Open Letter To Kevin Annett: Do You Have The Guts To Answer These Questions?

Kevin Annett- Honourable enough to face the music?

Dear Kevin,

The way you ran away last night while the radio show’s host started asking you some challenging questions has made it obvious to the world that you have something to hide. You complain about the people who are asking you questions, and do everything within your power to avoid having to answer them. Why is that?

Yesterday you proved yourself to be a coward…

If you were an honest man you would welcome people’s questions and answer them in an open forum Kevin. Your pattern of constant evasion and ad-hominem attacks are hurting the cause you proclaim to support. Why do you think so many people in indigenous communities have asked you to stop?

If you are an honest man, and have nothing to hide, then you will accept the invitation to come back to a roundtable conversation on the radio show this weekend. None of the people involved are out for anything but the truth- if you are telling the truth you should have nothing to be afraid of.

I have a few questions for you Kevin, they should be easy for you to answer:

1.) Who is the person that you sent the bones to at the Smithsonian Institution? What were the circumstances that you brought the bones to them?

2.) You say that the bone samples you provided weren’t large enough to do a DNA test. I’ve spoken to a professional DNA testing lab and they disagree with you- they say it only takes a small ‘scraping’ to determine if the bones are human. Can you please explain the discrepancy?

3.) You said that the buttons you found out on the ‘mush hole’ site in Brantford proved that you found a burial site. Is it not normal to find buttons in a schoolyard? How is this proof?

4.) You have been working closely with a televangelist who calls himself Jesus Christ and asks his followers to tattoo ‘666’ on their necks. You have been defrocked yet you call yourself a ‘reverend’. Are you a reverend in his church? And, do you believe he is Jesus?

5.) You mentioned that the Catholic church is following a law called Crimen Sollicitationis. I’ve already told you that they stopped using that law in 2001. Why do you continue quoting it?

6.) You claim to be conducting criminal cases under ‘common law’. Yet, criminal cases are not part of common law, but statute law. Can you please explain the conflict here?

7.) You are saying that it is legal for people to make citizens arrests in your cases. But, Canadian law says that you can only do a citizens arrest if you see a crime being committed at that moment. Can you please explain why you are putting people in danger with this bad advise?

8.) You have labelled Jan Longboat, Frank Miller, Harriet Nahanee, Lydia White Calf, myself an others as ‘government agents’. Can you please explain the evidence you have behind this slander?

9.) You wrote on May 31st of 2011 that you were “arrested and detained in an immigration prison at Stansted airport last night for over 12 hours, and then deported from England without due cause.” Did you have a visa to do your speaking gig in the UK?

10.) You have taken a lot of money from people to further your cause. Are you claiming your donations and sales of books on your tax returns?

Kevin, if you are an honest man, you have nothing to fear with these questions- they should be easy for you to answer and prove. If you want to preserve your reputation from the damage you did yesterday all you have to do is show-up on Sunday and come with some answers and evidence to back yourself up.

So, what’s it going to be?


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  1. lol don’t expect an honest answer to come from that scoundrel con artist kevin annett.

    1. Neither do I. But, he has the opportunity to clear the record now- let’s see if he takes it. If he doesn’t, his reputation will be shot for good…

  2. Excellent list… A great analysis…Kevin needs to answer these and more. Mine is why he doesn’t have the strength of his own convictions…

    1. Heather- that’s the best question of them all…

    • The Hammer on August 28, 2012 at 07:44
    • Reply

    Question 8 is my favorite. Kevin seems to have used this whole “Government agent” thing to distract from the truth. When, in reality, so what if all those people are government agents? The questions they ask are valid. If they are a government agent or not does not change what they are asking. Instead he is trying to bait them into a meaningless argument to distract from their questions. Next time he accuses you of being a “Government agent” try saying to him “What difference does that make?”

    • mclean on August 28, 2012 at 20:18
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    I would like to as Kevin Annett how he financially supports himself. Is he dependant on Lori O’Rorke or another female, or does he receive any social assistance payments, or does he keep a record of all of the funds sent to him and report same to Revenue Canada?

    • Frank MIller. on August 28, 2012 at 22:01
    • Reply

    Good questions everyone would like to know, but I don’t think he will respond because he is afraid of the truth.

    1. If he did, and came clean about the areas where he’s not been telling the truth, he might be surprised- people may forgive him…

  3. Looks like all these comments were written by the same person. Any time someone does something not cool with the ppl in power we see smear campaigns. These questions you think he should are quite frankly, stupid.

    1. You’re an idiot. But, when you eventually realize that Annett is a con-artist, you’ll be forgiven for your idiocy…

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