[UPDATED] Violent, Racist, Anti-Semitic, Hate Broadcast Live From Ryerson University On Saturday…

Captain Yarr & Sigrid Kneve at Ryerson University... (photo by Lawrence McCurry)

Captain Yarr & Sigrid Kneve broadcasting from Ryerson University… (photo by Lawrence McCurry)

UPDATE: The video was taken down by YouTube for a violation of “hate speech”- this says a lot. Scroll down to the bottom for more updates, and a re-posting of the video.

UPDATE 2: Billy has made an apology today, said it was a moment of weakness. But, looking into his Twitter feed, he seems to have an ongoing theme of anti-Semiticism, and homophobia…




UPDATE 3: The people behind this video are so desperate to suppress the truth that they’re now making false complaints to Vimeo. I will try and put this video up again in the next couple of days.



A group of people from Occupy Toronto setup camp on campus at Ryerson University this weekend and have been using the school’s power and network to live broadcast an 80 hour fundraiser over Livestream. Yesterday they interviewed a well known con artist whose been hurting indigenous communities across the country. That was bad enough- but, on Saturday, things got much worse.

At about 2:45 Saturday afternoon the Livestream camera was handed to a young indigenous man named Billy who says he comes from near the Conawapa Dam in Manitoba. The beginning of his appearance (with Crystal Sinclair of Idle No More Toronto) was unremarkable, typical banter. He later switched to a monologue, blasting violent, racist and anti-Semitic anger into the camera. The highlights included talking about killing CSIS & RCMP Agents, killing white people, and Holocaust denial.

Near the beginning of his monologue Billy explains his view on what indigenous people need to do to get attention for their cause:

“Us Indians have to do something really extreme to get the world’s attention, like forming a Taliban

Next he explains to CSIS and the RCMP how “your time is coming” and how

“the Indians that you don’t have in the prison systems will be more than enough to take out any motherf##kers that you bring out at us”.

Billy describes how these agencies are “planning the final extermination”, and how the Conawapa Dam in his home territory is part of the plan. Next Gary Wassaykeesic (who was arrested for breaking & entering at the Swamp Line 9 occupation) chimes in saying

“I’ve heard police make that comment, this is our f##king country”.

Billy responds saying:

“Well that’s f##king bulls##t, that cop himself should actually be f##king shot and killed“.

Billy then explains his dismay and how he perceives that people are ignoring indigenous issues saying “Do we Indians have to blow up something? For all this s##t to f##king stop?”. Following up saying “Do you want a war, do you want a war!” and explaining how the RCMP are “getting away with f##king murder in the jail cells”.

He then moves on to discuss his feelings on Jewish people and Israel- explaining:

I had a Jew, an Israelite, admit to me that what they suffered from Germany was actually f##king NOTHING compared to what us Indians had f##king suffered from the Church, the British, The Portuguese, and the Spanish.”

Next he shifts to what sounds a lot like Holocaust denial saying:

“I f##king laugh at the Holocaust. Seriously, I spit on the f##king Holocaust. The Holocaust was was not a f##king genocide, if it was a genocide they’d all be f##king dead– but, no, they need the f##king Israelites to exist. Hitler was just something else.”

 Then Billy begins to talk about his belief that the US military learned what they know from indigenous people including the Marines and the Army. Captain Yarr (a.k.a. Dee Shanger) pointed out that they also learned from Oka and Tecumseh. Billy then explains his belief the US military is brave because of “all your equipment and tools give you your confidence” then following up saying:

“Give me all those f##king equipment and tools and I’ll make you Americans disappear

After that he starts talking in language that sounds a lot like the rhetoric that comes from con-artist Kevin Annett. He explains that the Vatican “has to be charged as an enemy of mankind”, and that the entire British Royal family must be convicted with genocide. Then he says:

“The moment you send your f##king goons and legal f##king houligans to come after me- that’s the moment I start f##king killing white people. Until I can get a 33rd degree Mason and f##king cut his F##king head and heart off. That’s the kind of warrior I am”

Billy then explains how “my generation of Indians who’s had enough, whose beyond pissed, and has spirit and will give the f##king energy for a true f##king armed resistance”. Captain Yarr interjected to justify Billy’s words saying:

“don’t be scared of the truth…he’s justified to say what he says, right- try and understand that”.

It was right at the point where Billy started talking about killing white people that your humble narrator tuned in to listen. Sitting with UndercoverKity and Lawrence McCurry at a nearby Tim Hortons we were all shocked to hear what he was saying. As a student, Undercoverkity felt obligated under Ryerson’s non-academic code of conduct to report any danger toward “students, staff, faculty or the community”.

Security said that they would come to the Tim Hortons to meet with us and take our report. But, prior to speaking with us, they stopped by the Livestreamers and told them at they need to “tone down their language”. From this point Billy, and the other Livestreamers looked visibly shocked. He immediately began toning down his language and trying to cover-up for the racist hate he’d just finished broadcasting. Security came to us, took our report, and then left after thanking us.

