Occupy Toronto Livestreamers Threaten Journalist(s?) From Ryerson University On Wednesday

Occupy Toronto’s Livestreamers showed-up at Ryerson University again last night for a follow-up to their 80 hour fundraiser. It seems they made a rather big mistake over the weekend- telling people to send their money to a PayPal account that wasn’t under their control. They have no idea who has the money, so they broadcast another show to warn their viewers and to tell them to ask PayPal to withdraw their payment and resend it to their real account.

The Livestream began as usual as the Occupiers engaged in casual banter. But, then, only seven minutes into the broadcast, they began to go off the rails when Davyn Calfchild (a.k.a. Davin Ouimet) began to take off his shirt. He then started making punching motions and said “Ezra I’m coming for you!”. Next, a direct threat was made against your humble narrator…


On the last day of the 80 hour fundraiser Davyn jokingly challenged Levant to a boxing match- saying, that if he won, Levant would have to stop broadcasting. So, on the surface, it appears that his statement “I’m coming for you” may not have been as serious as it sounded. That said, there’s been a lot of hate directed towards Levant by the radical left- it’s not totally out of the question that some rogue person has been radicalised to the point where they’d do something stupid.

Right after Davyn made his statement towards Levant his wife, Cathy Walker (who attended Swamp Line 9 with her husband), chimed in with what was most definitely a threat towards me:

“And Greg for you too”

Davyn, being a bit more sensible than to make public threats, responded to his wife saying:

“No just Ezra…”

This latest threat has now been reported both to Ryerson University (whose security department is investigating) and to Toronto police. I’m currently waiting for a response from both. It’s unknown if the Livestreamers were using Ryerson’s network, but there doesn’t appear to be any other option from where they were sitting (I’ve tested).

It was only the day before, walking on my way home from the Sun News studio, that a homeless Occupier connected to the anarchists made a similar – but more sinister- threat towards your me at Bellvue Square Park:

“Stop writing about the anarchists, or you’ll get more than just a flagpole up your a##”

If you’ve been a regular reader for the past year you’ll already know that I’ve been subjected to a number of treats and assaults. The most serious of these assaults occurred at Bellvue Square Park last June when a man came running after me and bashed me on the head with a flagpole. He was followed by about four others who began kicking me while I was down on the ground with my blood pouring out of my head.

Self-portrait from the ambulance after my assault...

Self-portrait from the ambulance after my assault…

I was picked-up by an ambulance at the park and taken to the hospital where (after a 3 hour wait) four staples were put in my scalp- my body was covered in bruises and one of my teeth was damaged. Toronto police came and took my statement, but after that, they were completely silent about their investigation. I called the detective in charge of the investigation many times, but it seemed to me he was brushing me off.

In October 2011 I saw a picture of my assailant on the Globe and Mail, taken at a march on Ottawa led by Occupy Toronto, and headlining Sid Ryan of the Ontario Federation of Labour. I showed this to the police, but still no action. Then, in November, I discovered his name was Alex Balch– I gave this information to the police, but they still didn’t make any attempt to arrest him.

Finally, in January 2013, I was given a tip that Balch was running a table at Ryerson University during an exhibition of student organizations (selling a book of G20 poetry called “These Burning Streets”). I phoned the police as I was headed over to Ryerson and they said they’d send someone to meet me. They arrived about an hour after I did- and, luckily, caught him before he was able to get away.

One of my readers said I had to “do everything but put the handcuffs” on him…

In June of this year I was covering a protest in front of the Toronto Police Service’s 33 division when I experienced an assault by an indigenous protester. I was standing beside the division Commander, about 100 meters away from the protesters, when he came riding up to me on his bicycle and began throwing punches at me. I was lucky enough to have avoided his swings at me- he eventually quit and walked away. The Commander did nothing to stop him, just stood there and watched- when my assailant walked away, the police didn’t say a single word to him.

Many of the people engaged in radical left politics see my work as a threat to their ability to wreak havoc on Canadian streets. As a result there have been countless calls for violence against me, and even websites created in an attempt to discredit my work. Most of the attacks published against me online are pretty innocuous and even quite stupid. But, sometimes there have been outright calls for violence, like in this article from the (union funded and anarchist led) Media Co-Op:

This is a callout for awareness, in the hopes that someone can shut him down in whatever capacity possible on the internet or wherever. It should also not be taken lightly that he is fairly tech-savvy

This is what happens when one writes about and exposes problems with Canada’s radical left. Those who dare question what they’ve been doing risk being smeared, verbally attacked, and even assaulted. If you’ve ever wondered why so few journalists adequately cover what the radicals have been up to, I believe my experiences give a good picture why.

Regardless, I’m not going anywhere- stay tuned for much more, things are only just starting to get interesting…

"Activist" Curtis Nixon at his worst...

“Activist” Curtis Nixon threatens me back in February…

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