MediaWatch: An Update On Professor Don Cherry’s Fish Story! (feat. Anthony James Hall & Iran’s PressTV)

Professor Anthony James Hall (the Don Cherry of the academic world)


I wrote last week about Professor Don Cherry’s appearance on Iran’s PressTV network talking about indigenous fishing rights. Professor Cherry shared his outrageous theory that the Canadian government was trying to hurt indigenous communities by killing all of the country’s salmon!  (Yes, as  you are guessing, this guy is a nutbar). Well, I found out some more background to the story, and it shows how disingenuous this guy is…

A big part of the story was about how indigenous fishers Rick Quipp & Patricia Kelley were being horribly oppressed, and imprisoned by the Canadian government for fishing for what they claimed was personal use. But, of course being a piece by PressTV, and one that included Professor Cherry, the story conflicted itself- they also said that the government was oppressing the fishers because they were competing with corporate fish farms. Typical…

Tonight I found an interesting article about this issue in a Mennonite newsletter- and the plot thickens, and the craziness becomes more apparent. Here’s a quote from the story:

“She could pay a $200 fine and be over her legal troubles, but she says such a cowardly act would betray her posterity by giving into to the Federal Crown’s effort to deny and negate the viability of her people’s Aboriginal fishery.”

So, PressTV broadcasts a story around the globe saying that Canada is oppressing and imprisoning innocent native for fishing and it turns out it was only grandstanding over a $200 fine! So, I guess the moral of the story here is don’t take PressTV very seriously- and, don’t take Professor Cherry so seriously either. But you already knew that- right?

This also opens a new question for me- why are the Mennonites promoting this charade too? After all, they’re not stupid people, and the can most certainly see through what is obviously political grandstanding. What’s they’re motivation to participate? Can anyone out there help me understand this better?

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