Occupy Toronto Livestreamers Threaten Journalist(s?) From Ryerson University On Wednesday

Occupy Toronto’s Livestreamers showed-up at Ryerson University again last night for a follow-up to their 80 hour fundraiser. It seems they made a rather big mistake over the weekend- telling people to send their money to a PayPal account that wasn’t under their control. They have no idea who has the money, so they broadcast another show to warn their viewers and to tell them to ask PayPal to withdraw their payment and resend it to their real account.

The Livestream began as usual as the Occupiers engaged in casual banter. But, then, only seven minutes into the broadcast, they began to go off the rails when Davyn Calfchild (a.k.a. Davin Ouimet) began to take off his shirt. He then started making punching motions and said “Ezra I’m coming for you!”. Next, a direct threat was made against your humble narrator…


On the last day of the 80 hour fundraiser Davyn jokingly challenged Levant to a boxing match- saying, that if he won, Levant would have to stop broadcasting. So, on the surface, it appears that his statement “I’m coming for you” may not have been as serious as it sounded. That said, there’s been a lot of hate directed towards Levant by the radical left- it’s not totally out of the question that some rogue person has been radicalised to the point where they’d do something stupid.

Right after Davyn made his statement towards Levant his wife, Cathy Walker (who attended Swamp Line 9 with her husband), chimed in with what was most definitely a threat towards me:

“And Greg for you too”

Davyn, being a bit more sensible than to make public threats, responded to his wife saying:

“No just Ezra…”

This latest threat has now been reported both to Ryerson University (whose security department is investigating) and to Toronto police. I’m currently waiting for a response from both. It’s unknown if the Livestreamers were using Ryerson’s network, but there doesn’t appear to be any other option from where they were sitting (I’ve tested).

It was only the day before, walking on my way home from the Sun News studio, that a homeless Occupier connected to the anarchists made a similar – but more sinister- threat towards your me at Bellvue Square Park:

“Stop writing about the anarchists, or you’ll get more than just a flagpole up your a##”

If you’ve been a regular reader for the past year you’ll already know that I’ve been subjected to a number of treats and assaults. The most serious of these assaults occurred at Bellvue Square Park last June when a man came running after me and bashed me on the head with a flagpole. He was followed by about four others who began kicking me while I was down on the ground with my blood pouring out of my head.

Self-portrait from the ambulance after my assault...

Self-portrait from the ambulance after my assault…

I was picked-up by an ambulance at the park and taken to the hospital where (after a 3 hour wait) four staples were put in my scalp- my body was covered in bruises and one of my teeth was damaged. Toronto police came and took my statement, but after that, they were completely silent about their investigation. I called the detective in charge of the investigation many times, but it seemed to me he was brushing me off.

In October 2011 I saw a picture of my assailant on the Globe and Mail, taken at a march on Ottawa led by Occupy Toronto, and headlining Sid Ryan of the Ontario Federation of Labour. I showed this to the police, but still no action. Then, in November, I discovered his name was Alex Balch– I gave this information to the police, but they still didn’t make any attempt to arrest him.

Finally, in January 2013, I was given a tip that Balch was running a table at Ryerson University during an exhibition of student organizations (selling a book of G20 poetry called “These Burning Streets”). I phoned the police as I was headed over to Ryerson and they said they’d send someone to meet me. They arrived about an hour after I did- and, luckily, caught him before he was able to get away.

One of my readers said I had to “do everything but put the handcuffs” on him…

In June of this year I was covering a protest in front of the Toronto Police Service’s 33 division when I experienced an assault by an indigenous protester. I was standing beside the division Commander, about 100 meters away from the protesters, when he came riding up to me on his bicycle and began throwing punches at me. I was lucky enough to have avoided his swings at me- he eventually quit and walked away. The Commander did nothing to stop him, just stood there and watched- when my assailant walked away, the police didn’t say a single word to him.

Many of the people engaged in radical left politics see my work as a threat to their ability to wreak havoc on Canadian streets. As a result there have been countless calls for violence against me, and even websites created in an attempt to discredit my work. Most of the attacks published against me online are pretty innocuous and even quite stupid. But, sometimes there have been outright calls for violence, like in this article from the (union funded and anarchist led) Media Co-Op:

This is a callout for awareness, in the hopes that someone can shut him down in whatever capacity possible on the internet or wherever. It should also not be taken lightly that he is fairly tech-savvy

This is what happens when one writes about and exposes problems with Canada’s radical left. Those who dare question what they’ve been doing risk being smeared, verbally attacked, and even assaulted. If you’ve ever wondered why so few journalists adequately cover what the radicals have been up to, I believe my experiences give a good picture why.

