Talking With Ezra Levant About Racism, Violence, Occupy Toronto And The Perils Of “Solidarity”…

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  1. As you pointed out, this is a homeless indigenous person. This is a person who has spent his entire life marginalized, and this is probably the first time in his entire life that he has ever been allowed to speak his mind in a public place without being edited or interrupted, and the people at Occupy Toronto should be commended for giving people like him a platform so society can see what they’ve created through our prison systems, media and systemic racism. If you’re disturbed by what he said, you should at least admit it’s good to know what people in his position are thinking, because there are a lot of them and their not going to stay quiet forever.

    1. Yes, there are reasons this young man is so angry- but, that doesn’t make it okay what he is saying. I’ll refer to Standing Water’s comment about how the elders who were there should have spoken up and guided Billy much better. Instead they tried to justify what he was saying just as you are. Considering the racist hate he was spouting out, there was no excuse not to say anything.

      While you’re here Daniel, a quick question for you. I noticed on your Google+ account that you were promoting people tampering with trains, and explaining how you taught others the trick use “in solidarity” with the Line 9 protesters to shut down trains here in Ontario. Don’t you think that’s a little bit irresponsible?

      1. So if someone’s committing a violent crime, you expect police to use aggressive force, handcuffs to restrain that person, etc., so now we are in a situation where the government has fallen under the control of a criminal organization and law enforcement hierarchy look the other way and refuse to enforce laws designed to restrain government and reduce the potential impact of corruption. The answer is,whatever it takes. If you think police are justified in using any measure of force to arrest people for minor crimes like simple assaults, thefts, etc., ie, whatever it takes, then why wouldn’t citizens be justified in using any measure of force, whatever it takes, in restraining a criminally out of control government whose actions endanger the future of this planet? No, it’s black and white, this government and it’s corporate controllers have to be stopped, by any means necessary, whatever it takes, period. I would rather it be done without violence. Bringing down the economy is the only way to bring down a government without violence.

          • Standing Water on July 20, 2013 at 12:40
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          “Why wouldn’t citizens be justified in using any measure of force, whatever it takes, in restraining a criminally out of control government whose actions endanger the future of this planet?”

          Your YouTube page indicates that you enjoy using psychotomimetic drugs, like S. Divinorum and Cannabis. I suspect you have been using these drugs for some time. Consider that outside of the airy-fairy enviropsycho community your view would be seen as pretty much psychotic. Seeing as you use psychotomimetic drugs, it is entirely possible that your psychosis is not an organic one; it is brought about by your environment.

          Humans do not naturally use extra-judicial violence to settle conflicts unless malnourished, either too much of something or too little of another. The use of violence is never black and white to any but the unsophisticated; every sophisticated, mature, intelligent person understands that the use of violence is inherently problematic and is a last resort to be used only under the careful orchestration of a publicly controllable apparatus.

          The future of the planet is not endangered. What is endangered is the stasis to which you are addicted. Life always finds a way. What is endangered, if anything is endangered, is the set of conditions necessary for supporting billions of humans and other higher life-forms. Bacteria are not in danger. Vegetation will adapt, as it has previously. And if it doesn’t, well, Mars is natural, is it not? Is Venus unnatural? The only “future” that is endangered is an egocentric one that you feel you have a right to secure using “any means necessary.” And how is that different from the “corporate controllers”? It is not; you simply want stasis, sort of like a child who refuses to grow up. Arrested Development due to drug use, perhaps?

          “Bringing down the economy is the only way to bring down a government without violence.”

          Economy is household management. The idea that you can “bring down” a system of household management without harming/violating the occupants of the house is, with greatest of respect, incorrect. It seems to me that many people within the purported environmental movement want to believe a contradiction: that they are “caring” and that “violence against people is acceptable.” The rationalization used is the same as the Nazis and every other group of retarded fascists used: “this violence is really a form of care! They’re life unworthy of life! Only me and my kind are worthy of life!”

          Everyone is worthy of life and love, Daniel, and if you do not acknowledge that, stick to smoking weed and playing guitar before you get someone hurt, possibly yourself.

      2. To paraphrase Malcolm X: The middle class liberal differs from the middle class conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative.

