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Bane is the perfect Harsha Walia


I went to see The Dark Knight with a friend, and another former Occupier analyst last night. Patrick Ross suggested I go see the movie and write a review from the perspective of an Occupy Dissident. I’m glad I did, the movie was great- it was entertaining, and had great special effects. It wasn’t Oscar material, but it was a nice surprise to see fellow east Londoner Michael Kane.

Spoiler alert, if you read further, you’ve been warned…

There weren’t any tents in the movie, but it was right on-target as an allegory for the Occupy movement- if we were to be the change that Occupy’s hijackers wanted to see, this would most likely be it. The only real difference is that Bane was at least honest about his intention to destroy the city- the people leading hijacked Occupations are still publicly in denial.

The movie had something for everyone in the occupy crowd. They invaded the stock market, let everyone out of the prisons and locked-up the police in the sewers, sustainable energy (we’ll get to that in a moment), and anarchy at its best (showing why anarchy is the worst.) The only thing missing from making this movie the perfect wet dream for Occupy’s hijackers was that nobody got smashed over the head with a flagpole!

Doug Hattem of Occupy Bay Street was probably confused watching the bad guys invading the stock exchange (OBS has avoided protesting the bankers and has instead stuck to policing political correctness). But, I’m sure he peed his pants with excitement watching all of the city’s criminals being released from prison.  Of course, the rest of us were horrified, as we knew what the results would be.

Now, let’s get to the sustainable energy. Bruce Wayne’s company created a new device that could supposedly solve all of the earth’s energy needs in  a sustainable way. The only problem is that this same power source could also be easily weaponized. As a result, Wayne mothballed the project. Once the 99% took power, they immediately used it as a weapon, ignoring the value it could have to mankind.

This makes me think of many of the radicals in Canada’s environmentalism movements. Like Bane, they weaponize sustainability as a political tool. The real question is, if they had to choose between political power, and something that could achieve their ‘goal’ of sustainability, which one would they choose? Occupy gave me a pretty good idea of what the outcome would be- just look at how they weaponized safe space politics if you have any doubts.

I knew I’d enjoy the movie from the moment I saw people on the Marxism mailing list calling it fascist propaganda– they are like the inverse of Mikey to me, if they don’t like it, the odds are that I will. And, they didn’t disappoint me. I’m not a fan of most action movies, but this one was a great time, and highly recommended…

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  1. Particularly ironic about the release of prisoners from Blackgate prison is that’s where all the mobsters locked up under the Dent Act were being kept. So both in terms of the criminal community and in many cases, in terms of the general population, many of those criminals were of the so-called 1%, so to speak.

    • Tamara D. on September 13, 2012 at 22:27
    • Reply

    It was facist propoganda!! It makes the general public afraid of any attempt at change through activism. I do agree with you that Occupy has become what you describe, however this is not the sole reason the movie was made… If revolution is to occur, it must be not through dissolution of rights and freedoms by vote, it must respect and uphold rights and freedoms as inalienable. I did not see the movie, I am not really into Batman. It is too dark for me these days. Even those outside of Occupy’s circles believe the movie was propaganda to make any activist thought of as a terrorist just because people saw the movie, as a snap judgment. Peaceful protests will be seen as a threat. Any protest may be a threat now. Also, the shooting in the theatre has many people in activist circles wary. Some believe as I do that it was a false flag event and that James Holmes was somehow manipulated. I don’t know what to do about Occupy… There is a method the PTB use+ called controlled opposition. Occupy is a controlled opposition I think… Some individuals, in fact many individuals, are not aware and so have their hearts in the right place but are being led down a harmful path. I don’t know how to find and expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing though Greg, you seem to be doing a good job. Thank you!

    The new Black Ops Call Of Duty video game also paints the Occupy movement as terrorists. The problem is that’s not true! I am very offended by Hollywood and the Call of Duty creators because though I have the original spirit/meaning of Occupy in my heart I am no terrorist! If people, who are aware of Occupy Movement play the game or watch the movie, they will atttribute acitivsm to what is portrayed in the movie or game and any activist from any group is now in danger. That is why I say it is propaganda. Because now any activist is, in the minds of the general public, a violent extremist who will kill, torment and steal and use weapons for terrorist means. Not all activists are as portrayed in these mediums but the general public tends to stick with the status quo, what is presented to them through mainstream media including ideas expressed through moves, TV shows and games.

    It is easy, Greg, to say if we do no violence we are not guilty. WE are not, as individuals.. However in the eyes of the general public if a few are violent we are all guilty… Because they do not seem to be able to make distinctions between individuals and paint the few as the whole group… I have seen it in newspaper articles. It doesn’t help when police and agencies DO send agent provocateurs in to start trouble (they’ve been caught from time to time). The general public doesn’t seem to consider the agent provocateur thing more than just an excuse to defend violent people’s actions, they do not realize this is actually a real strategy, which time and again has been exposed, even false flag events where decades later information been declassified and available to the public. The Montebello protests, the police admitted they had sent infiltrators in!
    I have seen other articles where it was admitted by police in various cities where there were Occupy camps and groups they admitted theny sent infiltrators in1 This causes further confusion with the general public and that doesn’t help with trying to raise awareness to problems if people think your bad they won’t listen to you even if you provide clear evidence… they make snap judgments.

    Yes, sometimes the people who do violence ARE activists who chose to do violence however there are also cases where police/ agencies send people in to cause trouble to quell protest because they want to frighten other people away from legitimate protest.

    Here’s a list of false flag events throughout history (used to manipulate politics and start wars):


    They’ve been cracking down hard on activists in the US where checkpoints and a police state IS being set up!

    I don’t know what to do about infiltrators in Occupy… I can’t accuse everyone who is difficult with being an infiltrator, some difficult people are just that – difficult. You seem to be able to ferret out facts and evidence and I’m glad you’re doing it. Occupiers KNEW they’d send infiltrators but, I remember, some of them thought they could tell who was who, what to look for. I said “No you won’t, these people are well trained!” I couldn’t tell myself, and I am hanging out with a group of friends who’s social skills aren’t the best.. almost every member of my friends social group (outside Occupy) are difficult! Even me :( I read the list of psychological ways agent provocateurs manipulate groups… socially awkward/difficult people sometimes display a few of those just because they lack social skills and are aggressive or difficult by nature! So how do you tell apart someone who is socially difficult from someone who is purposely there as a paid infiltrator to mess up a group??

    Keep up the good work Greg. I am very glad you are doing this. You have the strength and perseverance to seek out truth and bring it to light. Thank you!

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