Regardless, I’m not going anywhere- stay tuned for much more, things are only just starting to get interesting…

"Activist" Curtis Nixon at his worst...

“Activist” Curtis Nixon threatens me back in February…

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    • hello world on July 19, 2013 at 16:15
    • Reply

    It’s like SNN doesn’t care about the Millenial generation. That was the purpose of Occupy in the first place.

    Millenials across the world are suffering. They are worse off now than their parents and probably even their grandparents.

    Governments haven’t done anything about the banker created crisis of 2007-08.

    People need to demand a fair and equal society and a society built on something.

    No more two-tiered justice.

    • Devil's Trumpet on July 19, 2013 at 16:52
    • Reply

    Typical of left-wing zealots,shut everyone down and use violence if someone has a different opinion,they believe free speech is exclusive to them.I read the blog that the”stupid” link redirected me to,what unmitigated drivel,it’s hard to imagine anyone who can write such crap can be taking themselves seriously.
    Why too funny that they couldn’t even properly set up a Pay-Pal account,shows how swift this lot is.The fact that the cops refuse to do their job speaks volumes, cowardly political correctness is the habitual liar Blair’s standing order.

    1. I agree with you. That said, would like to make one point of clarification- the people who act this way are the radical side of the left (RadLeft), this isn’t typical behaviour of the left in-general. Most are good people who don’t want to see this type of thing happening…

        • hello world on July 19, 2013 at 17:09
        • Reply

        There have to be major changes to the way the economy is structured.

        The link that I feel people should see can be found is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4

        All wars are caused by banks, the military industrial complex and private industry all working in conjunction with each other. Why would anyone trust politicians who are most likely part or working with that trio?

        People should also protest because of the Snowden situation that occurred not too long ago.

        You think people should take the media’s version of stories anymore? I don’t think so. They have lost all their credibility.

          • Standing Water on July 20, 2013 at 13:27
          • Reply

          “There have to be major changes to the way the economy is structured.”

          Such as? Free education would be a good one, but without the threat of debt over their heads, how will left-wing professors keep the kids “on message”? If you think that doesn’t factor in, you’re not really aware of how the Academy works, especially in the humanities.

          “All wars are caused by banks, the military industrial complex and private industry all working in conjunction with each other.”

          More of this degrading, dehumanizing “people are robots controlled by environment” view. Sorry, you cannot make a man shoot at his brothers; you cannot make him get into a tank. You can only give him a choice: shoot at your brothers or we will beat you, whip you, imprison you, starve you, whatever it is happens to people who don’t enlist. And so the full moral culpability for war rests with those who enact them: the footsoldiers. Unless, of course, you think footsoldiers are somehow exempt from personal responsibility due to systemic factors, which I am coming around to seeing is the default position of the Canadian Fascist.

          That view serves as a pretext for the rise of a Fascist State: the people cannot be relied upon to make correct choices themselves, because their environment dictates that they make war, despoil the planet, etc. Only a fascist uprising will create the correct conditions under which the stupid, unthinking populace will make the correct decisions. This is a worldview indicative of an impoverished sense of self and other.

          “People should also protest because of the Snowden situation that occurred not too long ago.”

          Really, they “should”? Everyone? Wow. Everyone should drop what they’re doing and protest the eavesdropping? I sure am glad I have you to tell me how to live my day!

            • hello world on July 20, 2013 at 16:26
            • Reply

            @Standing Water – I posted the link “All Wars are Bankers wars” and you refuse to watch it because it seems you are afraid of a different point of view. The truth is capitalism is over. It has been over since the Reagan years.

            The economy must be restructured so we have an economy built on something with a manufacturing sector, so that the young have something to do, and finally that we have security for people in old age. The governments nowadays are working against people rather than for them.

            Protesting the system is a good start.

            The major party oligarchy are the NDP, Liberals and the Conservatives.

            I have said on many forums that the major parties are the problems because they helped create the problems of 2007-08 and believe their solutions can fix the crises of the future. Don’t make me laugh.

            We need minor parties and independents to get out of these messes we are in.

