A Quick Update On Occupy Toronto’s Unfortunate Incident At Ryerson University…

Captain Yarr & Sigrid Kneve at Ryerson University... (photo by Lawrence McCurry)

Dee Shangar (a.k.a. Captain Yarr) & Sigrid Kneve at Ryerson University… (photo by Lawrence McCurry)

UPDATE: Jeremy Oliver claims that he wasn’t the person who tried to suppress the video of what happened Saturday, and was referring to another video that called him out on making a false claim of police violence. Considering his history of making false claims, I leave it to my readers to decide…


After 80 hours of laughs, yawns, racist hate and pirated Hollywood movies- the Occupy Toronto Livestream fundraiser is now complete. The Occupiers cleaned-up behind themselves and it left their corner of Ryerson University’s Lake Devo as it was when they arrived. Except, with the exception that there was a giant ashtray left behind that seems rather out of place (where did it come from?).

Ryerson University was notified about the incident only moments after it occured, and it was explained to them how Livestreamer Billy was talking about killing white people. Security said they could do nothing about it, so the issue was escalated to Ryerson’s media liasons and copied to the president by email.

On Sunday afternoon, after no response from Ryerson, we walked into their security department and asked for an update. They said that they saw the video, and the problem was now in the hands of “senior management. When asked if there were any plans to shut down the Livestream, they said it was out of their hands.

On Monday a complaint was filed at Ryerson’s Discrimination And Harassment Prevention Services. Ryerson responded saying they were having a meeting to discuss the situation. By this point the video had gone viral- despite several attempts by Jeremy Oliver to get the videos taken down.

Today Ryerson responded with some further information. They’re still investigating the matter but have determined that the Livestream was not a sanctioned event, nor did it involve a sanctioned organization. They said that if the Ryerson network was used what happened was against Student Computing Guidelines and the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct (security staff said it was).

There was a heated discussion on the event’s Facebook event page over the past couple of days. But, each time something the Livestreamers didn’t like it would mysteriously disappear. Fortunately, BlazingCatFur has provided us with a full archive of the fun- teaching the Occupy Toronto Livestreamers the meaning of the Streisand Effect.

Stay-tuned, there’s much more to come- including some investigation as to where the money went…

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the video:

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