There was a bit of unintentional comic relief at the end of Billy’s broadcast. Sigrid Kneve, a recent graduate of OCAP’s (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) activist school and an arrestee at the Swamp Line 9 protest, came on the screen and tried to fix Billy’s image after all of the racist hate saying:

“Hi. That’s so good to listen to Billy, he’s such a good kid. He’s so intelligent, caring- he does like to laugh too.”


Billy runs a Facebook page called Deconstructing Genocide, and the content on his page (as demonstrated above) demonstrates his more of his xenophobia and hatred, paranoia, and anger towards white people. After watching his video, and looking at the Facebook page, it appears that Billy has some very serious problems. Listening to his speech about what he wants to do to law enforcement officers, and his justification of terroristic acts, it’s clear that Billy is potentially a very dangerous man.

A rogues gallery of guests...

A rogues gallery of guests…

Ryerson professor Judy Rebick is scheduled to talk on the Livestream tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if she still appears, and if she speaks out about their open promotion of violence, racist hate, and their promotion of con-artist Kevin Annett. To join them tomorrow, and to ignore what’s happened this weekend, would be no different than promoting it herself.

Attempts have been made to contact Ryerson’s media liaisons, and an email has been sent to the university’s president- but, nobody was available on Saturday for comment. I will follow-up with the media liaison team on Monday.


Here’s the video which is now posted on Vimeo. It is in no way intended to promote the ideas said on the video- they’re insane. The public needs to understand the level of radicalization that’s occurring in our country. What’s happening right now is enormously dangerous. These are not a simple band of fools, they’re supported by the activist radical left community at-large. Sigrid Kneve comes from OCAP, an organization responsible for people throwing Molotov cocktails during the Queen’s Park Riot.

Sigrid at the 2013 graduating class of OCAP’s shit disturber school…

The real question has to be asked where the money came from to support two years of Livestreaming. It sounds to me like someone in authority should do an audit of their funds- you’re already half way there, they’ve been broadcasting their bank account number for the past three days…

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    • Pasty White JOOOwess on July 14, 2013 at 03:01
    • Reply

    Kill Whitey! And spit on the Jews. Let’s all be “warriors” and fucking slaughter ramdom, innocent White people because they have less melanin/pigmentation than us ‘injun’ “warriors”

    Whitey bad, ‘injun’ good, Jooooz(Jews) make good conspiracies and scapegoats.

    This thing needs to have a complete psychological evaluation. He is another Newton Shooting, Colombine, Bat Man movie massacre, waiting to happen. Pathetic small boy syndrome. Grow the fuck up kid and get yourself some class. Speaking the way you do about others who have experiences of suffering just shows that you have no empathy and are filled with pure evil and hate. I’ll tell you one thing, if some bitch ass punk like you came after me and mine because we have pale skin I would have no problem taking care of you myself.

    Occupiers; nothing more than former high school geeks looking to fit in and feel good, psychopaths, swindlers, liars and thieves. Smoke and mirror pony shows. Oh how they disgust me. And to this day I would still LOVE to know where the donations went. Or better yet, how was it divvied up and what luxuries like cruises *ahem* Taylor, or expensive ipads *ahem* Sakura did they imbibe in? Did any of that wealth happen to trickle down to the proletariat and the paupers? Does that trickle down theory really work, my ‘comrades?’ Did it trickle down when there were drinks and comfortable beddings in fancy hotel rooms while a homeless man begged to be let in even just to sleep on the floor?

    Wonder what ‘Captain Yarrrr(so stupid) will do with his share of the loot? Let’s hope he hops on a ship and sails the seven sea’s never to be heard again!

    No, seriously, I will donate my last twenty dollars to Shanger if he will just shut his hole and take his yarrrr’s far across the sea. Ahoy Mate, be done with yarrr, and walk Dee planks, Shanger.

  1. I was there with Lawrence and Greg when this went down, and I have ZERO PROBLEM with being the person who made the call to Ryerson Security when we all heard this. The Universities student non academic code of conduct is very clear . I have an obligation to report activities that make threats to peoples live and safety, and this was done on my campus, my school. The person or persons who granted these thugs access to the ryerson wireless system need to be held to account for the actions of these thugs, as there is also a clear policy around allowing access to the system to non students , as well, the use of the system to transmit hate and / or threats of any kind are way beyond breaking these rules. Let me make this perfectly clear so that there is no room for any error. I will assist in any possible way to track down and identify the offenders.

    • Minicapt on July 14, 2013 at 19:12
    • Reply

    Someone needs to refer ‘Billy’ to that film clip of Indiana Jones vs the Master Swordsman. And that Gabriel Dumont was not Indian, but Metis.


  2. *
    “they’ve been broadcasting their bank account number for the past three days”

    perhaps someone should email a copy of the video to the h.r. people at the bank in question… see how they feel about helping young billy spread his message of goodwill.

  3. NEO, I am on that already as they bank at a credit union I know quite well.

    • The Hammer on July 15, 2013 at 08:41
    • Reply

    What has the response been to this incident from the university?

