Davyn Calfchild’s Dodgy Police Violence Claim… (feat. Zach Ruiter & Darryl Richardson)

Davyn got belligerent with the police...

Davyn admitted he got belligerent with the police…

For the first time in memory, Davyn Calfchild (a.k.a. Davin Ouimet) missed his Occupy Toronto Livestream show last week. It’s unknown if he’s finally given up, or is simply taking a break- the Livestreamers have been a lot more cautious with their words lately, perhaps they’re getting tired of having their misdeeds exposed. But, never worry, plenty of entertainment is still to be had.

Calfchild was stopped by the police yesterday after they alleged he ran a red light on his e-bike. When they asked him to stop and give his identification Davyn responded with his trademark comment “who are you!”. Davyn has stated in the past that he believes his indigenous status means that he’s immune from talking to the police. It didn’t work out very well for him this time…

The police grabbed Davyn, pushed him to the ground and handcuffed him. The arrest caused some minor scratches and a couple of bruises. It’s unfortunate he got hurt, but the results were nothing like real cases of brutality. There were no witnesses other than Davyn and the police- so we are left to take his word for what happened. But, he himself admits that he didn’t listen or respond to the police officer’s orders.

In a video made by cop-baiter Zach Ruiter and Media Co-Op cop-hater Darryl Richardson Davyn explains his perception of how the police came after him because he was at a protest at the Toronto Police Service’s 14 Division last month. He tells us how the police threatened the life of his family and told him he shouldn’t protest at their police station in the future. It all seems quite far fetched- this wouldn’t be the first time Davyn has made overreaching claims about police violence.

Davyn has a long history of being belligerent towards the police. He’s been caught on video – multiple times – yelling racist insults and abuse. The last time Your Humble Narrator saw Davyn he threatened violence- he’s not a peaceful man, and he has a serious anger towards the police. The credibility of Davyn’s claims should be taken with caution.

The real question here is: why are Zach Ruiter and Darryl Richardson working with a known racist and rape apologist- aren’t they supposed to be against that? Or, perhaps they have no problem with that now?

Here’s a video of Davyn’s claims, and some of his ‘greatest hits’ from the past…

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  1. “Marshal!” yells an occupier. “Marshal!” echoes another. Warrington and Calfchild size each other up. The marshals try to separate them, but Warrington breaks through, and he and Calfchild start to scrap. Though he’s shorter than Warrington, Calfchild flips him on his back. More occupiers and marshals step in to defuse the standoff, and the meeting disbands without deciding how to resolve the in-camp tensions. – See more at: http://maisonneuve.org/article/2012/05/8/anatomy-occupation/#sthash.7pSYrK9c.dpuf

    1. Interesting article- thanks for sharing…

    • rraefyn on August 29, 2013 at 18:48
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    Even his lady friend Cathy seemed appalled with his rape statement. Davyn appears to be a very angry and confused person. He has repeatedly baited the police on many occasions and there’s plenty of video proof of that. I’m a little bit stunned by the tears over what looks to be a minor scuffle. The kind of posturing seen on the latter half of the video clip leads one to think he fancies himself as quite a tough guy around the police. I guess being surrounded by his pals in a public place gives him a form of Dutch courage. Apparently, when he’s all by himself he’s just another scared wacist wabbit. Go home Davyn and give up this masquerade. You obviously fell into this at Occupy and got set up but you can fall out too! It’s not too late to get out of the cult. Your days serving as a useful idiot for the cause are numbered. You just sound like a whinging idiot now.

    1. What Davyn experienced (however minor) is what happens when once treats the police like he does- it’s hard to have any sympathy when he does this. FYI, Davyn was radicalised long before Occupy happened- but, that’s for another story I’ll write in the near future…

  2. Doesn’t Davyn have a history of ’embellishment?’..http://youtu.be/1Lvikwoo5M0 ?

    • Standing Water on August 29, 2013 at 21:24
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    Well, this is one thing that I disagree with you on, Greg, and I think it is unfortunate. Police do not live up to their responsibilities at common law, and there are no specific statutes giving them the power to do what they do—they are able to do it mostly because there is no adequate court process to sanction them, if one can even get the name of the officer. This is more or less why they refuse to give their names, because if one has a name, one can use that as evidence in a court proceeding. If officers could be easily held individually civilly liable, it would go a long way to improving their behaviour.

    Now, from your article, all I can tell is that Davyn was stopped, he did stop, engaged in conversation, demanded to know who the people who stopped him were. There’s nothing there to justify an immediate arrest, nothing there to justify hurting him, unless he resisted the arrest, but there’s no suggestion he did that, only that he was taken to the ground.

    I think it is quite reasonable to demand that a police officer show his badge. It is important to do this to set up the relationship: the constable is your servant, and you are always entitled to see the badge that “you” (by way of your Government) have given to this individual. The badge is the ensign of authority. They don’t do it in cop shows any more so much, but remember when the cops always flashed their badges? And if you note, those FBI Badges that Mulder, Scully had, they had their full names and photos on them, too. They’d show a badge, photo ID on the X-Files.

    So, while I don’t agree with his indigenous argument per se, I do think that it is quite reasonable to interrogate an officer and have him identify himself before any business is conducted. Running a red light is not some violent crime that needs to be stopped in medias res—once Davyn had stopped, the offence was already perfected, if it occurred, so it isn’t similar to the case of someone punching someone else, where it is reasonable to restrain before offering identification.

    So, from your article, I can’t really say very much about whether or not Davyn was treated fairly. And it would be imprudent to judge this situation by his previous behaviour, except perhaps in terms of whether or not we assign credibility to his account.

    1. I’ve never seen Davyn act any way but abusive to a cop. But, yes, this doesn’t give us an idea of what happened yesterday- but, it does help figure out his credibility (or lack thereof…)

    • Allan on August 30, 2013 at 12:48
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    What a moron.

    • The Hammer on August 30, 2013 at 14:36
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    No one needs to feel sorry for Davyn on this one. He is living the activist dream right now. He only wishes they would have roughed him up more. This is why they cop bait in the first place. They want the police to react. And that is why they resist the Police. To force police to use force against them.

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