The Threats Continue… (feat. Cameron Monkman, Jeremy Oliver, CUPE & Stephen Harper)

This is your brain on radicalism...

Cameron Monkman “shooting” PM Harper: This is your brain on radicalism…

Writing about the radical left can be a dangerous business. I’ve already been violently assaulted, smashed over the head with an anarchist’s flagpole- and, have been threatened too many times to count. Today the threats continue- only, in the form of a poorly done rap song by a young man who has about as much talent as he does common sense.

Cameron Monkman is one of the unfortunates, like Taliban Billy, who was probably a good person inside until the radicals got a hold of him. But, now, he appears to be lost in the rabble- and, it seems he has at least one friend at the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)…

Monkman is another person who was involved in the Occupy Toronto Livestream at Ryerson University last week. He’s close friends with some of the RadLeft’s biggest clowns and cop-baiters- people like Zach Ruiter, Derek Soberal, Cathy Walker and Davyn Calfchild (a.k.a. Reverend Davin Ouimet)- a racist who thinks that his Indian Status Card gives him the right to smoke besides children’s playgrounds.

CUPE supports this guy...

What a surprise, someone from CUPE supports this guy…

I was doing some research this weekend when I came across Monkman’s Facebook ‘fan page’. There was some pretty interesting stuff there, like the picture of him shooting Prime Minister Stephen Harper- as I said, he’s pretty messed up by the radicals (and, apparently, some guy from CUPE). I wanted to keep track of his page, so I hit ‘like’, it seems young Monkman didn’t like that. It also seems he has a bit of an ego problem, and a poor understanding of how to spell- paparazzi?


This morning I woke-up to an email alert that Jeremy Oliver (a ‘journalist’ who makes false reports about police violence) had posted a video of Monkman rapping a song about me. Not very upsetting, all publicity is good publicity, but he did include a threat indicating I may be in danger when “the cops run out”. He also invokes Godwin’s Law– typically, a sign of desperation.

As with all threats made against me, this one will be reported to the police today. Very few of the threats made against me have been so crystal clear and irrefutable- so, I will insist that the police press charges. And, I’m guessing federal authorities may want to have a talk with him about his picture of Harper. This is the sort of thing that can get one into some pretty serious trouble…


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    • AntisemitismU on July 22, 2013 at 10:17
    • Reply

    That guy can not rap that was pure garbage. I hope he has an actual job and is not relying on his “talent” to get him by.

    1. It’s good you put quotation marks around “talent”, or I would have had to do that for you… ;)

  1. Does anyone have any idea who the CUPE guy is?

    • The Hammer on July 22, 2013 at 11:40
    • Reply

    It looks from his page the picture was taken at the Sherbourne Health Centre for a benefit there. Could be a connection. Sherbourne is a haven of unionist causes. Especially those within the trans community. CUPE 2316 is a donator to them. Could not find a picture of that guy on the their site though.

    1. Interesting, thanks. This makes sense, Monkman performed (albeit poorly) on a stage during Pride. The unions have pretty much taken over Pride unfortunately…

        • The Hammer on July 22, 2013 at 13:11
        • Reply

        Well, unions are branching out wherever they can for members with the severe decline in union membership over the last 20 years. So they look for membership wherever they can. Which is why they have been weaseling into student federations.

        And some funny childish union humor for those who need a laugh:

        1. That was good- thanks, I needed a laugh today…

    • Rich on July 22, 2013 at 13:56
    • Reply

    Hey, you got dissed in rap by Jabba The Hutt!

    1. Hey, be nice- not fair to attack people based on their looks, he can’t help it…

    • obscuraten on July 23, 2013 at 02:53
    • Reply

    1. Thanks for sharing that…

  2. I want those 43 seconds of my life back

    • Jamie Scott on July 23, 2013 at 20:07
    • Reply

    That photo proves that “Freedom of Expression” is alive and well in Canada.

    In what other country could one distribute a graphic of themselves personally executing a Prime Minister without consequence?

    Only in Canada.

    To the men of this ilk, quit your bitching. You are obviously already living free as birds.

    Might want to think about thanking somebody for that, because you personally had no part in making it so.

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