        Both want power, but the middle class liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the working class’ friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the working class, the middle class liberal is able to use the working class as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the middle class liberals and middle class conservatives.

        Politically the working class is nothing but a football and the middle class liberals control this mentally dead ball through tricks of tokenism: false promises of economic reform, publicly funded services and environmental legislation. In this profitable game of deceiving and exploiting the politics of the working class, those middle class liberals have declared themselves to be the “leaders” of the working class. These “leaders” sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition and token gains. These “leaders” are satisfied with token victories and token progress because they themselves are nothing but token leaders.

        The original quote is still valid in it’s own right too, but the same tactic is used by mainstream environmental shills and corporate friendly unions and such as well.

      • Standing Water on July 19, 2013 at 15:44
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      What utter rot. What you suggest is totally devoid of dignity. It reduces humans to mere machines, reacting to environment.

      People like this fellow create themselves by wallowing in hate, and if there is any “cultural” influence, it is a culture that denies personal responsibility. How you feel is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. If he feels like cutting someone’s head off (as he says, why is he not in for a psych eval?) that is because he chooses to feel that way—and failure to acknowledge that will result in our society creating a situation where we must _react_ to this sort of violence, rather than pro-actively treating the obviously mentally ill people who believe violence is an acceptable way to do politics.

      • hello world on July 19, 2013 at 16:08
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      @Standing Water – Well there is much to be angry about. No wonder people in European countries are moving towards smaller parties and away from what is considered mainstream. Canada and North America to be exact haven’t experienced newer parties growing on a massive scale. The bankers who were responsible for 2007-08 haven’t even been arrested yet let alone punished.

      The solution isn’t SNN and the other mainstream news organizations or mainstream parties or mainstream newspapers but going towards minor parties and independents and moving towards independent news being watched.

      I suggest people watch RT and independent organizations. I like Max Keiser, Mike Rivero and people that discuss the truth instead of the organizations that enjoy or prefer to watch to seem different but still keep the machinations of what is considered mainstream. Levant and the other SNN pundits are still supporting mainstream ideals.

        • Standing Water on July 20, 2013 at 12:49
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        “moving towards independent news being watched.”

        Sorry, news is inherently dependent. Depending on the Godspell of Christ is one thing; depending on “news” is another thing entirely. History is perhaps an excusable indulgence, but there is no “Independent news.” News is almost always dependent on funding from subscribers/ad revenue/etc. That is what makes Greg so unique. No ads on his blog that I can see. No subscription fee.

        “I like Max Keiser, Mike Rivero and people that discuss the truth”

        Oh, “the truth.” You know that no intellectually mature person has discussions this way, right? “I have the truth, you’re just a sheeple!” It is vacuous and intellectually dishonest.

        “there is much to be angry about”

        No, there is not. There is nothing to be angry about. Being angry solves nothing. Being angry allows you to be manipulated by others. Emotions are useless abstractions, and they _never_ result in clear thinking.

          • hello world on July 20, 2013 at 17:08
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          What I meant by what I said about the link to the clip “All Wars are Bankers’ wars” it does make sense because everything the media has said for over a hundred years have been lies. From Iraq to Libya to all numbers of conflicts.

          That clip had to do with our monetary policy.

          Mainstream media of any kind won’t even discuss that.

          You appear to be talking about God this and not blaming the system but being for personal responsibility when those in power are living high off the hog and want a corrupt system it sort of slams that talk of personal responsibility down like a rock.

          I am by no means a protester but I want changes to the way the system is currently. It is full of corrupt people. Seems to me only the well-connected are doing well while those of us that are truly honest are just scraping by.

          As for independent news, the mainstream media didn’t do anything about Iraq. They never asked the tough questions. You are so incredibly naive or just a shill. The lies keep coming on mainstream media and from mainstream parties. How can that be justified?

          People lost everything due to the financial crisis. Sounds like you may want things to continue as is.

          If Greg is unique, why did he appear on a network that won’t challenge the system, the current parties or the bankers??

    • Standing Water on July 18, 2013 at 22:17
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    Great work as always! And I never thought that I would say this seriously, but kudos to Sun News for supporting truly independent Canadian journalism. I am of the opinion that average Canadians would be shocked to know the degree of radicalization and militarization in Canada.

