A Quick Update On Occupy Toronto’s Unfortunate Incident At Ryerson University…

Captain Yarr & Sigrid Kneve at Ryerson University... (photo by Lawrence McCurry)

Dee Shangar (a.k.a. Captain Yarr) & Sigrid Kneve at Ryerson University… (photo by Lawrence McCurry)

UPDATE: Jeremy Oliver claims that he wasn’t the person who tried to suppress the video of what happened Saturday, and was referring to another video that called him out on making a false claim of police violence. Considering his history of making false claims, I leave it to my readers to decide…


After 80 hours of laughs, yawns, racist hate and pirated Hollywood movies- the Occupy Toronto Livestream fundraiser is now complete. The Occupiers cleaned-up behind themselves and it left their corner of Ryerson University’s Lake Devo as it was when they arrived. Except, with the exception that there was a giant ashtray left behind that seems rather out of place (where did it come from?).

Ryerson University was notified about the incident only moments after it occured, and it was explained to them how Livestreamer Billy was talking about killing white people. Security said they could do nothing about it, so the issue was escalated to Ryerson’s media liasons and copied to the president by email.

On Sunday afternoon, after no response from Ryerson, we walked into their security department and asked for an update. They said that they saw the video, and the problem was now in the hands of “senior management. When asked if there were any plans to shut down the Livestream, they said it was out of their hands.

On Monday a complaint was filed at Ryerson’s Discrimination And Harassment Prevention Services. Ryerson responded saying they were having a meeting to discuss the situation. By this point the video had gone viral- despite several attempts by Jeremy Oliver to get the videos taken down.

Today Ryerson responded with some further information. They’re still investigating the matter but have determined that the Livestream was not a sanctioned event, nor did it involve a sanctioned organization. They said that if the Ryerson network was used what happened was against Student Computing Guidelines and the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct (security staff said it was).

There was a heated discussion on the event’s Facebook event page over the past couple of days. But, each time something the Livestreamers didn’t like it would mysteriously disappear. Fortunately, BlazingCatFur has provided us with a full archive of the fun- teaching the Occupy Toronto Livestreamers the meaning of the Streisand Effect.

Stay-tuned, there’s much more to come- including some investigation as to where the money went…

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the video:

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    • Gaylord on July 17, 2013 at 19:15
    • Reply

    I think we should just let them do their thing. The more they carry on with this insane nonsense, the sooner they will self-destruct.

    1. I’m letting them do their own thing, having a lot of fun reporting on it. :)

  1. Sorry to report that there has been a screw-up in the fundraiser.Seems the money went to a domain that OTLS no longer owns. I hate when that happens.

    • The Hammer on July 18, 2013 at 08:00
    • Reply

    That was quite the Facebook conversation. Even KKK went after Captain Yarr for this Billy guy. And from the things I have seen and heard from Billy I would guess he spends a lot of time on Neo-Nazi websites.

  2. Hey Greg, you said “Despite Jeremy Oliver’s attempts to get the video taken down”. I am here to tell you he had NOTHING to do with getting any video from the fundraiser taken down from anywhere nor did he have anything to do with the fundraiser (aside from taking some pictures during it). Please remove this false statement from your site. KThanks

    1. I’ve got screenshots of him saying he tried to take the videos down, and how he was going to try to take this site down. I’ll post them when I get home…

  3. Greg: people have every right to report a site they feel is in violation of the hosts TOS. If the host chooses to follow up and take the site down thats up to them. Same with videos that are posted on youtube or any other video site, if they are reported to be in violation of the TOS then the site takes them down. You of all people should know this.

    1. So, are you changing your story now? lol

      Regardless, people who call themselves journalists who take special efforts to take information away from the public don’t deserve to take that title. That is, unless, they’re in a country that operates that way. And, hey, you still never explained why you bought your 75K Twitter followers. What’s the problem, feeling inadequate, or trying to look bigger than you are?

  4. Greg: I am saying I had NO VIDEOS FROM THE FUNRAISER taken down (posted by you or otherwise) as you claimed in your little story.

    “On Monday a complaint was filed at Ryerson’s Discrimination And Harassment Prevention Services. Ryerson responded saying they were having a meeting to discuss the situation. By this point the video had gone viral- despite several attempts by Jeremy Oliver to get the videos taken down.” <— your referring to the video of Billy from the fundraiser right???

    1. Credibility lost…

      Jeremy Oliver of Civilian Media...

  5. Jeremy, Sorry dude but we do have the screen shots where you did say you were planing or working to have the videos removed. However, with all those efforts to remove the video, the video was still posted by several hosting sites to ensure it was available for the public to see just violent and dangerous occupy toronto really is. Jeremy, there are going to be a lot of people in very serious trouble over this video , those who allowed it to happen and those who allowed access to the ryerson system.

