its how we always get caught. VCW is some scandalous shit though, its a pretty big slap in the face to the “real cop watch” that used to be.

    • The Hammer on July 26, 2012 at 17:01
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    Aparently Casseroles and Occupy are now anti-police movements. Funny, I thought there were supposed to be ablout affordable education and opposing billionaires and big banking. Probably why I only see about 15 people at that protest.

    1. Yeah- sad, isn’t it? The people who hijacked these movements are doing a great discredit to them…

    • Survivor on August 11, 2012 at 21:53
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    Want to hear something funny Greg.

    Out of all these revolutionaries,I was asked to hold the doughnut stick and pose with the cops,because they didn’t have the guts to do it them self. I am not even a revolutionary type person,but I agreed because I know where to draw the line.

    I asked Cst Jeff Harris to pose with me and the VPD crowd control unit. Some did and others were too scarred. I thanked the cops who did pose for their time and humor at the situation.

    1. Jenn,

      Did it take guts to do that, or was it gall? Many people look at what you did as being the equivalent of being a schoolyard bully. You know as well as I do (I hope) that the VPD could not take an aggressive stance over doughnut fishing like that – it would have created a lot of negative PR if they had. Particularly after all of the attacks on them after the crap that happened at the Casseroles a couple weeks before.

      Teasing them like that caused a lot of discomfort for some. Others may have tried to make the best out of a difficult situation – but regardless of how they reacted, you were not building any respect with what you were doing.

      Think about it, you could weren’t building positive relationships…

    • Survivor on August 11, 2012 at 22:56
    • Reply


    Due to all the tensions out here with protestors and the VPD,it’s best I do something like that.

    Because I am not going to start a verbal fight with the police. I know where to draw the line. These protestors don’t want to build relations with the VPD. But I don’t want more incidents to happen that took place back in June. When I talk about building relationships with VPD,I am talking about the marginalized women and men in the DTES that depend on the VPD everyday to stay safe from violent drug dealers,pimps,gangs etc.

    Sorry if this offend people,that wasn’t my intention.

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