    And this is not merely an Occupy Toronto problem—this is a nationwide problem, one that has no easy solution, yet a solution surely must come if things have degenerated to this point.

    There are never single causes for any complex issues, especially ones that may involve mental health, substance abuse, etc. but from the video, there is one thing glaringly clear: the older man, Captain Yarr, whatever his name is, totally abandons his moral duty to shepherd the younger generation.

    If a young man is spouting off about killing people, it is the moral duty of those of good character to chide him. That’s what I find most disturbing in all of this, that out of a misguided sense of “solidarity” (cliquishness is probably more like it) people are willing to tolerate things that no one of good character should tolerate. Unfortunately, those of good character tend to have another aspect of good character, humility and humbleness, so they always reserve judgment—they are circumspect, perhaps to a fault. Circumspection is fine when you are dealing with other rational people who perhaps differ politically but who accept peace, order and good government as givens. Is circumspection appropriate when dealing with people who, essentially, have no respect for the bedrock values of civilization, like the Rule of Law?

      • hello world on July 19, 2013 at 15:54
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      Except it appears, Standing Water, that you are okay with right wingers and the mainstream parties saying their stuff but using policies from international organizations instead of doing the right policies. In essence, I don’t think Canadians will see many changes in the next few years when it comes to things such as jobs and a better way of life. More protests will happen I believe and we are expected to go along with those policies instead of hoping or for the major parties to help make minor parties and independents compete on an equal footing.

      This shouldn’t matter what a person says.

      The question is why are these protests occurring. That should be the real question people need to ask themselves.

      Why weren’t the problems dealt with in a proper manner after the 2007-08 financial crisis.

      Why are governments using low interest rate policies? Why is austerity the way for governments to solve these crises? I don’t see many answers except believing mainstream news organizations such as SNN and other organizations and mainstream media. They seem to be fine with people having a lower standard of living.

        • Standing Water on July 20, 2013 at 12:55
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        “Why are governments using low interest rate policies? Why is austerity the way for governments to solve these crises?”

        It is because North America is full of radicalized, militant fascists, to a ridiculous degree. They are doing enough damage to things with almost no resources—sorry, pal, people aren’t stupid. If you kids would grow up and stop being radicalized, militant fascists wet-dreaming about some sort of violent rising up/change, maybe we could have something other than austerity. Low interest rate policies benefit the families that have planned intergenerationally, not alienated, isolated first-gen fascists. It is always a question of which sort of person a society wants to encourage.

        “They seem to be fine with people having a lower standard of living.”

        If someone has a low standard of living, it is incumbent upon him to ask himself “what have I done to put myself into this situation?” And if all he can do is play the blame-game, well, that’s a bad habit. Who would want to employ someone who, if he makes a mistake, is going to blame the Boss/his co-worker/etc? Personal responsibility is anathema to fascists, I guess.

        “Why weren’t the problems dealt with in a proper manner after the 2007-08 financial crisis.”

        We have been in continual crisis for decades, centuries, whatever. What is proper is what happens. Nature follows its own law. The problem with fascists tends to be that they think they’re smarter than nature. If you want to work with Nature, great! Get going! But if all you can think of doing is criticizing nature and what it has enacted, I suspect you will find yourself going nowhere.

  2. Daniel, just because a person claims to be without a home is no excuse to spew that crap that this guy was spewing. There is NO justification for this, regardless of what the persons personal circumstances may be. This guy is just a simple hate monger and people like him need to be exposed for who and what they are. There are many people in this world, this country and this city who live as disadvantaged persons yet, they seem to be able to speak properly and sans the venom this guy spewed. If this this really is without a home, them what he just did was actually cause MORE harm to other in his situation because his words could easily be used by many to stereotype persons in similar positions .

      • Anon on July 19, 2013 at 12:20
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      Billy’s views are idiotic and Shanger and whoever else was producing the podcast should have either pulled the plug or apologized. I can understand how a marginalized person could end up subscribing to conspiracy theories but that doesn’t mean those views shouldn’t be challenged. Blaming Ryerson is ridiculous though.

    • The Hammer on July 19, 2013 at 14:00
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    I do not think they are blaming Ryerson for the comments. They are blaming Ryerson for not doing anything once the comments were brought to their attention.