            The major parties are pitting people against people. They are all three of them corporatists.

            The weird thing is if you support the major parties then you support war and fighting against others. I don’t support major parties. I want a non-interventionist/pacifist society where we focus on domestic issues.

            I am saying things but you by the amount you are saying are saying nothing!

            Lastly, by the Snowden comments it appears you still want a surveillance/police state which means you may still be supporting major parties which means you are probably a massive authoritarian?

              • Standing Water on July 20, 2013 at 17:58
              • Reply

              “I posted the link “All Wars are Bankers wars” and you refuse to watch it because it seems you are afraid of a different point of view. The truth is capitalism is over. It has been over since the Reagan years.”

              Capitalism = Marxist Bogeyman. Never was, never will be.
              I do not watch youtube videos because I do not watch television news. I will on occasion watch a clip if there is something written about it, as Greg does on his site, but something that is just A/V propaganda, no, I will not insult myself by watching it. Everything needs to be reduced to words, anyway, for clear communication, so those pictures and sounds and massmedia messaging techniques just get in the way of effective lexical communication.

              “Protesting the system is a good start.”

              Protesting is a waste of energy. It nets at most short/medium term rewards, because protest-culture is fundamentally about kicking and screaming and hoping that some paternal influence, whether it be the people motivated by youtube videos, or the powers that be, or whatever, intervene because the protesters kicked up enough of a fuss. It is wholly immature, and perhaps it was right for Ghandi and the last century, up to a point, but now we have the Internet, so such garish theater is inexcusable.

              “The major parties are pitting people against people. They are all three of them corporatists.”

              If you think corporations have such an easy ride, why not take some of these protestors and form a corporation with the goal of fixing the planet? Incorporate it, sell shares! See who wants to be a shareholder in Worldfixer Inc. Well, OK, you can’t use that one, that one is mine, but you get the idea.

              “Lastly, by the Snowden comments it appears you still want a surveillance/police state which means you may still be supporting major parties which means you are probably a massive authoritarian?”

              Ya, I want a Polis State, sorry, I want cities, especially because some people are not fit to camp for a few days, let alone live in the woods. A City is a Polis State, by definition. As for your baiting about major/minor parties, I won’t bite. As a reasonable man, I am well aware that God is the Sovereign Lord of Heaven and Earth and that everything is within his power, even political parties!

              “The economy must be restructured so we have an economy built on something with a manufacturing sector”

              So start a corporation or sole proprietership that manufactures something, sell it. Nobody is stopping you but yourself. I guess it is easier to wait for some top-down authority to orchestrate these changes for you, because, gosh, you’ve done all that big, heavy-brain work of thinking through we need a manufacturing sector, so leave it up to someone else to actually _do_ it? If that is what you believe, start manufacturing.

        • Devil's Trumpet on July 19, 2013 at 17:11
        • Reply

        I agree,I overstated that.I believe most on the left would distance themselves but from some moderates,their silence is deafening.
        Keep up the great work.

      • The Hammer on July 19, 2013 at 20:49
      • Reply

      We got a nice reminder today of what their politics lead to when Detroit filed for bankruptcy.

        • hello world on July 19, 2013 at 21:17
        • Reply

        Your comment is not based in reality because to suggest that left wingers are responsible for what happened to Detroit is what a typical corporatist would say. The crisis of 2007-08 was the fault of free markets. Free markets are simply an idealists’ dream. The same with absolutist communism. Neither can be achieved. That is why so many have lost faith in our political system, our institutions, our politicians, the media and society as a whole. People should protest because no one is asking the tough questions. SNN wants a militarist system and endless wars. Why would anyone want that when so many are not doing so well. Seems to me that Occupy is the solution instead of SNN where most of its people have jobs and are probably unionized. Kind of makes you wonder about mainstream parties and the mainstream media which SNN is part of. They may claim they aren’t but in actuality are definitely mainstream and in the Conservative’s corner.

          • The Hammer on July 22, 2013 at 07:32
          • Reply

          What happened to Detroit started long before 2007. It took decades to destroy that city. Starting in the early 1960s Detroit was to be the model city for the left wing world. Tons of government spending and “Social” programs. The worse things got the more the government spent.

          You need to look at the actual city instead of just spewing socialist rhetoric.

    • useful idiot on July 19, 2013 at 17:43
    • Reply

    Shocked at the cop’s attitude… shameful.

