Why unifor Scares Me (Part I: Feat Naomi Klein & Harsha Walia)

Will Canada’s new militant union back the use of violence? Will they back those who profess violence? What will this mean for Toronto’s 2015 Pan-Am Games?

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    • The Hammer on September 13, 2013 at 08:56
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    At the 1:12 mark Naomi mentions “This is the year people grew their spines back teehee in Canadian activism.” I hope that 2015 will be the year the police grow their spines back. And I think it can be. The G20 did open people’s eyes. But not in the way the activists hoped for.

    Despite the best efforts of the Toronto Star and CBC news the Canadian public was appalled at the destruction and violence. And people supported the police more than the protesters. Even the NDP mayor of Toronto, David Miller, was a vocal supporter of the Toronto Police. As time has gone on (And thanks to people like you and Undercoverkity) people are now more aware of who these criminals are and what their real agenda is. As such there is far less patience in the public sphere when it comes to these violent protesters.

    1. Everything I’m hearing right now says that it won’t be different in 2015- we’d need to see a serious change in direction- and there’s little sign of that.

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