  6. Ahh screen shots, they tell all .

  7. actually lawrence the video i was referring to was the one that Greg posted previously where he stole one of my images and photoshopped it the put it in a video of a event i wasnt even at. sound familiar Greg? that video was taken down by the host because it violated their privacy policies. Greg. maybe u should read the TOS of a host before you go posting videos next time (just saying…)

    1. Okay, it must just be a coincidence this was exactly the same time as the other video was going down. ;)

  8. whoops i meant Frank not Lawrence lol

  9. Greg. if what u say about Billy’s video being taken down at the same time as these comments were made the yes it must have been a coincidence. Heres a question, why would this be taken off by your video host but the full unedited raw video still be up in the livestream archives if people wanted to “hide” it? Oh and for the record, i was not there when Bilky made his remarks. I arrived afterwards as secutity was talking to Shanger, and was there to take pictures, nothing more.

    • The Hammer on July 18, 2013 at 11:50
    • Reply

    All this talk about who said what with respect to the video being taking down is only distracting from the real issue. Which is that Occupy appears to be endorsing racist, fascist, anti-Semitic comments from this Billy person. Who has also shown himself to be a homophobe.

  10. First off why is Civilian Media not using his real name? second I don’t believe a word he’s saying here. I was witness to the gang of Occutards attempting to have the video taken down again and again on Sunday morning. Third the problem of censorship is so prevalent in Occupy. Any comment in the livestream chat or the controlled social media pages (facebook) that questioned anything they did resulted in either the comment being deleted or the person being banned.Occupy has never been about free speech in any way, shape or form. All I see are lies and control.

  11. Lawrence, Look up in the blog if you want my real name. And btw saying I was the opne who had Greg’s “Billy video” taken down is just plain laughable since the full raw video is still up in the OTLS archives for all to see.

    I put this out to this blogs readers…..If anyone was trying to make this video “disappear” dont you think it would have been removed from the archives???

    1. Someone wanted the video taken down, they worked hard to make sure it was. We’ll probably never know who, but it’s interesting timing that you were talking about taking videos down at the same time. Unfortunate for you, as it calls you into question here…

      1. Again Greg, I ask, why is the video still up on the OTLS if someone truly wanted it “hidden” wouldnt it make since to have the original source of the video taken down? Please answer this question directly and stop avoiding it. Thanks.

        1. Because the video patches together all of Billy’s worst moments. Most people won’t bother watching through the whole 2 hours he was on…

          1. Fact of the matter is the full video still exists for all to see and make their own judgements from that (if they so choose) instead of your little snippets thrown together. Makes for more informed opinions on the video if people watch the whole thing dontcha think?

  12. Oh and Greg, about your update, I have no problem with people “calling me out” if they dont agree with something I have said, they are more then welcome to do so, but the way you did it with your edited video was extremly unprofessional (imho),

    1. Read the name of the website: GenuineWitty. I mix news with the occasional satire- that’s the format I chose for this site. I vow that, whenever I see people making false allegations of police violence, I’ll be pouring out some hardcore satire on them. Making false accusations like that cheapens real cases of police violence (which most certainly does happen)- it’s dangerous. Perhaps if people know they will be ridiculed for it they’ll be less likely to continue.

      I’m guessing you’re not going to do that again- right?

      1. Greg, please re-read my previous comment. your suppose to be a “freelance journalist” (or at least according to Sun News – and they are real credible right? LOL – Posting satire videos just doesn’t seem fitting if your appearing in MSM looking to get recognized as a serious journalist. (again IMHO).

        ***See what I did there folks*** :)


        1. Oy Vey…

  13. Well, the fact that he has been on mainstream media as a reputable guess clearly suggests that Greg IS indeed well versed in these matters and and is reputable . Well Done Greg in exposing these scum bags for who and what they are.

  14. meh. two peas from the same pod……

      • Standing Water on July 19, 2013 at 15:40
      • Reply

      This is a big part of the problem with contemporary fascist Canadian society—and I think “fascist” is the right word for it, seeing as we have a confluence of racial-purity talk in the Idle No More Movement (Canada is for Ethnic Germans! No, I’m sorry, Indians!) and obedience-cultism in the Occupy Movement. And the head of the beast is the same as it was with the virulent strain of European/German fascism: the University system, full of eggheads who really and truly believe that if only everyone submitted to their Elite Rule, everything would be OK.

      Just because you disagree with someone’s politics does not mean he is not a “journalist.” Anyone who writes a journal is a journalist. I really, really wonder what sort of vicious garbage these fascists had pumped into their heads by their mommies.

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