    1. Are you referring to the 33 Division Commander? In England we have a phrase for people like him- a jobsworth.

    • The Hammer on July 19, 2013 at 20:54
    • Reply

    Consider taking the police to court. Sue them for not acting and try to get the courts to force them to do their job. Like the guy in Calledon.

  1. dont believe everything you see in edited videos folks. thats all i got to say…..

    1. So, you’re saying that Cathy and Davin didn’t say the words that came out of their mouths? Lol

  2. Greg. actually i was referring to the other video tou posted with the article. :)

    1. And, in that video, Davin/Davyn says “Ezra I’m coming for you”, and Cathy says “And Greg we’re coming for you”. What’s not understandable about that to you? Or, are you just trying to do damage control for your friends?

      1. Psss, hey Greg, I was referring to the OTHER video near the bottom of the article.

        There did I spell it out enought for you that time?????

        1. That video wasn’t edited, it’s exactly as it was. But. If you’re contesting it, perhaps I should file charges against John Fox Jr. for the attack? That way I could get the police Commander’s statement on record to prove this is real…

          This is your last warning on abusive/insulting postings. I’ve already had to erase one, next time I’m going to have to block you from making comments.

          1. If a assault really occured I would have thought you would have filed charges. I was there that day as well Greg, all I saw was John riding up to you yelling angrily (which he had every right to do as you were previously asked earlier in the day by numerous members of the Fox family and others there to not film the memorial ceremony they were having for their deceased daughter/sister, but you did anyways.). I see no proof he touched you in that video just a camera pointing to the ground and shaking, IMO the commander/police were right in doing nothing as no actual physical assault took place since he didnt physically touch you.

            1. The guy took swings at me that, luckily, I was able to duck away from. Assault doesn’t mean that the person touched you, it means that they attacked you. But, okay, you’ve convinced me- tomorrow I’m going to 33 division to file a complaint. Undercoverkity was watching as it happened, and you can see in the video how the TPS aboriginal liaison saw it all happening- plenty of witnesses.

              Here’s the definition of assault.

              I’m sure John Fox Jr will be pleased that you encouraged me to do this…

              • Standing Water on July 20, 2013 at 17:50
              • Reply

              “John riding up to you yelling angrily (which he had every right to do as you were previously asked earlier in the day by numerous members of the Fox family and others there to not film the memorial ceremony they were having for their deceased daughter/sister, but you did anyways.”

              Uh, if they were in public, Greg has a right to film them. Wishy-washy cult-talk about dead people don’t justify violence. If you’re having a powww/cult-trip/seance/whatever in public, everyone has the right to film. Period. If you try to stop people from filming, it is because you are a criminal and need to be rehabilitated.

  3. Greg. do u even read peoples replies? omg man scroll up once in awhile….lol

  4. Thanks for deleting my comments and proving what I was saying. have a wonderful day Greg :)

  5. I was directly beside Greg when John Fox Jr, sped toward Greg on his bicycle , dropped the bike on the ground and charged at Greg . Greg would have been hit had he not stepped away just in time. This happened right in front of 33 division and with the commanding officer present,although not directly beside us. What is an even bigger question, in my opinion is why are these people and groups continuously getting away with attacks on people and spewing their brand of hate? Further, and additionally, why are these so called independent media persons who love to play media but have no concept of truth and factual reporting making these aggressors out as some kind of hero? Wait, silly me, they don’t want to report the facts, they want to take the stories, twist them to suit THEIR agendas and them use those newly twisted storied to gain some sort of popularity . To those , I say, people, the facts are the facts, regardless of how you twist them. An assault is an assault anyway you look at it. That whittles pirate who thinks he’s all that claimed to be assaulted, some he does at just about every event, yet, for a media guy that he likes to play, somehow, he never seems to get ANY OF IT on video or stills. Hmmmm, makes one wonder what he is smoking when he invents his stories.

    1. It seems to me that Jeremy Oliver is vying to become the new Krystalline Kraus…

  6. Well Greg, in defense of Jeremy, He does know how to use big and intellectual sounding words and , he can spell them as well. He has not ( at least not yet ) suggested that I was British agent because I spoke too articulately , although I think I have a screen shot where he said , after the billy hate speech, that it was ” clear who we worked for. ” The problem with that is that i need to still know where to pick up my pay check. I need to get the Bentley washed and waxed and am running a little low on cash, down to my last 20 million.

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