Alfred Webre’s Intergalactic Snake Oil! (Only $4.99 per class!)

Alfred Webre – Con-Artist or Idiot?

I gave Alfie a chance to come clean and save his reputation a few days ago. Rather than apologise for calling me a ‘government schil’ for questioning the validity of Annett & Bowman’s fake court case (which even he admits was fake now.) I was hoping that Alfie was an honourable man- well, it turns out my hope was misplaced…

Alfie is still posting negativity about me on his site. For some reason he believes that he is going to get away with it- but, he is seriously mistaken. He should know what a prime target he is for both scrutiny and satire. After all, this is a man who says, with a straight face, that Obama came from Mars! Sure, there is a small part of the world who will believe this stuff- but, the vast majority will understand this is nonsense and will see him for the fruitcake that he is.

Now, it would be okay if Alfie was sticking to selling science fiction books- albeit bad ones. But, it appears from my research that he has crossed the line into a more nefarious ventures. First, there is his partnership with Kevin Annett- it goes without saying that he should know better than to support a man who causes others so much pain. What sort of a person would do such a thing now that we know what Annett has been up to?

Equally concerning is how he promotes his ‘Exouniversity’- have a look at this video where Alfie tells people that if they study his course in Teleportation, they can use the certificate he provides to get themselves a bank loan!



You can take this video in one of two ways. Either Webre is terminally stupid, and thinks that people’s bank managers will respect someone who takes a course in teleportation- or, he is misleading people in an effort to sell his snake oil. Which one is it Alfie?

I’ll be watching Alfie very carefully from now on- anyone who pushes snake oil like this deserves the attention. I’m also curious if there are any lawyers out there who can confirm if what Alfie has done here is illegal. I’m no lawyer, but it sure seems to be crossing the line to me.

In the meantime, I’d be curious to hear my reader’s opinion. Who do you think is worse for the other’s reputation- is Kevin Annett hurting Alfie’s reputation more, or is Alfie hurting Annett’s? It is a close call for me- both seem rather off the wall…

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