    1. Exactly. Ryerson were notified about the racial hate speech only moments after it happened. Security said the issue had been escalated to “senior management” and that it was in their hands. Ryerson management did nothing to stop the broadcast from happening. And, as my next story will show- the Livestreamers showed up at Ryerson again this Wednesday, and broadcasted threats against me (and perhaps against Ezra Levant).

    • hello world on July 19, 2013 at 15:45
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    The average person protesting in the street across the West is not protesting capitalism but they are for capitalism. We live in a fascist economic system in each and every nation across the West. How would people feel if they were in the shoes of these young people unable to find work? People need to protest and demand change. Why won’t the major parties start caring and open up elections to more parties so then we are not stuck with the same old same old?

    The crisis of 2007-08 was a financial crisis where the public had to bail out industries. That doesn’t sound the capitalism to me. That sounds like economic fascism.

    The banks need to deal with the problems on their own. We need to return to mixed capitalism which was good for all Western countries.

    The media are also not doing their jobs.

    Enough with the major parties and mainstream media. People need to join minor parties and view independent media. The mainstream are just interested in the status quo.

    SNN doesn’t like Occupy anything because they are corporatists. SNN won’t even admit the wrongdoing by governments across the West prior to 2007-08. Some governments are just printing money and could care less about future lost generations which the millenials are lost as of now.

      • Standing Water on July 20, 2013 at 13:08
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      “People need to protest and demand change”

      No, they need to pound the pavement looking for jobs. They need to work on their people skills—real people skills, not the sort of clique-skills that go on in the obedience cult protest movement. In a real world environment, disagreements are not a cause for concern. Mature people with stable individuated personalities recognize that people disagree over things. That’s fine. The issue is whether we disagree respectfully and how we ultimately get things done.

      “The media are also not doing their jobs.”

      And this is, perhaps, the core of the fascist mindset: you think you have a right to tell others how to do their jobs. You do your job, they will do theirs.

      “Some governments are just printing money and could care less about future lost generations which the millenials are lost as of now.”

      “The Millenials” as you call them are decadent, spoiled and depraved. There are libraries; instead they have raised themselves on a steady diet of YouTube and other internet pornography. They have nobody to blame but themselves for their situation.

        • hello world on July 20, 2013 at 16:55
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        @Standing Water – So in essence you will put your faith completely in the politicians, the media, the system, the bankers that caused the messes of 2007-08 and you will be fine with whatever they did, what they are doing and what they will continue to do. I frankly think that’s a little naive that way of thinking.

        It also sounds by the comments you have made about pounding the pavement but disagreeing with others such as people with different ideologies that you won’t care how the economy is fashioned. The economy could collapse but then you will say ho-hum that is alright. As long as I am not a protester, I did my job as a Canadian. Be alright with less, while the corporations have more and Canadian society continues to deteriorate?

        The major parties are alright with moving towards what we are moving towards. They could care less with jobs being shipped overseas. They could care less about fewer people voting. They could care less about a good quality of life. The major parties have caused these messes and you appear to be alright with that, right?

          • Standing Water on July 20, 2013 at 18:45
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          “he bankers that caused the messes of 2007-08 ”

          No, bankers did not cause the mess. That mess was caused by the people who voted for banker-politicians, who deregulated things. And I am still not convinced it was that much of a mess. Until the poor accept their responsibility for destroying things via their franchises, no progress can be made—only ideological nonsense. Prudent economics (oikos nomos – house law/house rule/house management) is dictated by natural equity, not ideology. If you think an economic problem can be solved by ideology, rather than by natural equity, I think you are rather more a part of the problem than you want to admit. And that is the problem—we are all the problem, it is not bankers.

          “The major parties have caused these messes and you appear to be alright with that, right?”

          Who causes the major parties? Do you believe in human dignity and agency, or do you regard your fellows as robots controlled by television and massmedia? Major parties are not self-caused, there is a cause to them, and the cause of parties is far more a function of the self-inflicted mass-psychology of the impoverished than it is a function of bankers or media.

  3. @standing water, there are MANY sources of truly independent news online actually if you just look for them. Google is your friend :)

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