[UPDATED] Peterborough Asshat Desecrates Vermont 9/11 Memorial (feat. Amanda Lickers)

This is what stupidity looks like!

There’s a certain irony that Amanda Lickers refers to cops as “pigs”…

Update: Don Stevens, chief of the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe has gone on the record saying that the protester’s actions were ‘disgusting’, that they didn’t approve it, and they don’t believe the flags were on a grave site- but, if it were, they would be ‘proud’ to have the flags there. Here’s the story.


For the past ten years students at Vermont’s Middlebury College have setup a simple memorial for victims of 9/11. Members of the College Democrats & Republicans lay out 2,977 American flags- one for each person who was killed.  Despite their many political differences, people from both groups (and society in general) agree it was tragic so many people were killed.

It takes a special type of sleaze bag to desecrate a memorial for the dead. In this case it took five- one student, and four people from outside. They came, armed with garbage bags, removed each flag and threw them in the trash. The apparent leader of this incident comes from Peterborough, Ontario- her name is Amanda Lickers, and she’s no stranger to sleazy protests.

The Middlebury student was the aptly named Anna Shireman-Grabowski. She’s a member of the anarchist friendly environmentalist group called Rising Tide (associated with many of the people who have the Love Is The Movement tattoo). Here’s how the big Grabowski explained her involvement in this mess:

“Today I chose to act in solidarity with my friend, an Indigenous woman and a citizen of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy who was appalled to see the burial grounds of another Indigenous nation desecrated by piercing the ground that their remains lay beneath”

But, as what we often see with anarchist/environmentalist claims of indigenous graves, her’s appears to have no foundation in truth. Middlebury has stated that there’s never been a claim that this land was a burial site. A representative of the Abenaki nation has confirmed this. It appears that the flag Grabowskies have simply made this up.

It’s not surprising that Amanda Lickers would be involved with this mess- she hangs out with a fairly questionable crowd. She was a featured speaker when Zach Ruiter invaded West Toronto with his gang of idiot protesters protesting the GE-Hitachi nuclear fuel plant, and is often seen at Ruiter’s events. Lickers was also part of the crowd who tried to block access to an auditorium at the University of Toronto anti-patriarch hate party last November.

Like many misguided ‘activists’, Lickers comes across like a desperate attention seeker. The kind of person who sees a memorial to the dead and envisions it as an opportunity to get her name in the news. It worked too, people across the US are talking about her ignorant prank.

She, herself, was very proud of what she did:

From the mind of a seriously sick woman...

From the mind of a seriously sick woman…

Licker’s statement shows just how seriously confused she is. Responding to people who have criticised her for desecrating a memorial for the dead, she calls them “genocide, eugenic, and imperialist supporters!!”. Perhaps some are, but the majority of people who are offended only believe that it’s tasteless to deface a memorial for the dead. That’s common-sense to most, but Lickers is so lost in the world of the socialist obedience cult that she can’t see the reality of the situation.

Or, perhaps she does. Either way, it’s piggish behaviour…

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