      • Anon on July 15, 2013 at 13:44
      • Reply

      I don’t see why Ryerson would think it has anything to do with them. The Occupiers were not using Ryerson’s wireless network, they were using the wireless belonging to the coffee shop, Belzac’s (which is a chain that rents space for its Ryerson location).

      1. Ryerson security told us they were logged in using a student account, they were also too far from the coffee shop to get their signal. I guess the truth will come out after their investigation. They were using Ryerson’s furniture and electrical supply too…

        • The Hammer on July 15, 2013 at 14:37
        • Reply

        1. Universities typically do not have completely independent businesses on campus. It is most likely a franchise either owned by the university or by the federation of students.

        2. As this even was on the university campus it still reflects on the university itself. It cannot be ignored.

          • Anon. on July 15, 2013 at 19:58
          • Reply

          It’s a pretty tenuous link – especially with a downtown campus like Ryerson where streets like Gould and Bond are city property, not the university’s and are open to the public. Balzac’s is in the Image Arts building so it wouldn’t be owned by the student council and there are a few other Balzac’s in town in artsy places like the Distellery District. And yes Hammer, these days universities have lots of independent businesses on campus and charge them rent. York University has a whole shopping mall. If it was a student account being used without authorization, or if students aren’t allowed to let non-students use their wireless accounts, that’s a fair complaint but I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect a university to monitor tens of thousands of student internet accounts for content.

          1. You obviously didn’t read the story. Ryerson saw the video, senior management was alerted, but they let them continue regardless. Seriously uncool…

  4. They were also using an elecrical outlet from a Ryerson building to power the computer. The wireless system at both Balzacs and Tim Horton is very localized and does not reach that far out. There are two students at Ryerson who are very deeply connected to occupy Toronto in top positions with them , and then , there is Judy Rebbik.. I have just recently read that someone was told that Rebbik gave then access. However, this is NOT CONFIRMED so at this point, we still don’t know for certain how they got into using it.

  5. Sorry for the second related reply, I hit the submit function in error. I personally tested the likelyly hood of them using the system from either coffer shop with my own laptop i have with me to see if the signal would reach to the point where they were streaming from and no, the only place they could hav eused was the Ryerson system. Remember as well they dont have a fundtioning USB reciever to use so they would have had to have access from a place with a strong signal .

    1. Excellent, thanks- you just saved me a trip!

    • The Hammer on July 16, 2013 at 14:03
    • Reply

    This keeps getting better and better. I tweeted your article to the Ryerson branch of Hillel. Looks like I will be tweeting their LGBT club know as well.

    1. Have you had any responses?

        • The Hammer on July 17, 2013 at 07:20
        • Reply

        Not yet sadly. It is not a terribly active twitter account. I may need to email them.

    • DavidNv on July 17, 2013 at 08:41
    • Reply

    I always find this site very interesting and enjoy reading about the shenanigans of the radical left. Still, I find this kid rather more laughable then threatening. He’s going to carry out his revenge on us? He’s welcome to try, and I feel fairly confident that I could repel his efforts. Still, one has to wonder why Ryerson has involved itself so deeply in this mire as it has. My gf is looking to do some post secondary and I’ve already warned her away from Ryerson, as it appears to be some institutionalized collection of tomfoolery.

      • Standing Water on July 17, 2013 at 13:31
      • Reply

      “I find this kid rather more laughable then threatening”

      Well, I find him to be both. While you and I might have a good quantitative sense, so we understand he is not firing on all cylinders, lots of people don’t. Lots of nice people could be bullied into doing/not doing things by people like this little moron.

      It’s sad—he seems to say he grew up on a reserve, if I understand him correctly, so maybe he didn’t get a very good primary education. And if this is the sort of radicalizing primary education being administered on some reserves, we really need to look into that. Canada is for all Canadians, not just Canadians with Aryan—I’m sorry, Indian—blood. The views that many Indians have are indistinguishable from the “blood and soil” views of last century’s ethnic germans, and we all know how that went, in large part, I submit, because people did not act preventively but only reactively.

      And if we consider that the lead-up to the National Socialist movements of the last century was an infestation of the Universities with Eugenicists, National Socialists, etc. all tripping on bad philosophical koolaid, it is not useless or inappropriate to point out that the situation is somewhat similar today: our Universities are infested with people who believe in stories of “racial purity” and how the “racially pure” have right to rule. The only difference is that instead of talking about Aryans, they’re talking about Indians. The problem with racist ideology isn’t the content: it’s the insanity of thinking there are “races” in the first place, and the double insanity of thinking that there are some “races” that naturally rule large tracts of land.

      I submit that it is better to over-estimate people who are obviously violent and crazy—a stitch in time saves nine.

  6. Call me a sceptic but I see no way that KK isn’t hip to all the shenanigans on OTLS.

  7. OH ! BTW did anyone notice the thread she started on FB no longer exists ? Strange that.

    • Miguel on July 18, 2013 at 15:42
    • Reply

    Who indoctrinated this guy? Talk about low-information.

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